Camping Mattress: A Complete Guide for Purchasing

Are you planning to go on a long camping trip?

Don’t you have a proper mattress for the same?

If it’s a yes to all such questions, then you have landed at the right place. This article will introduce you to camping mattresses while explaining what they are, their benefits, and how you can choose the right one. 

These mattresses are not like the ones you regularly use at your home. You will usually find single mattress sizes in the market since campers like to carry their accessories. But if you want larger mattresses, you can go for a brand that offers custom sizing. 

Since most people aren’t aware of these camping mattresses, we have shed light on some of the most fundamental information pieces that you must know. 

1. Benefits of choosing Camping Mattress

Before we move forward to learn how you can choose the camping mattress that will be appropriate for you, let’s have a quick look at its benefits. 

  • Even though many campers use sleeping bags to lay down and rest on a trip, these accessories are not comforting. That’s why you can use camping mattresses since they are more comfortable and won’t cause any back and neck aches.
  • You won’t have to worry a lot about storing the camping mattresses. It can easily store air inflatable mattresses in the backpack. And if you are going for foam mattresses, you can roll them up and carry them with ease.
  • No wonder camping mattresses are a profitable investment. You won’t have to rent the bedding or suffer from any medical condition by sleeping on a bare earth surface. So, if you look at the bright side, you will realize that investing money in the mattress is much better. 
  • You can even choose a camping mattress according to the firmness your body needs. For example, if you are on a road trip and have planned to camp during the night only, you can go with the medium-firm mattress. But if you suffer from any body aches, you can go with the firmer mattress

2. Types of Camping Mattress

There are three major types of camping mattresses that you can find in the market. These are: 

2.1 Camping Mat or Closed-Cell Foam Pad

The camping mats are almost like yoga mats, but the former is thicker. Moreover, they are made from foam with a closed-cell structure to withstand the wear and tear due to placement on the ground. These are the cheapest mattresses you can use for camping

2.2 Air Pad or Inflatable Pad

Suppose you are on a hike and need to rest for several nights before reaching the final destination. In that case, these camping mattresses will be much better. They are usually made from a high-density polymer material that can withstand your body weight and prevent damage from wear and tear. You need to pump air into these mattresses till the products are inflated to their maximum quantity. Once you wake up, you can open the cap and let all the air out. 

2.3 Self-Inflating Camping Mattresses

Some camping mattresses are self-inflatable, which means that when you open and spread the product on the ground, it will slowly increase in its height without any external influence. Then, while rolling, they will get depressed so that you can roll them up easily without any difficulty. 

3. What Must You Consider While Buying a New Camping Mattress?

  • Budget– Considering the price of the camping mattresses is essential. These products aren’t going to be used regularly, and thus, investing thousands of bucks is not feasible. But that does not mean you can compromise with the product’s quality to save a few bucks. 
  • Size and Dimension of the mattress– Usually, you will get single mattresses for camping. But if you want a custom-made product, you need to choose a brand that offers such a facility. 
  • Pump options– If you are going for air inflatable mattresses, you need to check the pump options. Some mattresses come with air pumps, while others can be inflated using the normal pumps you use to inflate pool toys or tires. 
  • R-Value– If you are planning a camping trip to colder places, you need to consider the R-value of the chosen product. This attribute determines how well it will prevent the transfer of heat energy. Thus, if you choose a product having a high R-value, it will keep you insulated and warm from the intense cold of the earth surface. 
  • Weight Capacity– You need to check how much weight the concerned product can handle for inflatable mattresses without bursting open. For example, let’s say your body weight is 80 pounds. So, it would be best if you had a mattress capable of handling more than 80 pounds. 
  • Type– There are three types of camping mattresses, as discussed above. While choosing the product, be very sure about its type to avoid ending up with the wrong product. 
  • Motion transfer– If two people will sleep together on the same mattress, make sure to check whether the product will reduce motion transfer or not. 
  • Edge support– Camping mattresses do not come with edge support as they aren’t made from springs or open-cell foam material in their core. 
  • Deflation and Inflation Process– Another important factor that you have to check is the inflation and deflation process. For example, you should check whether the product can be inflated using a portable air pump or not. Similarly, you should check whether it will deflate on its own or need some special technology that will suck out the air from inside. 
  • Body Support– Unless a mattress provides body support, you won’t feel relaxed and refreshed. As a result, the next morning, you will wake up with a sore and stiff body. That’s why make sure that the product can easily support your backbone and muscles. 
  • Portability– Check whether you can transport the mattress easily or not. If the chosen product is not portable, you will have to struggle to carry them to the camping spot. 
  • Quality and Warranty– Another factor you should be worried about is the mattress’ quality. Ensure that the product is high quality and comes with a reasonable warranty period. 
  • Reviews– Check the customer reviews to know exactly how good the product is. You can also know whether the product will help you sleep comfortably or not. 

4. Other Things To Consider

4.1 Will my sleeping mat keep me warm in winter?

This is one of the essential facts to consider if you don’t want to suffer from hypothermia. The mattress should act as an insulator and trap your body heat so that you can stay warm for the entire night. 


This article has described almost everything you must know about camping mattresses. Now, all you need to do is choose the best mattress and make sure it will offer you a night of comfortable and relaxing sleep during the night when you are away from your home. 

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