Spring Mattress Guide – Worth Buying It?

Do you want to replace your old mattress with a brand new spring mattress? 

If yes, then you shouldn’t hesitate in buying the best spring mattress from the market. However, the question is whether or not the spring mattress will be ideal for you. Moreover, since there are two types of spring mattresses, choosing the type can be a real challenge. 

That’s why we have provided here a full and detailed spring mattress guide that will clarify all your doubts with ease. Hence, you will be able to decide whether the mattress is ideal for you or not. 

1. What is a spring mattress? 

A spring mattress is where the main core layer is made from spring coils, with interconnected coils of individually pocketed coils. A thick felt protects the upper and lower surfaces to prevent any injury from the springs. You will find the HR foam forming the base in some mattresses while memory foam or PU foam forming the topmost layer. 

1.1 Types of a spring mattress

Spring mattresses are of two types: 

  1. Bonnell spring mattresses are the ones where the spring coils are connected. This way, it is possible to distribute the compressive forces evenly throughout the mattress surface. 
  2. Pocket spring mattresses have individual spring coils. Each coil is wrapped by a fabric pocket. This way, the force applied on the springs don’t get distributed to other places. 

2. Benefits of a spring mattress

  1. Pocket spring mattresses help in reducing the flow of motion from one point to the other. Hence, no disturbance sleep is possible with this particular mattress type. 
  2. Coils have more winding which makes the mattress firm, with a rating above 6. As a result, the spring mattresses will be able to reduce your back pain and release pressure from the trigger points. 
  3. These mattresses are highly durable, which will ensure that you won’t have to buy a new mattress any time sooner. 
  4. Due to the hollow structure of the springs, proper ventilation is maintained, which keeps the surface cooler. 

3. The average lifespan of a spring mattress

A normal Bonnell spring mattress can last for six years maximum, while the average lifespan of a Pocket spring mattress is 8 to 10 years. However, longevity will depend on the usage. If you are handling the product carefully while following all the manufacturer instructions, the product’s longevity will increase. 

4. How do you fix a sagging spring mattress? 

  1. Having a mattress topper will reduce the amount of force incident on the springs, thereby reducing further sagginess. 
  2. You can replace the base foam layer with a thicker one to increase the mattress height if the product has sagged.
  3. To ensure that all parts of the mattress are getting equal compression forces from above, rotate the protection every two to three days.
  4. If the sagging is too much, you can either claim a replacement or a repair provided that the mattress is within the warranty period. 

5. What do you need to know about sleeping on a spring mattress?

Following are the major facts that you need to know about sleeping on a spring mattress: 

  • Noises can be heard during twisting and turning when you are sleeping on a spring mattress. 
  • If you choose a pocket spring, you won’t be able to feel any other motion within the mattress layers. 
  • Spring coils are hollow, and hence they will maintain proper ventilation. Thus, the surface will stay cooler. 

6. When to choose a spring mattress?

In this section, we have described some situations where a spring mattress will be ideal for you. 

  1. If you want no disturbance during your sleep due to your partner’s movement, pocket springs will be the best choice. 
  2. If you are allergic to foam or latex, spring mattresses will help keep your skin safe. 
  3. Most times, your back will ache due to pressure build-up in the trigger points. The spring mattresses, especially the pocket spring mattresses, will help in releasing the pressure. 

7. Why choose a spring mattress? 


  • Pocket spring mattresses do not allow the transfer of motion from one point to the other
  • Has less sagging rate as compared to other types of mattresses
  • Comes with high firmness, the material will help in alleviating back pain


  • Can lose elasticity easily if the product is not handled carefully
  • Makes noises if the mattress does not have any shock-absorbing felt material 

8. When not, choose a spring mattress? 

  • If you do not want any sound to disturb your sleep, spring mattresses won’t be the ideal choice. 
  • If you want to cuddle with your mattress, spring mattresses won’t allow you to cuddle as they are quite firm. 
  • For a soundless sleep, spring mattresses shouldn’t be chosen, no matter what the benefits are. 
  • If you have a limited budget, spring mattresses won’t come within the budget range as these are quite pricey.


  1. How often should you replace a spring mattress?

    Whether you have a Bonnell spring mattress or a pocket spring mattress, you need to replace the product every six years. However, suppose the springs haven’t lost the elasticity of the inner comfort layers in an intact position. In that case, you can replace the product after eight years of usage. 

  2. Can you fix the broken mattress spring? 

    Suppose a pocket spring has broken and the mattress is still within the warranty period. In that case, You can change the broken spring easily. But, if we are talking about a Bonnell spring mattress, a broken coil will render the mattress unusable further. 

  3. Is a spring mattress good for back pain? 

    Yes, spring mattresses are good for reducing back pain, especially if you suffer from chronic spine diseases or tensed back muscles. This is because the springs apply the right amount of pressure on your tensed muscles, which will release the knots and help in eliminating the soreness or stiffness from your body. 

  4. Which Is Better: Foam Or Spring Mattress?

    Spring mattresses have lesser durability as compared to foam mattresses. This is because the main features of a spring mattress depend on the elasticity coefficient. Improper or long-term use of the product will affect the elasticity nature of the spring coils. And once they lose their elasticity, the mattress will lose its benefits and durability. That’s why foam mattresses are better. 

  5. How many pocket springs are good for a mattress?

    The higher the number of spring coils in the pocket mattresses, the more will be the bounce effect. As a result, the firmness level will vary, thereby allowing you to get relief from chronic back pain. This is why you need a mattress having at least 1000 pocket springs. The number can go up to 2000 spring coils. 

  6. Do pocket spring mattresses healthy? 

    Yes, pocket spring mattresses are quite healthy. This is because the spring coils get depressed when compression forces are applied from above. These depressed coils put the optimal amount of pressure on the trigger points present at your back. As a result, the spring mattresses help in relieving the knots formed in your muscles. In addition, the spring mattresses coupled with memory foam will help alleviate the backaches and provide proper support to the spine’s structure. 

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