Bonded Foam Mattress Guide

Are you tired of sleeping with the PU foam that can’t lessen your back pain? 

If yes, then it’s time to try the bonded foam mattresses. Made from PU foam, it can be considered an advanced version that can offer you the comfort you need. So, please read the below-mentioned details to know more about this material and understand whether it’s good for you or not.

What Is Bonded Foam?

A bonded foam is made from scraps of PUF or polyurethane foam. Scraps and left out foam pieces are collected and bonded together under heat and pressure. The resultant foam has higher density, increased firmness, and also reduced sagging rate

Benefits Of Buying Bonded Foam

  • A bonded foam will help in reducing your back pain like muscle soreness and stiff bones. 
  • It will also support your body weight, thereby maintaining the spine’s posture. 
  • The bonded foams are hypoallergenic since they aren’t made from many materials. 
  • This particular foam can be paired with different materials. 
  • They also prevent motion transfer from one point to the other. 

Drawbacks of Bonded Mattress

  • Bonded foam is heavyweight, which is why manoeuvring it can be a bit difficult. 
  • The prices of the bonded foam mattresses are high in comparison to regular mattresses.
  • It cannot regulate the temperature, so sleeping on the bonded foam is next to impossible. 

Reasons to choose Bonded Foam.

  • With the help of the bonded foam, you can easily get rid of orthopaedic pain, so having such a mattress will be helpful.
  • It is made in an eco-friendly manner since scrap PUF pieces are used for its construction. Hence, by buying the bonded foam, you will be helping to save the environment. 
  • You can choose from different mattresses having different additional materials as per your body requirements. 

What to look at before buying Bonded Foam?

  • Additional materials– You need to check the additional comfort or support materials that have been added to the mattresses. For example, in some products, you will find the bonded foam is being paired with memory foam, while in others, a thin layer of this foam is used right above a spring coil layer. 
  • Price – Bonded foam mattresses are costly because the foam is made from scraps of the PUF material and needs to be subjected to several industrial processes. Since the manufacturing of the foam needs more processing, the costs are high. Hence, you should check whether the price is within the affordable range or not. Always remember that it should make no compromise in case you want to buy a less pricey mattress
  • Firmness– The bonded foams usually have a medium to high firmness range where their value ranges from 5.5 to 7.5. Based on the PUF density and the heat and pressure the material is subjected to, its firmness will vary. If you want comfort, go with the lower firmness. But if you want to get relief from the pain, the high firmness values will be better. 
  • Quality– Another important feature that needs to be considered is the material quality. If the foam you have chosen is not of top quality, it will lose its strength for supporting your body weight. Furthermore, it will reduce longevity, and you might have to replace the entire mattress much sooner than expected. 
  • Durability– You need to consider the durability of this material. Even though bonded foams have high density, they aren’t completely immune to sagging and depressions. That’s why you should look for mattresses having top-notch bonded foams. 


Even though there aren’t many mattresses having bonded foam as the base layer, the available products will be an amazing choice. It acts as a hybrid of materials that can offer miraculous comfort and help alleviate your body aches and muscle pain. That’s why having the bonded foam mattress won’t be a bad idea. Furthermore, let’s think more rationally. Bonded foam can also reduce pollution levels since all the scrap PUF bits are used for constructing the foam material.


We wouldn’t say that the rebonded foam is the best for back pain. But yes, it is indeed one of the most preferred choices when it comes to mattress materials. It has a medium-range firmness that can counter apply the right amount of pressure you need. Also, it will help in supporting your body weight and maintaining the curvature of the spine. 

Yes, the bonded foams are amazing for your health since they will provide both comfort and support. First of all, this foam is made from PUF that is much softer. Hence, the resultant product from combining bits of the PUF will have a softness to an extent, even if not the same. Furthermore, since multiple PUF pieces are bonded together by applying heat and pressure, this material is a bit denser. Hence, it can also provide wonderful body support that will properly keep your sleep postures.

PU foam is made from a single layer of polyurethane liquid which is subjected to heat and pressure. However, the bonded foam is made from pieces of PU foam that it can’t use anymore. Hence, there is no raw material or intense chemical and physical processing while manufacturing the bonded foam.

There isn’t much difference between the bonded and rebonded foams because both are made from scrap materials, mainly foam. So it can’t use that in its original form. However, these two foam types are differentiated based on the type of scraps being used. So, for example, in the bonded foam, only the polyurethane or the PUF foam. But if we consider the rebonded foam, it is made by combining different foams with varying densities. 

As bonded foam has a high density compared to other support foams, sleeping on it solely won’t help you get relief from your back one. Furthermore, it might be uncomfortable for you to use the HR or High Resilience foam. But, on the other hand, it will add more bounciness to the mattress and offer optimal support to different body parts as per the requirement.

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