Rebonded Foam Mattress Guide

Do you know that multiple foam types can be mixed and processed to form a new foam? 

If No, then you are missing out on some of the best mattresses available in India. Rather than dumping all the wasted or scraped foam in the landfills, manufacturers recycle them to make a new foam type- the rebonded foam. 

Over the years, several mattresses have been manufactured where the rebonded foam has formed a major support layer. But the main problem is that not everyone is aware of what the rebonded foam is and how it can help you with the mattress. 

On this account, we have crafted here a guiding article that will describe the basics of a rebonded foam to have the clarification you need to make a decision. To read more on bonded foam mattress guide.

What Is Rebonded Foam?

From the name itself, you can understand that the rebonded foam is manufactured by establishing new attachments or bonds between different types of foam. From the basic PU foam to the advanced HR foam, all the available materials are collected and arranged together in a mould. 

They are shredded, and chemicals are added which mix all these foams in a singular thing. After this, the new foam is subjected to pressure and heat, which ultimately helps the rebonded foam to shape. Usually, these foams are much thicker and can act as a single support and comfort layer all by themselves. In addition, since the raw materials used in the rebonded foam are collected from scrapes, this particular material is very much affordable. 

Benefits Of Buying Rebonded Foam

  • The rebonded foam is much cheaper than the HR foam or the simple memory foam. That is why it is used in high-end mattresses to ensure that their overall costs are not out of the standard limits. 
  • This particular material is manufactured from recycled foam scraps. Therefore, it’s a green solution since it can reduce land pollution. 
  • Rebonded foams have a springy action which is why it forms an integral part of several spring mattresses. This material can boost the bounciness of the spring coils and help you get rid of the pain. Also read on best spring mattress in India 2021.
  • One of the major advantages of having the rebonded foam is its firmness. This particular material is dense, so it has greater firmness, with its value ranging between 6 to 8. 

Drawbacks of Rebonded Foam

  • The rebonded foam mattresses are not present in innumerable numbers, which is why your options will be limited. 
  • You cannot sleep directly on the rebonded foam since it is extremely hard. Hence, you need to have a comfortable material like latex, PU foam or memory foam
  • Another disadvantage of having the rebonded foam is that it can cause allergies. Since this particular material is manufactured from different foam types, you might suffer from skin rashes if you are allergic to one of the constituent foam. Read more on latex mattress allergies.

Reasons to choose Rebonded Foam.

Since the concept of adding rebonded foam to a mattress is still new to many people, you should have clear knowledge about it. Hence, to make the decision easier for you, we have described here some of the main reasons a rebonded foam is much better. 

  • Reduces back painIf you want to get rid of your back pain by reducing the pressure in the trigger points or orthopaedic problems, sleeping on the rebonded foam will prove to be more helpful. This particular material can even offer excellent support to your spine and maintain its curvature when sleeping. To read more on best mattress for back pain in India 2021.
  • Supports the delicate materials– As the rebonded foam is denser and thicker, it can absorb the shocks and impact forces easily. Therefore, all the delicate materials present above it will stay safe for the longest time. Perhaps that’s the reason this material is used in spring mattresses, where it absorbs the compression force so that the coils do not lose their elasticity. 
  • Increases the overall firmness– With the help of the rebonded foam, manufacturers can increase the overall firmness of the mattress without having to add multiple materials inside the product. Since this foam is highly dense, its firmness ranges between 6 to 8. Hence, your back pain, aches, and muscle soreness will fly out of the window. 
  • Has the lesser sagging rate– In almost 90% of mattresses where rebonded foam has been used as the only support layer, the overall sagging rate has been reduced by ten folds. This material is thick and dense, which is why it can withstand the compression forces as well as the wear and tear. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the sagging rate. 
  • Is highly affordable– Rebonded foam is manufactured by subjecting scrapes of other foam types, like memory foam, HR foam, PU foam, and more to heat and pressure. Hence, no new raw material is added to manufacture this foam type. That’s why its price is very low, and anyone can afford mattresses having this material in them. 

What to look at before buying Rebonded Foam?

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that you do not have allergies to any other foam material used in manufacturing the rebonded foam. 
  2. Also, check how thick and dense it is and whether it can support the upper mattress layers or not. 
  3. If you usually change your dwelling place now and then, you must check if the rebonded foam mattress can be manoeuvred or not. 


Rebonded foam is a new material used in several mattresses like the Bonnell spring, memory foam, and more. It adds support and provides a higher level of bounciness that will help you sleep comfortably. Hence, you should purchase a rebonded foam mattress for yourself. 


No, the rebonded foam mattresses do not provide any heat. This particular material is used as the support layer and hence added to the mattress’s base. Therefore, even if heat is produced, you won’t be able to feel it. 

No, the rebonded foam mattresses do not provide any heat. This particular material is used as the support layer and hence added to the mattress’s base. Therefore, even if heat is produced, you won’t be able to feel it.

A rebonded foam is made from scraps of left out or discarded foams of various types. 

 A foam is mainly made from polyurethane and some other addictive chemicals to incorporate the special features. However, the rebonded foam is made from pieces of other foams. 

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