What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?

Are you suffering from intense back pain but can’t find a solution? 

If that’s the case, you need to change your mattress at the earliest. A mattress plays a crucial role in supporting your backbone, reducing the soreness from muscles, and eliminating stiffness. 

Therefore, choosing the right mattress is very important. However, if you end up with the wrong product, your back pain may worsen further. Therefore, in this forthcoming article, we have described how you can choose the best mattress suitable for your back pain.

What causes back pain, and how can a mattress reduce it? 

There are several reasons for which a person can suffer from back pain. This section will give you a little glimpse into the reasons responsible for causing aches and stiffness in your back muscles and spine. 

  1. When sleeping, sitting, or standing in the wrong posture, your upper torso’s weight falls on the spine. As a result, it starts aching after a couple of days. 
  2. People who have arthritis in the spine have to deal with many aches. Sometimes, the pain worsens to an extent where they can’t bend down or get up easily. 
  3. If your work demands sitting for long hours in the same posture, the muscles and bones will start getting sore due to a lack of movement. 

The above reasons are considered the main instances that explain back pain appropriately. Apart from this, one may suffer from back pain due to neurological problems, an injury, etc. Therefore, you need to have a proper mattress that can provide you relief, if not eliminate the pain permanently. 

A mattress supports your spine and plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper curvature of the spine. In addition, if you are buying a product with memory foam or zonal orthopaedic foam, the material can target specific areas in your back muscles and spine and reduce pressure from these areas. So, you have to be very sure about the product being chosen.

What factors to consider for getting a mattress for back pain?

With so many mattresses available in the Indian market presently, you may have a problem choosing the best product. That’s why we have prepared a short buying guide for you so that the task can become easier and you won’t have to suffer much. 


One of the major factors to consider while buying a mattress is its firmness. This attribute defines how hard or soft your mattress is. For mild back pain and soreness, your mattress should be medium-firm with a value of 5.5 to 6.5. If you suffer from chronic pain and want both relief and support, choose a firm mattress with a firmness rating between 5.5 and 7. Extra firm mattresses with a firmness rating beyond 7 are best suited for orthopaedic patients since they need maximum support to reduce stiffness and aches from the spine.


The next thing you need to consider is the material with which the mattress is manufactured and whether it can reduce your back pain or elevate it. 

  1. PU foam is extremely soft, and hence, it won’t reduce your back pain. You may feel at ease sleeping on this material. But the next morning, you will wake up with a sore back. 
  2. Memory foam is the best material to reduce mild to medium level back pain. It can conform according to your body shape, offering a hugging feeling. So, it will reduce the pressure build-ups from the trigger points and provide relief. 
  3. HR or High Resilience foam is also amazing for reducing back pain. It has more responsiveness than memory foam and hence offers better support. This will further eliminate soreness and stiffness from your back. 
  4. Innerspring or spring coils can effectively reduce your back pain by targeting certain areas in your muscles and bones. There are two types of innerspring arrangements- Bonnell and pocket. Out of these two, the pocket springs detached from each other offer the best support to your backbone. 
  5. Latex is hard enough to protect your back muscles and spine. It will maintain the posture and also reduce stiffness from the vertebrae bones.


Ensure that the mattress you choose offers excellent support to your backbone and muscles. It should maintain your posture and help in reducing the pain to a tolerable extent. 


Another factor that you have to consider is the price of the mattress being chosen. Always look for a product within your budget range. But make sure you are not compromising on the quality of the product or its performance. 


This article gives you proper explanations about how a mattress can reduce back pain and which product type will be suitable for you. When you shop for the mattress, follow the points we have discussed; so that, you can choose the best mattress for your need. 

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