Sleepwell Won SABRE Awards Asia Pacific 2022 in the Home and Furniture Category

On September 15th, the SABRE finally presented their awards for which people have been waiting for so long. The entries began in May, and with so many contestants, judging took a little time. However, they finally gave their verdict in June, and the awards were presented gracefully to the winners.

Sleepwell mattress was one of the nominations that won for the largest PR accolade. They were nominated in the home and furniture category. The company finally won for their great branding and said that it had superior branding and advertisement in making India Sleepwell.

The competition took place where the contestants were asked to create a campaign. This was dedicated to creating PR and awareness. Sleepwell, very smartly crafted advertisements that celebrated the perks of healthy living. They also encouraged people to sleep for at least 8 hours for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

During the pandemic, the company donated 500 mattresses to the covid patients. This was in April 2022, when the country saw a shortage of beds in the hospitals. After this, they created a touchstone for others to follow, which now seems hard to reach.

The brand is known to promote good health and good sleep through its mattresses. Their developers create the best materiality to allow people to fall on the bed and sleep like a baby. Thus not only providing just a surface but making sure that one has an experience of good sleep.

Currently, the company is working well to create various types of mattresses. They include temperature control, memory foam, among others. The award from SABRE 2022 added a shine for the brand on a global stage. The achievement serves as an inspiration to many other Indian originated brands.

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