Centuary Mattress Is All Set With Its New Campaign With Sania Mirza As Their Brand Ambassador

Centuary Mattress, India’s leading sleeping mattress company, has launched a new marketing campaign, “choice of Champions”, featuring Sania Mirza. The campaign runs over different digital platforms and television, showcasing it as the best-in-class orthopaedic and Mypowermatt mattresses. The thirty-day campaign is said to run till September end in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka and Kerala.

The campaign informs the public about the superior performance and unique features of the product. Moreover, the ad has made Sania Mirza the brand ambassador of Centuary to explain the better sleep cycle in health and sports lifestyle.

So, in the campaign, Mirza shares her experience with the mattress and highlights various advantages gained. For example, the sleeping pads installed in this mattress is made of Advanced Spring Technology that guarantees conveyance of temperature and weight. In addition, it also guarantees remarkable rest insight with better stance and amazing back help.

Uttam Malani, the executive director of Centuary, shared that he is excited to launch this campaign with Sania Mirza as the whole story is beautifully aligned with our product’s core value. Thus, boosting the brand message through the target audience. He also said the brand also want to invest in the relationship they have built with Mirza. They aim to do this by continuing communication and feature her in all their ads.

They even added that they are making instructive and engaging films, too, with the view of establishing mindfulness among people. The directors aim to change the rest insight and rest cleanliness among the buyers with their new Ortho Active Mattress and MyPowerMatt Collection. 

Further, the mattress company ramps its communication strategy shared with brands like The Sleep Company and Duroflex. Also, the companies are roping Anil Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as the face of their campaign. Thus, the category shows many unorganized players, which is now shifting as more players are entering the industry.

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