Sleepwell Mattress Review India
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Don’t you think it’s been a long time since you had a good night’s sleep

Our stressful lives have made it very difficult for us to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about it. Moreover, you are too old to have someone singing a lullaby and luring you into sleep. 

So, does that mean you have to say goodbye to your sleep permanently? 

No, it does not, thanks to the various Sleepwell mattresses you can find in the market. Be it the double-layered foaming mattress to the orthopedic mattresses, and you will have several options amongst which you can select the best one to cater to your needs.

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So, let’s get started with Sleepwell Mattress Review of different mattresses without wasting any further time. 

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Top Mattresses From Sleepwell Review In India 2021

1. Sleepwell Cocoon Mattress

Sleepwell Cocoon Mattress

Sleepwell Cocoon Mattress is deemed to be India’s very first customizable mattress that comes in a box. This mattress is completely customizable, from its size and dimensions to its thickness and feel.

The Cocoon mattress is ideal for couples as it brings forth a revolutionary ‘half and half concept where we can customize the mattress to having a gentle feel on one half and a firm feel on the other half.

Thus, both the partners can enjoy their preferred feel on their side of the bed without any hassles. However, it must note that this option of half and half is only available in the Double Mattress size.

This mattress comprises three layers where the first two layers are customizable to the customer’s needs, and the last layer provides robust support. The top two layers present you with either a gentle or a firm feel.

You can select either of the two feelings you want your mattress to have while ordering it, or go for a completely customized one and choose half and half for the layers.

Being a box mattress, it comes compressed & vacuum packed in a box where the customer has to unbox it and remove the poly pack to let it decompress.

The Sleepwell Cocoon Mattress lets you adjust how the surface of the mattress feels. All you have to do is unzip the top cover and keep either the gentle or the firm layer on top.

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2. Comfort Cell Range


The comfort cell range of Sleepwell mattresses is made with scientifically engineered comfort cells, which essentially is a combination of firm cells and plush cells, thus incorporating the most amount of comfort one can get while sleeping. The comfort cell series 1.0 is the first version of this range which uses luxurious fabrics and promotes utmost cosiness.

Apart from the revolutionary comfort cells specially designed to get rid of Partner Disturbance, this series comes with a triple-layered quilted top. With its unique cell design, airflow inside the mattress is maximized, and thus the mattress stays fresh for a much longer time. The mattress also comes with a special edge wall design to provide more support while sitting while improving the mattress durability


The second series of comfort cell ranges are made with the same revolutionary comfort cell technology as the first one is. However, you get to enjoy quite a bit more features when you purchase the second one in this range. 

The second model in this range comes with an Impression Memory Foam which is not found in the first one. It conforms to your spine and aligns it properly to reduce any soreness or back pain that might occur due to your spine’s improper alignment while you were sleeping.

It has a twin comfort layer which paired with the triple layer quilted top gives the mattress impressive pressure relieving qualities. Thus, this mattress provides both the necessary support as well as maximum comfort.

3. Technology-Based Mattresses


All of the technology-based mattresses in this range are made from foam and pocket springs engineered by NASA, thus providing you with a better sleeping experience while still promoting comfortability.

This particular mattress comes with five years of assured warranty and has quite a few features to make it a viable option for your next luxury mattress.

Firstly, it comes with the classic impression memory foam with a zero partner disturbance feature. This suggests that one side of the mattress can absorb all downward force without the rest of the mattress area being affected.

Even if you were sleeping while the person next to you was jumping, you would not feel a thing. The mattress also sports a European Designed knitted fabric for aesthetics as well as a Euro Top Finish. 

3.3 NEXA

The next in this technology-based mattress of Sleepwell is its Nexa model that comes with a specialized Nexa foam, a High Resilience Responsive Memory Foam. It is perhaps one of the most luxurious mattresses that Sleepwell currently offers. 

Its triple support layer and Twin Layered High Resilience Core provides optimal support along with feather-soft comfort. The mattress uses Spacer Fabric to maximize ventilation which induces an even better sleeping experience.

It encourages proper weight distribution of your body and prevents any sudden pains that might arise from sleeping in an improper position. This mattress comes with a warranty of ten years instead of the common five or seven years of warranty.


This mattress from the technology-based mattress range from Sleepwell comes with a specially formulated latex foam that facilitates luxurious comfort. Unlike the other mattresses in this range, this one comes with anti-skid bottoms to better support and stabilize the mattress.

The mattress comes with a guarantee of 7 years and has been treated by their Neem Fresche technology to prevent the growth of dust mites and bacteria. This makes the mattress a lot safer and a more favourable option for people with breathing problems like asthma. 


The last mattress in this range is the Impressions mattress that comes with special memory foam. This, too, has a spacer fabric that facilitates ventilation and keeps the mattress fresh and durable.

The memory foam used in this mattress gives you a personalized sleeping experience as it memorizes your body’s shape and sinks into softness every time you sleep in it.

Its Double Support Layer and European Designed Knitted Fabric reduces stress and fatigue and helps you get a good deep sleep after a tiresome and bust day.

4. Balance Mattresses

  4.1 ESTEEM

The balance range of mattresses from Sleepwell is all about promoting firm support and comfort for its customers. The Esteem mattress is designed with exclusive Zero Turn technology that eliminates the need to turn the mattress ever so often to keep it fresh and increase its durability. 

The Esteem mattress comes equipped with medium firm pocket springs, which prevent extensive sinking yet still is soft to touch and sleep on.

Its engineered sidewall gives a perfect fit for every bed frame, and its zero partner disturbance feature promotes a sound sleeping experience throughout the night.

The top quilting of this mattress uses impression memory foam and even includes a Soft High Resilience Layer for added comfort. It is available with five years of warranty in two thickness options, six inches and eight inches.


The second mattress option in this range is Premia, which comes with Zero partner disturbance technology and five years of assured warranty.

The customers can choose from three options of firmness while buying this mattress. The options are firm, medium-firm, and gentle. This mattress’s healthy option is ideal for people who suffer from muscle stress as the firmer surface lets the bone absorb most of the pressure, thus relieving stress from the muscles.

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Firmer mattresses like Premia also allows your body to increase its oxygen intake and promote healthy spine alignment. For people who prefer a softer and snug sleeping experience, the medium-firm and gentle options are perfect for them.

Like the previous mattress, this one too sports medium firm pocket springs and impression memory foam in the mattress’s top quilting. It also comes with Zero Turn technology and Soft High Resilience Layer for Comfort paired with premium knitted fabric for the extra layer of comfort. 


The next in this range is dignity which is an ideal option for all people looking for an orthopaedic mattress to relieve their back, spine, and joint problems. This particular mattress comes with a High Resilience Layer that gives you a medium-firm feel and thus provides Enhanced Firmness & comfort.

It has a higher thickness core and is made with rebonded foam, which provides great support for your body and provides firm sides and a springy action. This is due to the composition of such rebound foam.

The mattress further comes with AeroFirm technology, an extra layer on the mattress for added support. Moreover, the mattress has a twin support layer paired with impression memory foam in the top quilting portion.


The Admire Balance Mattress from Sleepwell is another great option for orthopaedic mattresses as it provides great spinal alignment and enhances the sleeping experience with fewer physical problems, aches, and pain. 

Like the Dignity mattress, it sports a High Resilience Layer for Medium Firm Feel, a Twin Support Layer, and a Rebonded Layer for Support.

However, this particular model is much more affordable than the other balance mattresses in the range and is thus a perfect option for people searching for an orthopaedic mattress on a tight budget.

The mattress also comes with a Double Layered Quilting with Quiltec Foam to eliminate body impressions. This kind of foam is also known to increase airflow and provide extra support.


With an assured warranty of 3 years, the Activa Firmtec is another affordable option for customers in the Balance range of mattresses. The mattress is built with a combination of the innovative Activa Firmtec layer and rubberized coir.

This combination of materials gives a soft and comfortable feel to the mattress and makes sure that the person does not completely sink into the bed. With the coir’s help, this mattress regulates the customer’s body temperature while the firmtec layer makes it more soft and comfortable.

The mattress has also been treated with the revolutionary Neem Fresche technology, which combines an antimicrobial agent with the Neem plant’s medicinal properties and aids in getting rid of dust mites known to cause several skin and breathing disorders. This treatment is effective even after the mattress has been used for several years and has been washed several times.


The Activa supportec mattress is a bit softer than the previously discussed Activa Firmtec. This too comes with a firmtec core for enhanced firmness and is treated with Neem Fresche technology for added safety.

5. Back Support Mattress


The Back support range of mattresses from Sleepwell gives you exceptionally well back up for every sleeping position. The first model in this range is Spinetech, built with rebound foam for added support and stability. The mattress also comes with a high resilience layer that makes sure that the mattress is too firm and ensures a soft and comfortable layer over the firmer ones.

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The mattress comes with five years of warranty and is also blacked with their innovative neem fresche technology for safety and hygiene factors.

The mattress comes with an Airmesh Fabric to increase the mattress’s breathability and keep it healthier and fresh for a longer period. With triple support layers, the mattress gives enough aid and support to perfectly align your spine while sleeping and keeping back pains and aches to the minimum level. With an additional AeroFirm layer, the mattress doubles its support-giving abilities and maximizes your comfort level while sleeping. 


The next mattress in the back support range is the Spine Plus model. This mattress combines super high density rebonded foam paired with the innovative International Bonnell Innerspring System that promotes your spine’s optimal alignment to reduce any back and spinal complications.

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One of the most common causes of spinal problems is one’s sleeping position and the type of mattress that sleeps on. Sleepwell acknowledges this persistent problem and has thus manufactured this mattress to combat it. Made with materials that enhance the firmness of the mattress is ideal for customers suffering from back problems and joint pains.

Its uniquely designed fabric improves ventilation within the mattress and helps in better air circulation. Its Zero Turn technology makes sure that the mattress lasts longer, and the customer does not have to turn the mattress every once in a while to keep the product fresh and usable. This model of the back support mattress range by Sleepwell comes with an assured warranty of five years.

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The next in this range of back support mattresses is the Spintech Air model from Sleepwell. Sleepwell is known to manufacture and market one of the best orthopaedic mattress models in India, and this particular mattress is a great instance of this claim. 

Starting with its classic rebonded layer, this mattress is all for extra support while still making you feel that you are sleeping on soft pillowy clouds.

While the softer components like its Impression Memory Foam in Top Quilting and Premium Jacquard Fabric helps you fall asleep easily and peacefully, inducing a deep and comfortable sleep in no time, the firmer components such as High Resilience Layer, Twin Support Layer, and Rebonded Layer makes sure that your body heals, rests, and relaxes while you are fast asleep.

The firmer components of this mattress make sure that you have the adequate support that your body needs to relax your muscles, align your spine, and keep your back and joints free from pain. 


Suppose the money factor is not an issue for you and you seek a product that is as luxurious as it is effective towards your backaches. In that case, this model is the one for you. Starting with its primary components found in all of the above models, it is made of Rebonded Foam, Impression Memory Foam in Top Quilting, and includes a High Resilience Layer for Comfort.

However, instead of a twin support layer like the above options, this one has a triple support layer for added comfort. It has engineered sidewalls for a better fitting in your bed frame. It also comes with an assured warranty of five years, further reinstating Sleepwell’s promise of high-quality and durable products.

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6. Basic Mattress- ULTIMA

The Ultima mattress from Sleepwell is the best basic mattress option in the market right now. It is ideal for customers who are not looking for fancy features in their mattresses but who want a basic, comfortable, and affordable mattress for their bed.

This mattress has a warranty of one year and comes with two thickness options: four inches and five inches. The Ultima mattress provides the utmost comfortability one can get at its price range.

It is made up of high-density hard Flexi PUF that promotes cosiness and comfort and gives you a durable mattress and will last for years before you even think about getting a new one. A bonus point of this mattress is that it comes with an attractive fabric covering, making it a great option to be used as a makeshift seating area if you have a surplus of guests.


A premium and high-end, luxurious mattress, the Naturalle mattress from Sleepwell is a great addition to your bedroom if you are a fan of all things comfortable and natural. Made with superior natural and breathable latex, this mattress is made of high-end materials that extend its durability period, hence its assured warranty of 7 years.

This mattress provides you with optimal body support, so no matter you are sleeping on it or sitting, you will be comfortable on it at all times. The mattress further sports a euro top finish giving it a premium feel and look, and also comes with pocket springs embedded into it.

The nine inches of thickness of this mattress gives you proper support and softness while sleeping and makes sure that your body is not sore upon waking up.


The GenX series of mattresses by Sleepwell consists of three models in its range. All three models come with five years of assured warranty and consist of a PU Foam Layer for optimal support.

The three models differ in features and prices, the GenX 1.0 being the most affordable option in this range. All three mattresses have an Airmesh Fabric to increase ventilation inside the mattress and promote better air circulation. They have a knitted fabric top and are treated with neem fresche technology for utmost hygiene safety.

The mattresses vary in thickness, and the GenX 1.0 has a thickness of five inches, the 2.0 has a thickness of 6 inches, while the 3.0 has 7 inches of thickness.

Apart from the above features, the 2.0 and 3.0 models have an extra set of features like the twin support layer and triple support layer. They both have a High Resilience Layer for Comfort, while you can only find impression memory foam in the GenX 3.0 model.


The Sleepwell company provides a wide range of mattresses made for every kind of potential customer out there. All you have to do is take a pick from their extensive collection of mattresses and choose the one that fits your comfortability as well as budgetary requirements.

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