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Duroflex’s main aim is to provide their customers with the best condition for sleeping better. They focus on continuous innovations and market research to offer technology-led mattresses protectors, and pillows for an authentic enriching sleep experience.

The mattresses are perfect for providing a power-packed lifestyle. Moreover, the company has developed an Anti-stress fabric to bring the most energizing and most profound sleep. 

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These all make Duroflex the best brand whose products you can trust. They provide benefits in various ways like:

Benefits Of Duroflex Mattress

  • It does not compromise quality: Duroflex has been operating the business for the last five decades and has been certified by the ISO (ISO 9001-2015). This means it gives you the benefit of quality without any doubt. With so much mattresses production each year, it has never compromised on the quality, no matter its price. Plus, it all comes with a warranty period of up to ten years.
  • Different range of product: Another benefit that Duroflex provides to its customers is providing various types of mattresses to fit every consumer’s need. They design different mattresses using different technology and material. The following are the different option you get:
    • Liveln: It is a type of roll-packed mattress that contains a vacuum-packed and easy DIY box setup. Plus, the mattress is a perfect combination that provides both support and plush comfort.
    • Energise: This mattress is specifically designed for hard workers who need to wake up early with a new mood and full of energy. The bed is equipped with advanced technology like 3 Zoned Active NRG layer, anti-stress fabric, and Qube Cell Technology.
    • Duropedic: Duroflex is India’s first company to get a certified orthopaedic range of mattresses that help people cure joint pain, back pain, or cervical pain.
    • Nature Living: These mattresses are made from 100 percent natural and biodegradable material for people who promote green and cut down their carbon footprint.
    • Essential: This type is primarily for everyday bedrooms and is the perfect balance of exceptional comfort and price.
  • Certified: Each product that Duroflex offers comes with an ISO certificate. As a result, it builds a sense of reliability and trust. Moreover, the brand provides you an option to look up any information relating to the product in the product description.
  • Trial Period: This is the most fantastic benefit that users enjoy. Duroflex offers a three-month trial period to choose the perfect mattress that suits you. So if you don’t feel satisfied, you can return the mattress. This offer is only applicable for LiveIn mattresses. 

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Pros and Cons of Duroflex Mattress


  • Orthopaedic mattresses with special technologies are beneficial in reducing back pain considerably. 
  • Prices are affordable, and it allows every kind of person to invest in them. 
  • These mattresses are the best and luxurious mattress that provides the ultimate comfort. 
  • Hygienic and allergic-free latex foam mattress that gives not only great sleep but also gives glowing skin. 
  • Custom dimension is possible with the Duroflex Mattress.
  • PU Foam technology gives the perfect pressure to the whole body while sleeping. 
  • Dual comfort mattress is available under the Duroflex mattress categories.


  • Provides a countable option to buy on the Duroflex Mattress types. 

Firmness and Feel

For Duroflex, the entire collection can be categorized into three groups based on their firmness- soft, medium, and firm. 

  1. The Back Magic Orthopedic Coir mattress and the Tatva Natural Latex and Coir mattress are the firmest products in the entire collection. You can rate them around 6 to 8 on the firmness scale. 
  2. Sixteen different mattresses are present with varying medium firmness, ranging from 4.5 to 6.5. For example, the RiseUp Spring mattress and the Velocity pocket spring mattress have a firmness of around 5.5. However, the Pulse memory foam mattress or the Revive Euro top coir mattress is softer with firmness of about 4.5 to 5. 
  3. In the soft category, you have two mattresses- the Kaya Chemical-free natural latex mattress and the Rise Spring Soft mattress.  

Mattress Construction

  • Cover– The top layer is made up of high-quality knitted fabric with antimicrobial technologies. In addition, these mattresses have a hygiene property that helps the mattress be free from any body odour. The top layer feels like a feather to the skin and creates a soft knitted fabric that gives a gentle feel to the skin. 
  • Comfort Layers– Memory foam is known as the softest foam because it can mould according to the body shape. Hence, once you sit on the Duroflex mattress, the surface will depress only along with the areas where your weight is being applied. These mattresses have 3 zone latex multi-folding layer technologies, and that is why it gives great comfort to the users. 
  • Support Layer– The main function of the support layers is to provide a reaction force to the weight of the sleepers. This counterbalances the depressive force, which prevents the sagging of the products.
    Latex and PU foam layers with spring technology act as the supportive layer for the whole mattress. The latex is built with compacted resilience technology that works best in support.
    Furthermore, it also has therapeutic multi-folded technology that creates a resilience bond in the mattress. This resilience bond helps to spate the top layer from the lower spring or coir layers.
  • Mattress height and Weight– Since several layers include PU foam and Latex Foam, including spring technology, the product’s weight is 17.18 kg. The weight is not that much high as the mattresses are built with advanced technology.
    The thicknesses of the products are 152mm with a length of 1828mm, and the dimension is 72 X 60 X 6. Furthermore, you can choose the thickness of the mattresses according to your choice.  

Duroflex Mattress Performances

  • Breathability Breathability is really important for mattresses. The 3-zoned profile foam is present in all three products from Duroflex- Foam, Coir, and spring. The air circulation is well-maintained in these mattresses due to the presence of these zonal foam layers. In addition, the knitted fabric cover enables the proper ventilation of the mattress. So you can choose these mattresses as they are highly breathable and help avoid any allergies and other types of discomfort.
  • Temperature Regulation– There is no doubt that these mattresses can control the temperature and help keep the surface cool. The temperature is well controlled because it has the breathable factor and the ventilation technology. In addition, the gap between the layers makes sure that these mattresses perform well temperature regulation.
  • Motion Transfer Duroflex Mattress is well known for its zero motion transfer technology. So, if someone sits or lies down beside you, you cannot feel the pressure, and this will give you the ultimate luxurious and no disturbance sleep. The Spring Technology allows these mattresses to control the motion and makes this zero disturbance mattress.
  • Edge Support A supporting edge is also present in the mattresses from Duroflex Mattress, ensuring that the products can tolerate the compressive forces applied on the surface. In addition, it has the complete resilience technology built by the 3-zoned layer, and therefore, these products are long-lasting and durable and can save your money.
  • Durability Duroflex has ensured that their products come with high durability, which is why every mattress is manufactured with the right amount of inner layer thickness and density. That is why the mattresses will not lose their resistance, no matter how much force is applied to the mattress.
  • Odour You might have heard many people complaining about the bad odour coming from the mattress. Well, that happens because it can’t perform the air circulation in between the layers properly. This can even create fungus and bacteria inside the mattress because of high humidity and heat. However, in the case of the Duroflex mattress, the layers are arranged in a way where air can circulate, and there is no chance of growing microbes. 

Duroflex Mattress Types

Duroflex brand has instituted three major mattresses so far with their types. Each type has a different set of features, Pros, and Cons. We have further discussed the three types of mattresses to have a clear understanding of the details and further gain the clear knowledge you were looking for. 

2.1 Foam– Foam mattress provides the best and the most luxurious sleep. Duroflex has successfully introduced these kinds of mattresses. It is a pure and highly authentic pure foam mattress where all layers are made from high-quality types of foam. These mattresses have memory, PU, and Latex Foam that gives you the right amount of balance and support. A foam mattress is also great for posture alignment and also gives you the best sleep to make your next morning refreshing.

  • Memory Foam– Memory Foam has been the best sleep provider mattress and is very beneficial for orthopaedics.
  • Latex Foam– Latex foam mattresses are also very beneficial for back pain, and these foam mattresses are great for providing a precise amount of support and pressure. 

2.2 Coir– Duroflex provides the Cori mattresses with a proper amount of rubber content. Coir mattress combination provides firm support to the spinal cord. This quality makes these mattresses different from the other types available in the market. This is the augmentation of the rubberized coir that further supports breathability and circulation along with the high-density coir and Multi-fold layering technology. 

2.3 Spring– Spring technology has also been proven to build the right amount of bounciness. Duroflex spring mattresses use springs with German technology. The springs are interconnected and are in the shape of an hourglass that provides ideal compression and proper support. The 3-Zone spring technology dexterously braces the different pressure points of the body. This kind of quilt is mainly manufactured by the two Italian MECA and Gribetz machines.

  • Pocket Spring– The mattress with German Technology springs this mattress is placed in individual non-woven pockets. Furthermore, the pockets in the mattress are attached to maintain the shape and firmness of the mattress. 
  • Bonnell Spring- Bonnell Spring is ideal for firmness, especially when the innerspring cores are padded with rubberized coir. 

1. Duropedic

1.1 Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopedic Coir Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 1
Credits: Duroflex

People who are suffering from orthopedic problems usually require a firm and high-density coir with rebonded foam. It provides them the maximum relaxation of muscles. 

Duroflex Mattress Review 2

And this mattress provides its user just that. It has a 5-zone exclusive orthopedic support that helps your body release pain from every part of your muscle. Zone 1 supports the neck and head, whereas Zone 2 holds up the shoulder and upper back. At the same time, Zone 3 provides comfort to the lower back and hips, and Zone 4 supports the upper legs and knee. Moreover, Zone 5 braces the lower leg and ankles perfectly. 

Furthermore, the re-bonded foam is held intact between two coir layers for better reinforcement. On top of this, you get a final layer of jacquard woven fabric as a protective sheet. 


  • Double-sided mattress
  • Extra-firm
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Reduces back pain and aches


  • Expensive

1.2. Duroflex Balance – Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 3

This mattress is specifically designed and recommended by doctors to provide orthopedic support. The 5 zone body support provides the user the sense of rejuvenating sleep experience. 

The mattress focuses on aligning the spine and supporting the back. Plus, the memory foam layer placed on top of the mattress provides pain relief and boosts healthy sleeping habits. Memory foam also offers differentiated support to various body parts depending on the weight by giving contoured support. 

Below the memory foam and the 5-zoned orthopedic support layer, you will find Ortho Foam. It also offers extra firmness to provide back support. Next is the Rebonded Foam for better reinforcement and increased durability and then again Ortho Foam. The last is the Jacquard Woven Fabric as a protective covering. 

The mattress also has an innovative heat absorption technology that regulates heat while you are sleeping. This tech ensures you do not sweat or feel too cold to provide undisturbed sleep. 

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  • Medium-firm
  • Heat absorption technology
  • Plush comfort


  • Only one side of the mattress is usable

1.3 Duroflex Strength – Memory Foam Coir Orthopedic Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 4

Duroflex strength mattress is another high-performing bed that provides exceptional back support and high precision body support. Plus, the exclusive 5-zoned orthopedic support certified by the National Health Academy has made this product the most loved mattress of all. 

Moreover, to boost the firmness, the engineers have crafted high-density coir. This also allows you to relax your muscles and release all the tension from the back and spine. 

Furthermore, the most attractive part about the product is its firm and natural cooling coir, which circulates air and maintains freshness and hygiene. I also have high-density coir that provides natural ventilation and coolness to the mattress. 

Plus, the rebonded foam enhances durability and provides firm support. At the same time, the memory foam with quilting releases pressure and provides optimum body contour. 


  • Memory foam
  • Natural cooling
  • Doctor’s recommended


  • No trial, ten days return

1.4 Duroflex Posture Perfect – Pocket Spring Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 5

Duroflex Posture Perfect is another comforting mattress with contoured cushioning of memory foam and advanced five zoned orthopedic support. The National Health Academy personally recommends this mattress because of its extreme comfort and pain-relieving system. 

Moreover, the 5-zoned exclusive orthopedic support layer present in the mattress helps provide advanced back support. And for body contouring and deep sleep, there is pressure-relieving memory foam. 

The engineers have carefully crafted the resilient and supportive three zoned pocket spring for excellent body support and equal weight distribution in a different zone. 

The product also has a 3D spacer Mesh to add firmness and resilience to the mattress for improved performance. Plus, the zero motion transfer ensures that you do not get disturbed while sleeping. 


  • Recommended by doctors
  • 5 zoned orthopedic support
  • Back pain relief
  • Promotes healthy posture


  • The high temperature may be not suitable for certain people 

1.5 LiveIn Roll Pack Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 6

LiveIn Roll Pack is another top-performing memory foam mattress with medium comforting foam. Thus, it makes it the best choice for every type of sleeper. The light, cushiony support provides excellent body support and an optimum amount of relaxation. 

This bed-in-a-box system makes the process of unboxing hassle-free for the users. Moreover, the foam encourages spinal alignment and correct body posture. The innovative and thoughtful design of the anti-sagging rebonded foam layer is perfect for giving you the right neck, back, and spine support. 

On top of this, it also focuses on the mattress style as it has the signature Art Deco pattern of the luxury knitted fabric. 


  • Triple Antimicrobial treatment
  • Stylish
  • DIY unboxing


  • Expensive

2. Energise

2.1 Duroflex Pulse – Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 7

This product is best if you like to wake up fresh and energetic every morning. This is one of the best collections Duroflex has under the Energise series. It also features an advanced 3-zoned active NRG layer for precise weight distribution and excellent postural alignment. 

Plus, to provide the user’s body contouring for better sleep, the company has installed pressure-relieving memory foam. Transition foam layers are topped by pressure-reducing foam layers immersed with lavender for a blissful sleep experience. This aromatherapy helps people to stabilize mood, relax muscles, and induce sleep. 

Moreover, the ortho Foam with a CNC cut layer is perfect for precision and allows good air circulation. At the same time, the supportive ortho foam provides increased durability and offers solid firmness. 


  • Natural coir
  • High-density foam
  • Lavender therapy
  • Memory foam


  • Some people may find this mattress too firm

2.2 Duroflex Velocity – Pocket Spring Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 8

Duroflex velocity mattress has an innovative feature like heat absorption technology, NRG layer, and anti-stress fabric. The product is ideal for those who are seeking gentle support for their back problem. 

Moreover, the pocket spring present in the mattress ensures minimal bounce and increased support. The three zoned NRG layer also has a three zoned pocket spring that provides optimum support and weight distribution according to a different zone. 

Plus, the product also has the advantage of zero motion transfer, so you remain undisturbed while your partner moves across the surface. 


  • Medium soft
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Cushiony euro top 


  • Late after-sale support

2.3 Duroflex Velocity Plus – Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 8

It is a premium collection with an enhanced cushiony euro top perfect for those having a problem with their back. It comes with an Anti-stress fabric infused with carbon particles that absorbs all the negative ions and gives a soothing sleep experience. So when you wake up, you feel positive and refreshed. 

Plus, this product also features 3 zoned active NRG along with three zoned pocket spring layers for advanced body support. Further, the heat absorption technology fitted in the mattress helps absorb heat and gives you a sweat-free deep sleep. 

The product also has the benefit of Zero partner disturbance and high resilient foam layer. 


  • Medium soft
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Knitted anti-stress fabric


  • The spring mattress may not be suitable for everyone

2.4 Duroflex Revive – Euro Top High-Density Coir Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 10

This mattress has the perfect name; it indeed helps you to revive again. It is a premium designed coir mattress to provide muscle relaxation and support your back. Plus, the naturally cooling coir helps circulate the air properly and offers firm support to your body. 

There is an anti-stress knitted fabric that repels all the negative energy on the top of the bed and lets only the positive ions stay. Below that, there is a super soft foam layer for luxurious comfort. Next, there is a 3-zoned active NRG layer for zonal back support and perfect spinal alignment. After that, you will find a sandwich core made of foam and coir layer for more extended durability and support. At the bottom, everything is wrapped by a jacquard woven fabric for extra protection. 


  • Euro top
  • Reviving coir
  • Firm support


  • Expensive

2.5 Duroflex NRG 20 – Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 11

It is a premium product that has enhanced the performance of memory foam for luxurious comfort. It is engineered in such a way that it creates a medium level of bounce to prevent movement while traveling across the surface. 

Moreover, the product features an exclusive 3-zoned active NRG layer and also a fine 3-zoned pocket spring. These layers ensure that you get the right amount of bouncing rate and optimum support. 

On top, the mattress is surrounded by knitted anti-stress fabric that increases positive ions and rejects negative ions while sleeping. So when you wake up, you feel completely refreshed. 

The rest of the layer involves a hyper soft PU foam layer for providing plush comfort and two high resilient foam layers for contouring the body weight. At the bottom, there is a jacquard woven fabric for protection. 


  • 3-zoned active NRG layer
  • Memory Foam
  • Zero motion transfer


  • Expensive

2.6 Duroflex NRG 40 – Qube Cell Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 12

This product is the real revelation in the sleep technology area. It combines the perfect ratio of sleep technology to provide you the deepest and energizing sleep. Each layer of this foam mattress is carefully crafted to provide extreme support and the best comfort. 

Moreover, the memory foam layer present on the top releases any kind of pressure or body pain that the user may be suffering through at the moment. Apart from this, the exclusive QUBE cell technology provides a natural ventilation system and proper resilience. As a result, this prevents disturbance from movement across the surface. 

On top of this, the product also features a three zoned NRG layer which evenly distributes body pressure across the three-zone. Moreover, it improves the quality of your sleep by introducing carbon-infused anti-stress fabric. This fabric reduces the negative ion present in the body. 


  • Medium-firm
  • QUBE cell technology
  • 3 zoned NRG layer


  • Premium class mattress so high on price

2.7 Duroflex Evoke – Bonnell Spring Minimal Bounce Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 8

This mattress is perfect for providing a fresh start every morning. The Bonnel spring inside the mattress is engineered to provide minimal bounce and to increase support. On top of this, it is complemented with a 3-zoned NRG layer to improve circulation of blood and align back correctly. 

Apart from this, you also get a finishing touch of Anti-stress fabric that repels all the negative ion and let only the positive ions stay. So when you wake up in the morning, you are positively charged and energized. This is a very thoughtful mattress to provide the users refreshing sleep experience. 

The product also has a couple of other layers like two high resilient foam layers for increased resilience, two cottons-felt layers for comfort, and Jacquard is woven fabric at last for protection. 


  • Medium-firm
  • Anti-stress fabric
  • Bonnell spring layer


  • Expensive

2.8 Duroflex Endure – Bonnell Spring Pillow Top Mattress 

Duroflex Mattress Review 8

This is another high-comfort super mattress that provides users tremendous after-sleep energy. The bed is designed to provide a firm base and an interconnected spring to give a bouncy and long-lasting effect. 

This endure mattress has 3-zoned active NRG layers, which offers perfect body posture and optimum weight distribution. Moreover, it has an Anti-stress fabric, so if you sleep on it, you will automatically feel positively charged and stress-free.

Furthermore, the manufacturers have provided a durable and resilient Bonnell spring layer which ensures firm foam and comfortable bounciness. 

Moreover, the first layer repels all the negative ions. The second provides you luxurious comfort. The third provides back support and spinal alignment. Simultaneously, the fourth and sixth layer is the reinforcement layer, and the fifth layer acts as resilience. The last is the jacquard woven fabric for protective covering. 


  • Anti-stress fabric
  • Bonnell spring layer
  • Pillow top


  • You can use one side only

3. Essential

3.1 Duroflex Icon – Pocket Spring Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 15

You can trust Duroflex when it comes to the mattress’s quality and comfort. This product is yet another example of how the brand maintains its quality. 

The mattress has a top layer of high resilient foam quilted knitted fabric that provides plush comfort. Just below it is the high resilient foam layer that generates extra comfort for the mattress. 

After these two, the third layer of the 3-zoned pocket spring layer provides the right bounce and optimum zonal weight distribution. Moreover, it avoids the condition of the mattress sagging up and creating a motion transfer problem. So you don’t get disturbed while your partner move. 

Next is again the high resilient foam layer, and the last is Jacquard Woven fabric as a protective covering. 

The mattress is highly recommendable to those who have a weight problem. As the thickness of the bed makes it durable and prevents sagging in the middle. 


  • High-density foam
  • Affordable
  • Zero motion transfer


  • The warranty period is less than other products

3.2 Duroflex Rise – Bonnell Spring Soft Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 16

Duroflex rise is an excellent option under the essential range of Duroflex. It is a perfect combination of Bonnell Spring and PU foam. Furthermore, you get to choose among 12 different sizes depending upon your needs. There is also a 5-year warranty, so it’s worth spending your money on it.

Furthermore, the firm layer of durable and resilient Bonnell spring layer strikes at providing the perfect balance between support and bounce rate. Simultaneously, the super-soft foam layer provides additional support and a cushiony effect for plush comfort.  

The engineers have crafted this mattress so carefully that it prevents the bed from sagging up due to body weight. So you can complete your sleep without getting disturbed by the curves. Plus, the cotton fabric layer acts as a reinforcement layer.


  • Dual-sided firmness
  • High resilience foam
  • Sag resistant
  • Firm support


  • Some people may find it too firm

3.3 Duroflex Rise Up – Bonnell Spring Mattress with Pillow Top

Duroflex Mattress Review 17

It is an unbeatable product offered by Duroflex. The mattress is ultra-soft and has a Bonnell spring layer at its core, making it durable and firm. The product has unbeatable back support and is perfect for providing relaxing sleep. 

Moreover, the mattress contains two layers of high resilient foam for extra softness and comfort. It also has a top layer of PU foam quilted knitted fabric that provides a luxurious, soft, and cushiony feel. This layer is then second by a super-soft foam layer to enhance the plushness and give a blissful sleep.

This product is the perfect choice for hard workers who carry out fieldwork the whole day and require a comforting sleep for morning freshness. 

By buying this product, you benefit from firm support, comfort, durability, and sag resistance. 


  • Sag resistant
  • High-density foam 
  • Comfort


  • The foam may initially have a foul odor

3.4 LiveIn Roll Pack Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 18

This mattress is specifically designed to provide deep sleep and excellent body posture. It is constructed to provide a premium feel. Plus, the exclusive triple anti-microbial treatment helps maintain the freshness, keep it clean, and prevent dust-miles. 

Further, the high resilient foam ensures contouring comfort, superior support, the right balance, and healthy sleep. 

Moreover, the bed-in-a-box system makes unboxing easy and hassle-free. 


  • Hassle-free unboxing
  • Memory foam
  • Contour body support


  • Heavy

4. Natural Living

4.1 Duroflex Kaya – Chemical Free Natural Latex Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 19

Duroflex is another sleep solution that the company offers to its users. The natural pin core latex is an eco-friendly option for those who care for nature. Moreover, it is free from all kinds of chemicals and does not produce harmful gases like carbon in the air. Plus, they are readily biodegradable compared to other products. 

Apart from this, the mattress also has an organic cotton fabric to give the user a luxurious and soft feeling every time they sleep on it. The cotton fabric also projects a cooling effect to provide you comfort during scorching days. Besides keeping the mattress cool, it also acts as a protective covering. 

The mattress also contains a 3-zoned pocket spring for providing resilience, optimal weight distribution, and excellent body support. Plus, this product also has a zero motion transfer benefit that allows you to remain disturbed as your partner changes position or move in the bed. 

One of the interesting technologies that engineers added is pin cores on the latex that allows hygienic air circulation. 


  • Air circulation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero motion transfer


  • Comparatively less zoned layer than others

4.2 Duroflex Tatva – Non Toxic Natural Latex and Coir Mattress

Duroflex Mattress Review 20

The product is beautifully crafted with the goodness of natural latex and coir. The combination is perfect for providing sound sleep. The core of this mattress contains a biodegradable latex layer that is both supportive and naturally resilient. Plus, the latex is 100percent free from toxin to provide you long-term health benefits. 

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Further, it is enhanced with cotton fabric and layers of high-density coir. Moreover, the unique pin core latex contour helps to contour and provide comfort while you sleep. 

Tatva comes with the richness of fabric infused with organic cotton that keeps the mattress cool and gives luxurious sleep. It also has two layers of 3D mesh to provide firmness and resilience while taking turns or moving on the surface. 


  • Extra-firm
  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Toxin-free
  • Durable


  • The extra firm feature may be uncomfortable for some people

4.3 Duroflex Prana – Organic Pocket Spring Latex Mattress 

Duroflex Mattress Review 21

By buying this mattress, you are making sure to treat yourself with the best sleep ever. It is a unique 3-zoned pocket spring mattress with a layer of natural pin core latex. This natural pin core latex contours your body shape and provides you maximum comfort. 

Plus, the resilient and supportive three zoned pocket spring makes sure to distribute your bodyweight equally and provide the best body support. The pocket spring layer also makes sure to minimize movement from traveling across the mattress so no one gets disturbed while sleeping. 

Moreover, the pin cores on the latex help regulate clean air for comfort, and the natural cooling organic cotton fabric keeps you cool on sweaty days. This highly ventilated matrix provides zonal support and the right bounce for an enriching sleep experience. 


  • Durable
  • Air circulation
  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Natural pin core latex


  • Bit expensive

Duroflex Mattress Policies

  1. Shipping– Shipping is no issue, no matter where you are settled. Duroflex will ship the required mattress to your added location within a short period. Sometimes you may have to provide an extra charge, but that does not always happen. They deliver products all around the world accordingly.
  2. Trial Period A trial period is available if you buy products from Duroflex. Duroflex provides a 100-night free trial with a full refund. You can easily return the product if you find any problem after 100 nights. But for returning any product, you have first to indulge yourself in return requests. Then, the Duroflex management team will perform further investigation, and once they are completely convinced with the investigation, they will come and pick up the mattress from the given location.
  3. Returns You can return the Duroflex mattress within 10 days after completion of the delivery. First, you have to go to your account > then click track your order > click Return. They provide easy return services but within 10 days only.
  4. WarrantyDuroflex comes with the best-in-industry with a 10 year warranty period. In addition, you can use a warranty registration form and register to enjoy the warranty of the product. This is the first mattress brand that offers this high warranty period. 

Who should buy Duroflex Mattress?

Duroflex Mattress is an amazing mattress that provides you with a lot of benefits. For instance, if you want to get relief from your chronic back pain and muscle aches, the Spine Ultra Tech Support Foam mattress will be the ideal choice.

Similarly, you can choose the Grand Plus, Deluxe mattress for a cosy and luxurious sleep, and the Foam Spring mattress will be the best choice as both come with memory foams and Latex foams.

You can also choose the spring coir mattress and can enjoy the medium to firm foam density. Of course, this depends on how you want to use it. 

Furthermore, this gives you the best warranty and also provides you with Orthopedic Pillows with the mattress itself. This is not the end with the zero motion transfer technology, and you can get the best sleep at night. 


These are the top 20 models of best mattresses offered by Duroflex. They all provide excellent sleep solutions and relieve stress while sleeping. So choose between them according to the back problem you suffer and other requirements. 

However, if you want the best feature with a blissful sleep experience and affordable price, we suggest Duroflex Balance. It is our top choice as it perfectly relieves tension and pressure and allows you a deep comforting sleep. 


  1. How long does a Duroflex Mattress Last?

    The Duroflex mattress will last for at least 6-8 years without getting damaged by any sense like sagging or becoming flattered under compression from the pressure above. With a little maintenance, it can go long.  

  2. Can we use a Duroflex mattress on both sides?

    Yes, You can use the Duroflex Dual Comfort mattress on both sides. If you want to sleep comfortably on a soft mattress with a cloud-like feel, you can choose the softer side. On the other hand, if you want the mattress to feel firmer against your back, you need to use the opposite side.

  3. Is a Duroflex Mattress good for back pain?

    If you are planning to buy the Duroflexmattress for reducing your back pain, the Orthopedic Coir mattresses are the best choices for you. You can also further choose the memory foam Duroflex mattress that perfectly supports your body weight, thereby reducing the back pain and muscle aches developed due to strains.

  4. Is Duroflex made of harmful chemicals?

    No, you wouldn’t find any harmful chemical in any of the three kinds of mattresses that Duroflexhas introduced so far. The non-toxic natural latex mattress and coir mattresses are made with organic cotton with a cool and soft finish. These are friendly mattresses with 100% natural latex and are chemical-free. 

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