Pocket Spring Mattress Guide – Everything Need To Know

Does your foam mattress get hot easily after a few hours of use? 

Are you looking for a new mattress that offers a greater firm feeling and movement isolation? 

Then, it would be best if you had a pocket spring mattress to improve your speed quality and offer your back greater comfort. Thanks to this core layer, the mattress will have a higher renounce which will make your sleep more comfortable and peaceful.

However, since a varied category of pocket spring mattresses is available in the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. Hence, if you want to buy the appropriate pocket spring mattress that would truly serve your comfort needs, this Pocket Spring Mattress Guide would help you know many important things regarding the features of pocket spring mattresses. Hence, let’s begin with it. 

1. What is Pocket Spring in Mattress?

Pocket Spring Mattress

The individual pocket strings are used in various pocket string mattresses. Each of these pocket strings is enclosed within its pocket of fabric. These springs function independently and only react to the pressure applied to a particular surface area. Therefore, they are recognized for an early response along with the ability to lull the sleepers into a deep slumber.

1.1 Benefits of Pocket Spring

Unlike the Bonnel spring mattresses, the spring coils are independently arranged, without any connection between them. That’s why they provide a lot of benefits to sleepers who either like to sleep soundlessly or without having to deal with a partner’s movement sleeping on the other side of the bed.

  • High firmness – As the spring coils are wrapped in individual cloth sleeves, the spring layer is quite dense which is why the overall firmness of the mattress ranges between 6 to 8 depending on additional layers also.
  • Extensive support to body weight – Due to the independent functioning ability of the pocket strings, it supports the entire body weight. Also, depending on varied counts of pocket springs and firmness ratings, you can enjoy the ideal level of support. 
  • Cost-efficient –  If budget is one of the vital considerations while buying a mattress, then a pocket spring mattress would be a great cost-efficient option. These mattresses are much cheaper than foam mattresses that utilize expensive foams. 
  • A good amount of air circulation – As there is a great amount of space between the coils, enough air can flow through the coils. Therefore, the coil mattresses don’t become hot easily and are more comfortable.

1.2 The disadvantage of Pocket Spring Mattress

The pocket spring mattresses contain the springs utilized in the support layers and the core of the mattress. Following are some of the disadvantages of using these pocket spring mattresses: 

  • Tend to wear faster – After several uses of the pocket spring mattresses, the springs get loose, and the compression of padding occurs. Therefore, the mattress becomes unable to provide support. Usually, the pocket spring mattresses lose a good portion of their support within the first 2-3 years of use. 
  • Hard to clean – Because of the manufacturing method, the mattress’s empty spaces and polyester top become a ground for the dust. Therefore, people who want their bed clean and free from bacteria and dust mites usually don’t opt for pocket spring mattresses. 
  • Hard to set up – Due to the structure of the pocket spring mattresses, it’s heavier than the other categories of mattresses. Therefore, these are tougher to move around and to set up. Therefore, it becomes really difficult to move it around a different corner of the room or air it. 
  • Doesn’t offer good back support – Using a pocket spring mattress can be particularly difficult for those suffering from any back pain issues. Also, suppose older people are looking for a mattress that would provide adequate back support and ensure proper body alignment. In that case, pocket spring mattresses are not a great option for them. 

2. What should I look for when buying a pocket spring mattress?

Buying a new pocket spring mattress can be tricky considering various types of these mattresses available in the market. Therefore, to choose the product from the market, you will have to follow these certain steps. 

  • The amount of spring tension you require depending on your sleeping position and body weight. 
  • Whether or not the upholstery layers are firm, soft, or medium
  • The number of pocket springs is present inside the mattress. 
  • Whether or not the mattress is double-sided
  • The selling company ensures the guarantee period of the mattress. 
  • If there’s any trial period

3. How to decide whether you need a pocket spring mattress or not 

The pocket spring mattresses’ spring system moves independently, offers greater support to body weight and is appropriate for those with different weights. Also, these mattresses reduce the feeling of “roll-together”. purpose, you must think about the following factors – However, to decide whether or not the pocket spring mattresses would truly serve your needed 

  • Durability – The pocket spring mattresses offer great durability. These mattresses don’t bend or wear down on their own. Also, with regular care and turning, these mattresses can offer more longevity. 
  • Motion isolation –  The pocket spring mattresses prevents the transfer of compression forces from its epicenter in a radial direction. Therefore, it’s more comfortable in providing motion isolation than the traditional innerspring mattresses. Therefore, people who are using pocket spring mattresses can rest much easier. 
  • Support – This mattress provides firm support. In addition, the single coils of the pocket spring mattress can shape the mattress into the body much easier. 
  • Pain pressure relief – The response of the pocket spring mattresses to the pressure points is much higher. Since each spring is individually raped on its own, the spring mattresses can move the shape and pressure to create more relief. 
  • Conforming – The mattress offers a high level of conforming which is why the surface will bend in accordance with the forces applied from above.
  • Temperature neutrality – Since the mattress can flow adequate air, it doesn’t get hot easily and offers temperature neutrality. 
  • Movement – Since the springs are enclosed individually; hence the pocket spring mattresses are good for people who move numerous times during their sleep. 


You can achieve a good sleep at night in numerous ways. However, to ensure that using a proper mattress is important. The market offers great variability of mattresses that can confuse you. Since the pocket spring mattresses are the foundation of top quality mattresses, these are an important component to ensure quality sleep. Moreover, the speciality of independent movement makes it worth buying. 


An average mattress usually contains 1,000 to 2,000 springs.

On average, the pocket spring mattress lasts between eight to ten years.

You can certainly flip the pocket spring mattress, and it’s necessary to rotate at least once every four weeks.

Pocket spring mattresses are good for back pain because the springs inside these mattresses can move independently.

The average cost of a pocket spring mattress in India is around 20,000.

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