Natural Latex Vs Synthetic Latex – Which Latex Is Best For Your Bedding?

Are you planning to buy a new latex mattress

Are you confused between natural and latex materials?

Suppose it’s a yes for both the questions mentioned above. In that case, you are at the right place because we have illustrated several points of differences between these two types of latex in the following article. You need to go through the points of comparison and understand which product will be a better choice for you. 

What is Latex?

Latex is a rubbery substance that is incorporated with foam layers to create latex foams. These foams are then used as support layers in the mattresses since latex has a higher range of firmness and can easily comfort aching spine and strained back muscles. In addition, the natural latex material is eco-friendly and doesn’t cause any health problems, especially skin allergies.

Types of Latex used in mattress making 

There are two major types of latex materials that are used in the manufacturing of mattresses. These are: 

  1. Natural latex is obtained from the bark of the maple rubber trees and then processed in the industries to break down the proteins and make them suitable for incorporation into a foam. 
  2. Synthetic latex is manufactured in the factories using petroleum-based products as the base and synthetic rubber polymers. Since the synthetic latex material doesn’t need to go through intense processing, their prices are lower. 

Natural Latex Vs Synthetic Latex

FeaturesNatural LatexSynthetic Latex
DurabilityLess durable More durable
Hypoallergenic LessMore
Odour Natural forest odoursChemical smell
Body supportMoreLess
Comfort MoreLess
Firmness MoreLess
  • Durability: Synthetic latex is more durable than natural latex, so having a mattress formed with the former latex time can last for a longer time. This will help you save a lot of money since you won’t have to buy any protector or a new mattress completely.

    On the other hand, natural latex has a lesser sagging rate as compared to synthetic latex. As a result, if you do not use synthetic mattresses properly, their lifetime will get reduced.
  • Hypoallergenic: No matter what kind of latex you are buying, several people suffer from latex allergies which is why sleeping on these mattresses is detrimental to your health. However, the level of adverse reactions with the skin differs in both cases.

    As the natural latex is heated and processed properly in the factories, the proteins in the material are destroyed, reducing the allergic nature of the natural latex. But the same can’t be said for synthetic latex since they contain proteins that affect the skins and form allergies.
  • Odour: Natural latex will have a musky and forest-like smell since it is obtained from the bark of rubber trees and processed in the factories without adding any chemicals while processing the material.

    However, suppose you are buying synthetic latex mattresses. In that case, you might get subtle scents of chemical rubber like the ones you get from the car tires and normal rubber products.
  • Body support: Natural latex is the king when it comes to body support as it helps in providing maximum pressure to the trigger points in your body to reduce the knots. For example, suppose you have a natural latex mattress. In that case, you can sleep in any direction, and the material will support the posture with ease.

    However, when we are talking about synthetic latex, the level of body support provided to the spine and the muscles is somewhat less than natural latex.
  • Firmness: Natural latex is usually firm as compared to synthetic latex. This is because when the natural latex is processed in the factories and incorporated into the foam, it is made to undergo many procedures that harden the material and increase its density. That’s why the mattresses having natural latex is firm, with the firmness level ranging between 6 to 7.5.

    However, when it comes to synthetic latex, its firmness ranges from medium-firm to firm, with a valuation of 4.5 to 7. 


It can be quite difficult to decide whether you need a natural or synthetic latex mattress. That’s why to help you out of this predicament, and we have prepared a complete guide that will help you decide which particular form of latex you want for yourself.

Furthermore, as we have discussed facts about both these materials used for constructing the mattresses, we are sure that you won’t have any problem getting the right product for yourself and your partner who will be sleeping with you. 


Usually, synthetic latex is made from petroleum-based products and a variety of polymers. Since it is artificial, chemical compounds will be present, but they wouldn’t pose a threat to your health as such. However, if you feel uneasy with the synthetic material, you can always choose the natural latex mattress.

No, the natural latex doesn’t sag early in comparison to synthetic latex, and hence, you won’t be able to judge them based on how much they are sagging.

A latex mattress has the latex layer as a supportive material whi1e for comfort, either you will have a soft PU foam or a memory foam. Suppose you want to reduce the back pain and lessen the strains in the muscles. In that case, you should choose the memory foam latex mattresses specifically made for orthopaedic sleepers.

Natural and synthetic latex mattresses are susceptible to damage and reduced efficiency if they are not taken care of. That’s why you need to ensure that you are deep cleansing the mattresses twice a year, reducing the damage rate of the main core material.

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