The spring mattresses that are being traditionally used for years now offer a great bouncy feeling and come with a series of challenges. These mattresses are difficult to maintain and to move around. Moreover, they usually come layered with various materials such as wool that immediately attract tiny dust mites. These wools make the foam spring mattress even more difficult to clean. Furthermore, the springs inside these mattresses are prone to tear and wear and thus offer a limited life instead of huge spending. In addition, as spring mattresses are very responsive to movement, if your partner has a habit of moving around, you would feel jostled and disturbed during sleep. 

But, the WakeFit Foam Spring Mattress is exceptional because it consists of all the beneficial features of a spring mattress and none of its cons. The advanced technology that has been used to manufacture this mattress has assisted in creating the same comfortable and bouncy feel along with the additional perks of motion isolation. Hence, you would get the same comfort of jumping into a spring mattress and won’t feel disturbed when your partner does the same. Moreover, there won’t be any creaking sound during tossing, bouncing around, or turning through the mattress. This is possible because all the features of spring mattresses have been introduced in the WakeFit foam spring mattress without actually utilizing metal springs. 

Mattress Firmness and Feel 

The firmness and feel of a mattress is something that most people only require to think about during their purchase of a mattress. However, the WakeFit Foam spring mattress offers a combination sleeping experience for people who require something in between firm and soft.

Therefore, it’s appropriate for people who need a much softer comfort layer for pressure point relief. Also, it’s ideal for people who need a high degree of spinal support. Therefore, when you would lie on the WakeFit foam spring mattress, it would contour to your body shape, but you won’t entirely sink into the mattress. 

Mattress Construction

  • 7 Zoned Profile Layer– The 7 zoned profile layer of the WakeFit Foam Spring mattress consists of deeper layers of memory foam than the mattress that contains 3 zoned profile layers. The extended areas of zoning offer extra support for the body contours of the users. 
  • Bouncy Foam– The WakeFit foam spring mattresses offer supporting bounce and also provide pressure relief. Also, the mattress uses clever technology with a special pillow-top surface and dual-coil construction for offering you a balanced feel that’s great for sleep. 
  • High Resilience Foam– High resilience foam is a type of polyurethane foam that offers great responsiveness. Due to this, if you enjoy bounce in the mattress, you should gravitate towards the high resilience WakeFit foam spring mattress. 
  • Cover Material– The cover type used in the WakeFit foam spring mattress is the external removable zippered cover, and high-quality GSM spun knitted fabric is used as cover material. This layer can be taken off and is appropriate for machine wash.

Mattress Performances & Features

  • Breathability– In traditional spring mattresses, the coils and springs are usually packed together very tightly. Therefore, they block the normal airflow inside the mattress. In contrast to that, the foam layers inside the WakeFit Foam Spring mattress are designed so that they can easily enable free airflow across various layers. This design, in turn, reduces the temperature build-up inside the mattress and keeps the sleeper cool. 
  • Zonal support technology– Human bodies are not uniform and thus require unique types of support in varied areas. The Zonal support technology present in the WakeFit Foam Spring mattress reflects this, with unique areas of the mattress offering a different degree of support. This technology makes sure that your spine is properly aligned and supported to its original shape. Also, this feature helps to decrease chronic lower back pain and can also improve your sleeping postures.  
  • Bounce– The WakeFit foam spring mattress doesn’t consist of any real coils or springs. Instead, it is designed with a layer of bouncy foam materials that offer the user a bouncy feeling without a disturbing sound of creaking. 
  • Sagging– The WakeFit foam spring mattress is manufactured with strong layers of highly durable foam materials. Therefore, it’s neither very prone to tear, wear, and sag nor does it sink to a bent shape like most traditional spring mattresses. But, this mattress would certainly bounce back even after several uses. 
  • Motion Transfer– Motion transfer is the measurement of how movement is shared from one portion of the mattress to another. For example, the WakeFit Spring Foam mattress offers a low motion transfer and thus isolates the movements of two people sleeping on the same mattress. This feature is especially useful for people who get easily woken up at night because of the continuous movement of their partner. The low-motion isolation feature would let them enjoy a good night’s sleep. 
  • Edge Support– Edge support in a mattress implies the amount of resistance that it can offer around the edges. It essentially functions as an encasement that is located around the frame of any mattress. This small and effective feature of the WakeFit Foam Spring mattress can include how much support the mattress feels, resulting in how simply you would drift off without feeling disturbed. 
  • Durability– Any average mattress, irrespective of its material composition, thickness, or firmness, would perform for not more than seven years before any replacement is required. But, because of the extensive features of the WakeFit foam spring mattress, it offers a 10 years warranty that’s the best in the mattress industry. 

Wakefit Foam Spring Mattress Policies

  • Shipping– The mattress is shipped directly from the manufacturing hubs or warehouse of WakeFit and gets delivered to users’ doorsteps with a roll bag packing anywhere in India.
  • Trial period– The WakeFit Foam Spring mattress offers 100 nights trial period.
  • Returns-This mattress offers a risk-free return within a definite period after purchase.
  • Warranty– WakeFit offers a 10 years warranty for the foam spring mattress. 

Pros and Cons of Wakefit Foam Spring Mattresses

The advantages of the WakeFit foam spring mattresses include: 

  • It gets contoured to the body and offers adequate support to your spine. 
  • It decreases the amount of motion transfer that assists you to prevent disruption from your partner moving in the bed. 
  • This mattress is appropriate for you if you sleep on your side. 
  • It relieves various body pressure points as the foam layer is highly responsive to unique body weights and body shapes. 
  • This mattress is extremely durable and offers a longer lifespan because it can prevent sagging. 
  • Allows airflow and offers a cooler surface during sleep.
  • Less sinking and therefore more suitable for the heavy-weight people

The disadvantages of the WakeFit foam spring mattresses include: 

  • The extreme bouncy feel is missing. 
  • It can be a bit heavy. However, since you don’t require to turn this mattress, this factor won’t pose a huge issue. 
  • It can be a bit expensive than traditional spring or foam mattresses.

Who Should Buy Wakefit Foam Spring Mattress?

A comfortable foam spring mattress is a perfect place for falling asleep peacefully. Therefore, if an undisturbed dream sounds like a distant dream to you, then the WakeFit foam spring mattress would be the best choice. It has all the features to make sure that you get proper rest after a long hectic schedule. Moreover, the latest technologies that have been used in this mattress are a class apart and highly inviting for better sleep on. 


The mattress comes in a variation of 6-8 inches. If the total weight of the sleepers is more than 80 kg, then the 8 inches mattress would be perfect. However, if both sleepers and one of the sleepers weigh less than 80 kg, you must need the foam spring mattress thickness of 6 inches.

The WakeFit foam spring mattress comes with a zippered removable external cover. Therefore it can easily remove it, and machine washed. And, you have to no longer worry about the dust mites.

Yes, you can use both the pocket zoned layer and the white side layer for sleeping.

Yes. The WakeFit foam spring mattress comes in varied dimensions and heights. For example, 5 inches is for those who weigh less than 60 kg, 6 inches is for those who weigh less than 60 to 80 kg, 8 inches is for those who weigh more than 80 kg. 

The warranty period offered by WakeFit for its memory foam mattress is 10 years. However, with appropriate use and cleaning, it can last even longer than that.

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