7 Reasons You Need A New Mattress

Do you know that sleeping on the same mattress for years is not at all beneficial for your health?

Do you have any idea that your health is highly dependent on the mattress you are using? 

If not, then you might have just put your health in jeopardy by sleeping on an old, torn, and sagged mattress. A mattress is not just a bedding accessory designed to provide you with comfort and a posh feel. Instead, nowadays, mattresses are designed so that they can provide proper support to the backbone and apply optimum pressure on the trigger points in your muscles. Yes, the level of support does depend on the materials with which the product is made. But overall, a mattress is more than being a comfortable bedding surface. 

So, as they serve such important functions, don’t you think you should get a new mattress with the right firmness, materials, and height?

If yes, then this guide will help you understand why you should get a new mattress. In this section below, we have described the top seven conditions that warn you about the need to have your old mattress replaced by a new one.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A New Mattress 

1. Your mattress is more than seven years of age.

The very first reason to replace your current mattress is its age. Even though several products come with 1 to 3 or 5 years of warranty, you need to buy a new mattress if your existing mattress has crossed 7 years since the date of purchase.

With an old mattress, you won’t get the comfort you would get from a new one. Further, with so many years in usage, it has sagged a lot, which means that when you lie down on your bed, there will be gaps between the bed’s surface and your back.

This will further cause health problems which is why we would highly recommend you to at least get an affordable new mattress for yourself, if not a premium or high-priced one. 

2. Permanent changing of the mattress’s surface level.

Suppose you have bought a memory mattress several years back. In that case, you might have seen how its surface retained its original shape once it removed the bodyweight or any compressive forces.

However, with time, the memory foam will lose its conforming ability, so it will start regaining the original shape at a considerable slow pace. And after a couple of years, you will find the same spot where you have slept almost every day depressed.

This is mainly because your body’s impression will be permanently transferred to the mattress, thereby changing its surface level.

3. Your spine is not getting the needed alignment and support.

When you are sleeping on an old mattress, you will find that your spine is not aligned properly. It happens very often in case the mattress has sagged or got depressed locally. With your spine not properly aligned, you will feel pain, even by shifting a little on your bed.

That’s why you need to have a new bedding accessory that will have an even surface to provide the right amount of support to the backbone and muscles. 

4. You are feeling uncomfortable on the mattress.

Sometimes, you might feel too hot after sleeping on the mattress only for a couple of minutes. This usually happens when the ventilation channels are blocked and no air flows through the inner layers. This causes the surface to heat up tremendously, which is why you will feel uncomfortable after sleeping on the bed.

Also, due to restricted airflow, you might get odours that will further disturb your sleep, or worse, lead to insomnia. That’s why you need to get a new mattress with high airflow movement and proper ventilation channels. 

5. Soreness and stiffness have been heightened.

Mattresses are indeed made to reduce soreness and stiffness from your muscles. However, suppose you are suffering from sore muscles and stiff bones despite sleeping on your mattress. In that case, you should consider buying a new one as early as possible.

Since the new mattress won’t have any hard or sagged material, both the comfort and support layers will help you sleep comfortably without worrying about the soreness and stiffness in your body. 

6. You have suddenly developed rashes or allergies. 

If your mattress has normal cotton or quilted cover, the small pores will maintain air circulation. However, when you consider an old mattress, these small pores get blocked by dust and debris to restrict air circulation.

This will further create the perfect breeding ground for mildew and moulds, which is why you might develop rashes and allergies in your skin. If you think the allergies are only erupting after sleeping on your current mattress, immediately replace it with a new one to keep your skin safe

7. Your sleep is not good due to wrong firmness.

If the mattress has become extra firm or extra soft, you might not feel comfortable sleeping on it. Moreover, such mattresses will cause you more harm than good. That’s why you need to change the mattress as soon as you think that the mattress has become too hard to provide a posh feeling or too soft to give your spine and body the support it needs.


As you now know the reasons why buying a new mattress is so crucial, we hope that you won’t delay making the decision and start selecting the best product. There are many different mattresses available in the market, starting from a pure coir mattress to an innerspring mattress.

So, you have to be sure about the purpose for which you want to buy the new mattress, like changing the firmness level, replacing a sagged mattress, and so on. Once you are sure about the need, it will become much easier for you to decide what type of mattress you need and what it should be its features. 

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  1. My mattress has indeed started showing some wrong firmness lately, and I feel like we should do something about this extremely soon. If we don’t, we could end up with back pain and other sorts of body problems that will get in our way. I wouldn’t want to deal with that in the middle of an extremely busy holiday season, so I’ll look for a furniture store that can get us a new mattress as soon as possible.

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