7 Most Expensive Mattress In India 2023

Can you believe that a mattress can cost more than 1 lakh in India?

Are you sure you want to know more about the expensive mattresses currently available in the market? 

If yes, your wait time is over since we have brought forth the seven most expensive mattresses in India. These products are definitely in the limelight for their prices. But we cannot ignore their unique construction and how beneficial they are for your health. 

Hence, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the top pricey mattresses. 

What To Look Before Buying Most Expensive Mattress?

  1. First of all, you need to look at the size and thickness. If you have a unique bed design, you should look for custom mattresses that can easily fit in your bed. Also, make sure to select the optimum thickness so that the product can counteract the overall weight of the sleepers and reduce sagging. 
  2. Check whether the top fabric layer is hypoallergenic or not. After all, you would never like to suffer from allergies after sleeping on such an expensive mattress. Also, make sure that the top fabric has proper ventilation channels so that air circulation is not hampered. 
  3. Another thing which you have to check is the core material. Some mattresses will have natural latex as the core, while others will have spring or foam layers. 
  4. You must get the right amount of firmness in the mattress. For this, check whether you want to sleep on a soft and plush mattress with not enough support or maintain your posture by sleeping on a hard surface that won’t provide you comfort. 

Top 7 Most Expensive Mattress In India 

1. Peps Double Decker


  1. Comes in a queen size
  2. Has 10-years of warranty 
  3. Firmness value between 5.5 to 6.5

 If you want to increase your bed’s height by ten folds, this will be the ideal mattress for you. It is a double-decker mattress with a total thickness of 16 inches. Hence, can even skip having the standard bed and go with the platform or haut beds. It is a medium-firm mattress with a value ranging between 5.5 to 6.5 on the firmness scale.

Hence, you can easily get rid of back pain, pressure points, muscle soreness, and neurological pain. One of the most interesting features of this mattress comes with dual comfort layers on the same surface. Hence, there is no need to rotate or flip it for reducing the sagging. 

The top knitted fabric is anti-allergic and offers a lush feel so that you can sleep comfortably without any discomfort. Furthermore, it has large ventilation channels that will help in maintaining proper air circulation throughout the mattress.

As it is made from 70% polyester and 30% viscose material, you won’t have to worry about sleeping on a rough surface. The second layer is formed from Talalay latex (a combination of latex, memory foam, and PU foam) with pin core technology for proper surface cooling. Thanks to the convoluted foam layer, you won’t have to worry about pressure causing early sagging in the mattress

A rebonded foam layer will protect the delicate upper layers from the spring coil core present at the middle portion. It also has a micro pocketed coil layer that will add to the mattress’s overall resilience.

In addition, thanks to the hard cotton felt and the nylon net, you won’t have to worry about the spring coils poking at your back. As for the Bonnell spring coils are made from Grade 2 steel, which has anti-sagging properties for enhanced longevity.


  • Comes with anti-sagging technology
  • Improved air circulation and ventilation
  • It won’t cause any allergy on your skin


  • Difficult to move due to heavyweight

2. Dreamzee Vilasa™


  1. Has 12 inches of thickness 
  2. Has medium firmness 
  3. Comes with 12 years of warranty 

If you are looking for an organic mattress, no other product will fit this one. No chemicals have been used for manufacturing the overall mattress and the inner layer materials. That’s why you don’t have to worry about any odour or unpleasant smell coming from inside the bedding.

Furthermore, you can reverse the mattress to make sure that pressure is being applied evenly to reduce the sagging further. Finally, since it has medium firmness, sleeping on this mattress will be both comfortable and pain-free. 

Its construction is very simple, which is why you won’t have to worry much about differential sagging and uneven depressions caused by the mattress layers. At the top, you will have 100% organic fabric with a plush and soft feel.

In addition, it is loaded with numerous air pockets to maintain the airflow through this layer. As a result, the bedding’s surface will be controlled naturally, based on the atmospheric temperature.

Right next to this is present a 100% cotton layer. Due to this particular material, you won’t have to be concerned with skin allergies, excessive sweating, and other such issues. 

The core of the mattress is formed from natural latex, having the required industry-level certification. Hence, you won’t have to worry about having a sore and stiff back. Also, there will be no latex allergy as the material hasn’t been processed with chemicals.

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  • A highly durable mattress that can last for a long time
  • Offers optimal back support to the sleepers 
  • Has anti-bacterial properties for reducing allergies


  • Lack of memory foam can cause problems for some sleepers

3. Russo 100% Natural Latex Mattress


  1. Has a 10-year warranty period
  2. Comes with eight inches thickness
  3. Has a latex construction 

Usually, in most mattresses, the top cover is either knitted or quilted. Even though these covers do come with hypoallergenic features and a high level of ventilation, they can’t deliver the same performance as organic material. That’s why going with this product is a wise decision.

Here, the top cover is made from a bamboo plant grown organically, which is why you can enjoy a lush and cosy feeling without any restriction. Furthermore, this organic fabric layer will also control the air circulation and ventilation so that you can enjoy sleeping on a cool surface without having to wake up mid-sleep due to sweating. 

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The second layer of this mattress is formed by a natural and organic latex that hasn’t been treated with any chemical. So, suppose you are worried about suffering from latex allergy after sleeping on this mattress.

In that case, there is nothing to get concerned about. This mattress is ideal for any sleeper, even the ones having sensitive skin. You won’t suffer from rashes, boils, itching, tenderness, or any other allergic conditions. 

To maintain air circulation from the lower side, this mattress is reinforced with the organic bamboo layer at the underside also. Hence, the chances of moulds growing inside the product have been reduced by hundred folds. 


  • No allergy or any other skin problem 
  • High durable and won’t sag easily 
  • Provides the best comfort for people having back problems


  • Not much help for those who want to sleep on comforting and soft beds

4. FoamsIndia® Pearl 100% Natural Latex


  1. Comes with 15 years of warranty
  2. Extra firmness with a value of 8
  3. Has eight inches thickness

Not many mattresses are there in the market that have been manufactured from complete organic and pure materials. That’s why we have picked this product for you which has 100% natural latex as its core material.

According to the soft PU or memory foam mattresses, sleeping on the mattress might not be much comfortable. It has a firmness level of 8 due to the high density of all the layers present in this product. Hence, it will help alleviate orthopaedic or neurological pain and target the pressure points and release the knots. 

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As no toxic or synthetic chemical has been used, you won’t have to worry about the wellness of this mattress. You won’t have to suffer from skin and respiratory problems, which is why it’s ideal for every sleeper, especially kids and elders.

The organic latex layer in this mattress comes with a pin core technology. Due to the various air channels in the latex, there won’t be any issue with the ventilation. Hence, this product will automatically maintain its surface temperature within normal limits throughout the day and night. 

Since the natural latex used in this mattress has high resilience, it will be able to provide the optimal back support so that you can get relief from pain and stiffness.

Also, the mattress will retain its shape without suffering from excess sagging and depression. Besides, the removable outer zip cover made from organic bamboo will help you keep the mattress healthy and safe for your skin. 


  • You can wash the outer zip cover for maintaining hygiene 
  • It won’t cause any allergy 
  • Resists the flow of motion from one point to the other 


  • Not meant for small babies or people who like comfort in their bedding

5. Springfit Reactive Gold


  1. Comes with a five-year warranty period 
  2. 8-inches thickness 
  3. Has six layers in total 

This mattress is one of the best mattresses in India within the expensive range you can find in the market. First of all, it comes with a CertiGuard technology that will prevent the growth and breeding of microbes both at the external surface and internal spaces between the mattress layers.

Second, it has a medium firmness with a value of 5.5 to 7 on the firmness scale. Hence, you can relax on a soft and comfortable surface easily after a hectic day of work, along with getting rid of soreness and stiffness. Finally, this mattress comes with seven layers, each having different functions to make this product the best of its kind in the market. 

Gold is a wonderful metal that is believed to stop the growth of microorganisms. Perhaps that’s why Springfit has used the Skinsens ultra gold fabric so that you can sleep comfortably on a cool surface without worrying too much about allergies.

In the second layer, you have the aero sleep memory foam, which has been designed specifically to improve the air circulation between the inner layers of the mattress. This will not only dissipate the generated heat but also prevent the growth of moulds.

It also has a triopedic foam for improving your muscle and bone conditions so that you can get relief from stiffness, orthopaedic pain, and so on. Thanks to the HR foam, you will feel at ease after sleeping on this mattress. After all, HR foam acts both as a support and comfort layer. 

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The fifth layer is the thickest and consists of a virgin white reactive foam. This type of foam is mainly manufactured by combining broken down foams of various kinds to improve the density and make it more responsive to your body problems.

Underneath this reactive foam layer is a Turkish felt whose main purpose is to offer stability and extra protection to the above foam layers. The underside of this mattress is covered with a knitted fabric having high GSM so that you can maintain the air circulation appropriately. 


  • High level of air circulation throughout the mattress 
  • Comes with well-defined edge support 
  • Soft and comfortable to sleep on 


  • you can’t flip it for using both the surfaces to sleep on

6. Sleepwell Cocoon


  1. Has five years of warranty
  2. Comes with a thickness of 8-inches 
  3. Plush firmness for different sleepers

Having a custom mattress is wonderful. But almost all the brands offer customization on the size. However, Sleepwell is the first brand offering custom-designed mattresses in terms of materials and overall firmness.

Hence this Sleepwell Cocoon mattress will suit sleepers having different needs. In this mattress, one side will be gentle and comforting while the other will be for relieving the pain and offering plushness.

Moreover, since both soft and medium-firm parts will be present on one surface, you won’t have to go through the struggles of repeatedly flipping the mattress and causing damage in the meantime. 

Its top layer is made from zippered knitted fabric that has high air circulation power. Hence, you won’t have to worry about sleeping on a hot and sweaty surface. After this, a soft and gentle foam layer has been added to provide you extra comfort level.

So, if you are one of those sleepers who like to cuddle with the bend and twist and turn to find the perfect place for cocooning, this is the ideal product you can have for yourself.

Finally, the third layer is made from a denser foam layer which comes with high firmness. This material has been added for ensuring that you can get maximum relief from bone pain, stiff joints, and sore muscles.

Since these two foam layers are the main reason for this mattress’s functionality, a fourth high-density foam layer has been added. This will provide support to your body and backbone structure and the upper foam layers. Hence, the sagging rate will get reduced amazingly. 


  • Reduced sagging rate
  • Ideal for different sleepers 
  • Offers both comfort and relief


  • Limited space on the mattress to sleep on 

7. Duroflex Posture Perfect


  1. Eight inches thickness 
  2. Has 10 years of the warranty period 
  3. Best for orthopaedic patients 

If you are suffering from stiff bones, immobilization, or any other orthopaedic problem, you should get this mattress from yourself. Duroflex has indeed done a wonderful job by including materials that are amazing for every kind of sleeper.

First of all, there is a knitted fabric at the top that will maintain a high level of air circulation. Hence, the surface temperature will be within the normal levels. After this, the first layer is made from a memory foam that comes with a high conforming ability so that the mattress can easily change its shape according to your body surface and work on reducing the pressure from the trigger points.

In the second layer, you will have a 5-zoned orthopaedic support layer that will provide the ultimate form of support to different parts of your body as per the requirement. 

After the orthopaedic zonal layer, an additional 3D spacer mesh is added to ensure that the air circulation is maintained inside the mattress. Hence, the chances of having a mouldy mattress are almost zero for years to come.

In the fourth and sixth layers, you will find HR foam made from high-quality material. This foam will offer an amazing bounciness to the overall firmness and make sure that your spine and other muscles are getting the support they need. 

In addition, this mattress also has a 3-zoned spring coil layer that has been added between the HR foam layer. Since these coils are pocketed, you will be able to enjoy an additional form of relief from your pain, soreness, and stiffness. Furthermore, the pocket spring layer will help you sleep comfortably even though the person beside you is twisting and turning continuously. 


  • Proper air circulation at the underside also
  • No more sweating and feeling discomfort while sleeping on the mattress 
  • Best for multiple sleepers


  • It cannot be flipped or rolled 


In the above article, we have presented the seven most expensive mattresses that are sought-after due to their unique costs and their amazing construction and features. First, suppose you ask for our recommendation.

In that case, we suggest having the Peps double-decker mattress since it has 16 inches thickness and comes with both foam and pocket spring layers.

Secondly, we would suggest the Springfit reactive gold since it comes with seven different materials that aren’t used much but offer an extensive range of benefits. 

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