Bonnell Spring Mattress Guide – Definition, Benefits, Comparison & more

Are you planning to buy a new spring mattress

Are you on a limited budget? 

If yes, then it will be best to buy the Bonnell spring mattress, which is easily available and quite cheap. So, you won’t have to face any problems. 

However, most people don’t know what exactly Bonnell spring is or the characters of the mattresses. That’s why in the below article, we have discussed everything you need to know about this particular mattress type

1. What Is A Bonnell Spring Mattress? 

A Bonnell spring mattress is made from a spring coil core layer where the springs are interconnected. As a result, the number of coils needed to design the mattress has a specific dimension.

Bonnell Spring Mattress

2. Benefits Of Bonnell Spring

  1. It is quite cheap and inexpensive which can be bought by anyone having a budget range 
  2. Doesn’t make too much noise which will help you to sleep comfortably without any problem 
  3. Manoeuvring the mattress is easier as it is lightweight

3. Disadvantages of Bonnell spring mattress

  1. Cannot prevent the motion transfer 
  2. Regulation of temperature is less efficient 
  3. Durability is less as compared to the pocket spring mattress

4. Which is best: Bonnell Spring Or Pocket Spring? 

There are several factors on which one can say whether the Bonnell spring mattress is better or the pocket spring one. For example:

  • If someone is on budget, the Bonnell spring mattresses are better than the pocket spring ones as the former is less pricey. 
  • For sleepers who don’t want to get disturber by other’s movements, choosing the pocket spring is better. 
  • If you want a lightweight mattress, you need to choose the Bonnell spring mattresses as they have less weight than the pocket springs. 

5. What should I look for when buying a Bonnell spring mattress?

  • The first thing that you need to check is the thickness of the mattress. Due to the spring coil layer, the height of these mattresses is more in comparison to other mattress types. 
  • Second, you need to check whether there is any comfort material present at the top of the spring layer or not. 
  • You need to consider the properties of the support layer present at the base of the mattress. It should be able to resist the compression of the springs. 

6. How to decide whether you need a Bonnell spring mattress or not? 

  • Durability: In terms of durability, the Bonnell spring mattress will last for a longer time, thanks to the ability of the coils to withstand compressive forces. In addition, the shock-absorbing felt layers would help reduce the momentum of any impacts, which is why these mattresses are considered quite durable.
  • Motion isolation: Unfortunately, Bonnell springs cannot prevent the transfer of motion from one place to the other. This is because the coils are interconnected with each other, and that’s why when the pressure is applied from above, it gets distributed to the surrounding areas, which is why you will be able to feel your partner’s movements.
  • Support: Do not get concerned too much if you wonder whether or not the Bonnell spring will offer excellent support to your body weight. The coils will provide counter forces on your back, thereby supporting your body weight perfectly.
  • Pain pressure relief: The Bonnell spring mattresses are quite effective in reducing the pain in your backbone, all thanks to the high firmness of the mattress. In addition, most mattresses are paired with memory foam or latex at the top, which further helps in releasing pressure from the tangled knots in your muscles.
  • Conforming: Confirming is a bit on the lower side since the spring coils are interconnected, and the applied pressure from above gets distributed in the radial directions. Hence, the mattress changes its shape according to the weight from above but only to a certain level.
  • Temperature neutrality: The Bonnell springs have open coiled structures which provide a high level of air circulation within the mattress. Hence, the heat generated gets distributed evenly and neutralizes the temperature. This is why the surface temperature remains normal and won’t affect your sleep.
  • Movement: The Bonnell spring mattresses are quite stable as an additional high-density foam layer supports them at the base. Hence, your mattress wouldn’t move from one position to another, regardless of how much you move on the bed. 


Since we have described everything about the Bonnell spring mattress, we are certain that you won’t have to face any problem choosing the best product. Even though there are some flaws in the Bonnell springs, you cannot deem the mattresses to be completely inefficient as nothing comes with 100% precision and perfection. So, instead of picking out the flaws, look at the brighter side and get the best Bonnell spring mattress for yourself. 


A. Yes, the Bonnell spring mattresses are quite durable, provided they have a thick felt covering both surfaces of the spring coil. These felt are made from shock-absorbing material, so the compression forces above have less impact on the spring coils. 

Yes, a Bonnell spring mattress is good for back pain only if it has memory foam or latex material above. As the spring later forms the core support in most mattresses, you need to choose memory foam or latex product, which can pressure the trigger points along your backbone.

The Bonnell springs are made from stainless steel so that they don’t corrode or rust easily. Moreover, stainless steel coils can be compressed easily, causing much noise. 

A. The main difference between the Bonnell and pocket spring mattress is basically in the arrangements of the spring coils. Bonnell springs are interconnected, while on the other hand, the pocket springs are enclosed by a cotton sheet independently.

Out of the two spring mattresses, the pocket spring mattress has proven to be the most effective. Starting from reducing motion transfer to high durability, this particular mattress type has proven to be quite helpful for every kind of sleeper.

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