Peps Spring Koil Mattress Review, Reasons, Pros & Cons, Layers, Features

Are you looking for a Bonnell spring mattress with excellent performance and unique construction?

If yes, then it’s time to look at the features of the Peps Spring Koil mattress, which is considered to be one of their best creations so far. This is a Bonnell spring mattress with rebonded and PU foam that will help in enhancing the performance as well as the longevity. All you need to do is select a proper height, dimension, colour, and finish, and you can start sleeping on the most comfortable mattress ever. 

Reasons to Choose Peps Spring Koil Mattress

  1. With the Spring Koil mattress, you won’t have to deal with motion transfer. The layers are constructed in a way that you can have the best sleep of your life, undisturbed and peaceful, despite your partner twisting and turning continuously.
  2. Multiple options are available in length and breadth, mattress colour, and pillow-top finish. Hence, you will be able to choose the best mattress you want.
  3. You can reverse and flip the mattress to sleep on both surfaces. As a result, you won’t have any problem using this product for a long time. 

Firmness And Feel 

Due to the rebonded foam and a Bonnell spring layer, the overall firmness of the mattress has been increased to around 6.5 to 7.5. That’s why the product will help ion support your bones and muscles with ease. However, despite having such a high firmness, the feel of the top surfaces is paramount. 

Mattress Construction And Features

  • PP/PE Woven Fabric– At the top, the mattress is covered by a PP or PE woven fabric that is extremely soft and comfortable. So, after sleeping on the mattress, you won’t have anything to complain about. 
  • Polyurethane– PU is the basic material that has been used to construct all the foam layers. However, it is a versatile material and can be integrated into different processes for producing different foam types. 
  • Rebonded Foam– Rebonded foam has been added to make sure that you can enjoy the firmness of the mattress and get rid of your back pain, muscle soreness, and stiffness. 
  • Protective Layers
    • Hard Cotton Felt– One of the major protective layers present in this mattress is the hard cotton felt. It is indeed thin but effective enough to protect the other layers from coming in contact with the spring coils. 
    • Nylon Mesh– The nylon mesh above the spring layer helps protect the top materials from internal damage due to the spring coils’ uncontrolled and sudden elastic functioning. However, it has large mesh holes that will cover every spring layer coil and reduce its momentum. 
  • Bonnell Spring Unit– Right at the centre, you will find the Bonnell spring unit. It is manufactured from Grade 2 steel, which has amazing durability and a high electric coefficient for making the mattress bouncier and more comforting. 
  • Reinforced Layers For Comfort
    • Separator Net– The separator net is formed from nylon wires and has a mesh structure. It maintains the elastic function of the spring coils and reduces the strain on the entire spring layer. 
    • Hard Cotton Felt– Hard cotton felt will help prevent the spring coils from coming in contact with the upholstery and foam layers present on either side. Furthermore, this felt layer can also absorb impacts and shocks, further increasing the entire product’s durability. 
    • Rebonded Foam– Rebonded foam present in this product is made from scraps of polyurethane foam. It is indeed quite hard, which will help correct your sleep posture. But the layer is also best for providing comfort to the sleepers.
    • Polyurethane– Normal polyurethane foam is pretty soft, and hence, it will help you sleep comfortably on both faces of the mattress. In addition, this layer allows proper air circulation, ensuring that the surface temperature remains at an optimal level. 

Peps Spring Koil Mattress Policies

  • Delivery & Shipping– Peps deliver their mattresses to almost all the Indian states. When placing the order, you must select the state from the dropdown and check whether the product is available in your area.

    Then, you can place the order easily as an available product will need only a couple of days to deliver. However, suppose the mattress is not in stock of the nearest distributor from your location. In that case, there will be an expected delay in delivery. Also, no charges will be levied on the overall purchase price, regardless of where the product needs to be delivered. 
  • Trial period– Unfortunately, Peps does not offer a trial period for the Spring Koil mattress. Hence, you won’t be able to use the product just for trial. Suppose you raise a return or refund request. It will be processed like a normal one, considering warranty policies in such cases. You won’t get a 100% refund since the policies will reduce the total amount to be refunded. That’s why you need to be extra careful about the mattress specifications you have chosen, like the dimensions, colour, pillow top or normal design, and so on. 
  • Returns– Peps have set two major ground rules for the return or refund process. You will be able to raise the request only under two conditions: 
    1. If you receive a physically damaged mattress
    2. Or, if the mattress you received doesn’t match with the specifications mentioned on the website

      The return window will remain open for seven days from the delivery date. So, make sure that you raise the request within this period. Also, make sure to keep the original purchase receipt with you, as you will need this later as proof of purchase. No mattress with damaged and torn labels, fabric, or stained surface will be accepted by the collection team from Peps. Also, you will have to return the mattress in its original packaging case. So, please do not throw them away right after you unbox the mattress. 
  • Warranty– Peps has offered a warranty period of 5 years to their Spring Koil mattress, which will be enough since the usual longevity is about 4 to 6 years. However, the company has some set rules and conditions as their warranty policies, which are: 
    • While raising the claim for a damaged mattress, you need to show the original receipt.
    • They will inspect before proceeding with the refund or return request. 
    • Normal sagging or depression having a thickness of fewer than 1 inch will not be covered under warranty policies. 
    • They will deny your claim request if you have chosen the wrong size for the mattress when placing the order. 

Pros and Cons of Sleepwell Spinetech Air Mattress


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty period
  • Available in multiple dimensions 
  • There are four thickness options available- 5”, 6”, 8”, and 10”.
  • Four options for the colour- maroon, brown, dark blue, and cream
  • Shipped to all over the country without any extra surcharge
  • High protection is present for the spring coil layer
  • Coils are made from steel for enhanced durability and better performance


  • No trial period is offered for the Spring Koil mattress 
  • Flipping can be difficult due to the heavyweight
  • No custom size is offered for this product 

Who Should Buy Peps Spring Koil Mattress, And Is That Worth It?

To be honest, you will get several Bonnell spring mattresses in the market. However, only a few products come with such a wonderful construction, and Peps Spring Koil is one of them. Here, you will have well-defined comfort and support layers, making the product versatile. So, let’s check out whether it is worth it for you or not!

  • The Peps Spring Koil will help reduce the back pain caused by sitting or standing with the same posture throughout the day. 
  • It is perfect for sleepers suffering from chronic back pain due to arthritis, neurological disease, injuries, trauma, and so on. 
  • If you do not like the sounds and movements made by your partner, you can have this mattress. It is constructed so it can prevent that motion transfer to the most. 


Unfortunately, the Peps Spring Koil mattress doesn’t have a custom size. However, the manufacturer is offering several options for the size, starting from 72X30 to 94X66 square inches. Hence, all you need to do is get the right measurements of your bed and select the same size while ordering the product. 

The Peps Spring Koil mattress is made from multiple materials, starting with polyurethane foam to a steel strong spring layer. Furthermore, you can easily flip the mattress for using it on both sides. Hence, it will reduce the strain on one surface so that the product will last for a longer time, almost 4 years at the least. However, suppose you are using the product in the wrong manner or not following the manufacturer’s instructions. In that case, the inner layers may wear out much earlier than expected. 

Yes, the Peps Spring Koil mattress is one of the best products you can get in the market for reducing your back pain. It contains a Bonnell spring layer, but the rebonded foam is also present. Both these materials are excellent for reducing the stiffness of your backbone. They also target the knotted muscles and alleviate pressure. 

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