Springfit Brings To You Certipur-us Certified Mattresses That Are Proudly Made In India

Springfit Mattress and Sleep systems have been a renowned manufacturer of high-quality sleeping mattresses and accessories for the last four decades. And, currently, they have come up with their latest CertPUR-US certified comforting mattresses that would be the appropriate sleeping solutions for the esteemed mattress buyers.

Usually, companies that feature in the CertiPUR-US online directory deliver top-grade mattresses with premium-quality polyurethane foam composition. Therefore, these mattresses are more comforting than traditional foam mattresses. Moreover, to get the certification from CertiPUR-US, the company has to ensure that the mattress contains a minimum quantity of any toxic chemical like bromide or phthalates.

Therefore, by maintaining the standard prohibitions imposed by CertiPUR-US, Springfit has developed made-in-India mattresses that don’t utilize any formaldehyde in the foam formation. Also, with Certiguard technology implementation, Springfit mattresses ensure better resistance from microbe growth. Thereafter, you would notice less odour or staining and experience a comparatively better sleep quality.

Springfit Brings To You Certipur-us Certified Mattresses That Are Proudly Made In India 1

The made-in India Mattresses of Springfit includes numerous beneficial features. It is manufactured with multistage technology that uplifts sleep concentration and sleeps productivity. In addition, the mattresses offer 99.9% gem-free sleep and are also permanently integrated into the foam and fibres. Also, the mattresses are entirely odour-free and promote good health. 

Also, these mattresses resist high temperatures, and also the colour formation is very low. Besides ensuring better protection from microbes with integrated advanced technology, the feel of these mattresses is comfortable and supportive. So, people experience a better and healthier sleep quality altogether. Therefore, the mattresses offer long-lasting protection by inhibiting the growth of foreign particles. 

Springfit is further looking for infusing the nano-particles in their mattresses to remove dryness, itchiness, inflammation, fungal infection. Moreover, this mattress manufacturing company always attempts to fulfil customers’ increasing demand for transparency with the complete manufacturing procedure and secures the competitive benefit in the marketplace. 

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