Branded Mattress Vs Non-Branded Mattress

A sound sleep is of foremost priority and ensures your health in the long term. The mattress you owe plays a significant role in enhancing sleep quality. A bed is a large pad and rectangular for supporting a person in his resting position.

Mattresses are usually created with a severe cloth including Coir, straw, cotton, foam, rubber with a framework of metal hops. Beds may also be supplied with air, gel, or water. A market is full of mattress choices with various styles simulated by branded and non-branded manufacturers.

Comprehending the most useful mattress features can help you understand what to look for when it’s time to return your accommodations and ensure that you receive the most relaxing sleep potential on your new bed for as long as attainable.

Before Buying Accommodation, There are Rare Items to View

Hearing comments like responsiveness, border support, and alignment may as well be folly to the standard mattress purchaser. Although, if you like to get the most out of your mattress, you must first understand the key factors that go into per one.

  • Material– The type of material used in a mattress can also affect sleep quality. The following are examples of mattress materials:
    • Memory Foam
    • Spring
    • Latex
    • Hybrid
  • Firmness– Another simple concept to understand is firmness. It defines the firmness of accommodations. Personal choice will determine how firm a person is. In general, the hardness level you choose is decided by how you sleep. According to their firmness, mattresses can be any of the following:
    • soft
    • medium-firm
    • firm
  • Longevity– Longevity of a mattress is a term used to describe how long a mattress will last.

    If a bed is uncomfortable or is suffering bodily aches or sleeping difficulties, they should consider replacing it. Mattresses have variable life spans counting on the materials utilized. For example, manufacturers say air and spring mattresses have the shortest life spans, whereas latex mattresses have the longest.
  • Support– Firmness controls how wide a mattress feels when you put importance on it, even though they are connected. However, firmness is not identical to help! The amount of weight a bed can support while maintaining its shape is called support. Couples and overweight persons typically use mattresses with more support.
  • Spine Alignment– The spine can relax in the most natural position possible on a mattress with appropriate spine alignment. Some beds are created to assist sleepers in keeping their spine upright, and they will customize their design to this position.
  • Pressure Reduction– The amount of pressure relief in a mattress affects how comfortable it is. A mattress can adapt to the body without causing pressure spots. Therefore, a mattress with enough pressure relief will assist a person inadequately distributing their weight and avoiding areas of excessive strain.

Branded Mattresses in India

Are you perplexed by the enormous number of mattress brands available in India? Are you confused by the different aspects to consider before purchasing a mattress? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the finest mattresses in India based on our exhaustive research of numerous aspects, testing different features, and reading various customer reviews.

Example of a Branded Mattress in India

1. Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Sleepy Cat

Sleepy Cat Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a terrific alternative for buying the best-branded mattress. A memory foam bed’s marker distributes pressure proportionally to keep your body aligned, and after removing the pressure, it turns to its original shape.


  • They include a 1-inch layer of gel memory foam that adjusts to the body’s temperature.
  • CertiPur US and OEKO TEX certified premium quality
  • Provides uninterrupted sleep and is resistant to movement.
  • Comfortable, with just the right degree of cosiness


  • A 30-day trial period with a complete refund.
  • A ten-year warranty


  • It isn’t easy to transport, and it’s not portable.

Non-Branded Mattresses in India

Non-branded mattresses are generic mattresses that resemble mattresses made by well-known branded manufacturers/companies but are not affiliated with any brand name. Because they are not associated with any brand that can ensure their rate, durability, and other factors, these mattresses are often of low quality and weight. Because per the manufacturer’s definitions of “hard,” “medium,” and “soft” change, you can’t always define how dense the mattress is only by seeing the label and price.

Example of a Non-branded Mattress in India

1. RAJASTHAN HANDLOOM M-500 4 inch Queen Cotton Mattress RAJASTHAN HANDLOOM M-500

Burgeoning is the seller company of this mattress. Its manufacturer provides a high-quality cotton mattress sourced from Indian businesses. Cotton beds are very comfy and encourage a proper sleeping place, resulting in a cosy night’s sleep. It’s foldable, creating it ideal for amusing guests at home. It is effortless to wash and may be utilized anyplace.


  • 72-inch length, 48-inch width, and 4-inch thickness (6 ft x 4 ft x 4 in)
  • Cotton as a support material
  • Cotton Comfort Layer
  • Foldable mattress is one of the features of this mattress.


  • Cotton is used, which provides softness.
  • Washable
  • Replacement is available for ten days.


  • There is no warranty provided.

A Comparative Analysis of Branded and Non-Branded Mattresses

Branded MattressNon-Branded Mattress
Branded mattresses are well-known all over the world. They are well-known by the public. Branded corporations are well-established businesses that have been in operation for decades, in the business for only a short time.Non-branded mattresses are less expensive than branded mattresses. Because of their lower-than-average costs and above-average customer service, brand mattresses are frequently seen as having superior value. Unfortunately, customer service isn’t going to work.
Branded mattresses usually come in a variety of models and firmness levels.Non-branded products usually come in three or four different variants. However, emerging brands are frequently more effective when it comes to customer service.
Mattresses with a brand name can come with a warranty of at least 8 to 10 years. However, warranty priority might be low or non-existent.While accuracy varies by brand, they can deliver client pleasure on average. However, customers may be dissatisfied with their mattresses at times.
Branded technologies that make mattresses more dependable and comfy can have higher values.Non-branded mattresses may also include the technology to help them establish themselves in the market.

They are in a race to establish themselves as a brand to be more conscientious about the quality of their mattresses. They’ve previously shown their accuracy and bedding quality. As a result, significantly more dependable.


We don’t have a mattress like a sleep number to adjust the firmness. It’s a well-known truth that proper sleep is essential for good health. It boosts your productivity and memory and helps you relax and feel better. Duroflex, Peps, Wakefit, and Kurlon are trusted companies that offer a wide choice of double and single mattresses to suit your needs and preferences.

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