SleepX Vs Sleepyhead – Find Which Is Best?

Are you considering what type of mattress to buy, specifically between the brands, Sleepyhead and SleepX?

If that is your concern, this guide will help you decide. Here, we shall describe both these brands in detail while introducing you to the main points of similarities and differences in their products. So, if you are willing to buy a mattress from any of these brands, the following discussion on SleepX Vs Sleepyhead will help you a lot.

Similarities And Differences: SleepX Vs Sleepyhead


  • Both brands provide a trial period of 100-nights. 
  • SleepX and Sleepyhead mattresses have different collections of orthopaedic memory foam mattresses. 
  • Both these brands offer custom size construction for their mattresses. 


  • SleepX offers a 10-year warranty for all the products, but Sleepyhead offers varying warranty only up to 10 years. 
  • SleepX has four mattresses on their bucket list, but the Sleepyhead brand has many products. 
  • SleepX has memory foam mattresses only. However, Sleepyhead is offering more choices in terms of materials. 

Firmness And Feel Differences 

The orthopaedic mattresses from SleepX have medium firmness, while the Dual Comfort mattress has medium-firm tor firm values. As for the Sleepyhead mattresses, the firmness ranges from soft to firm. 

  1. SleepX mattresses: 5.5 to 7 (orthopaedic mattresses), and 6 to 7.5 (Dual Comfort mattress)
  2. Sleepyhead mattresses: 4 to 7.5 on the firmness scale for different products

Mattress Construction Differences 

  1. Both SleepX and Sleepyhead has used the Neem Fresche technology in the covers. 
  2. For SleepX, the comfort layer is made from memory foam and cooling gel-infused memory foam. But for Sleepyhead, the comfort layer is made from several materials, starting with PU foam to memory foam. 
  3. For both SleepX and Sleepyhead, the support layer is made from a high resilience foam material. 

SleepX Vs Sleepyhead: Performance Differences

Features SleepXSleepyhead
Temperature regulationWith cooling gel and air circulationWith air circulation only
Motion transferAvailable only in memory foam mattressesAvailable in Bonnel spring and memory foam mattresses
Edge supportAbsentAbsent 
DurabilityHigh High 
Noise No No 
  • Temperature regulation: SleepX has added cooling gel in one of its mattresses to ensure that sleepers can have comfort during the summer season. As for Sleepyhead, the mattresses have a high level of breathability which will help you to sleep properly. 
  • Motion transfer: The memory foam mattresses from SleepX and Sleepyhead and Bonnel spring mattresses from Sleepyhead will be able to reduce the motion transfer and help you sleep peacefully, even when your partner sleeping on the bed is constantly twisting and turning. 
  • Edge support: Edge support is not present for both of these brands. However, the foam layers are strong enough to resist excess or early sagging due to the above compression forces.
  • Durability: Both SleepX and Sleepyhead mattresses are highly durable as they are made from high-quality materials, be they the cooling gel-infused memory foam or the High resilience foam. However, suppose you want to keep the mattress in proper condition even after using it for a couple of years. In that case, you need to make sure that you are handling it with care and following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Noise: SleepX doesn’t have any spring mattress, so you won’t have to worry about your sleep getting disturbed due to noise. However, in the spring mattresses from Sleepyhead, you might hear low sounds at first because, at that time, the spring coils will have high resistance to the compression forces. 

Mattress Policy Differences

  • Shipping: For both SleepX and Sleepyhead, shipping and delivery of the mattresses will be done at no cost. However, whether a chosen product is available in your area or not needs to be checked when placing the order. If the product is available, it will get delivered soon to your address. 
  • Trial period: Both SleepX and Sleepyhead provide a trial period of 100 nights. Hence, you can return the mattress within this period to get a complete refund, provided the reason for return is valid and not due to damage caused by your mishandling. 
  • Returns: The terms and conditions of return policies are somewhat the same for both Sleepyhead and SleepX. If you want to return a mattress, make sure that the reason for which you have raised the request is genuine.

    For example, suppose you get a tear in the foam mattress because you have rolled the mattress. In that case, this particular defect won’t be covered by the return policies of both brands. Similarly, if you have ordered the wrong custom size, you won’t be able to raise the return request. 
  • Warranty: Sleepyhead offers a maximum warranty period of 10 years to their mattresses. Some products will have five years of warranty while others might have either a 7-year or 10-year warranty.

    If we consider the mattresses from SleepX, all four products have a warranty of 10 years. Hence, it will be much easier to request the repair of a damaged mattress for such a long time. 

SleepX Vs Sleepyhead – Which Is Better?

SleepX is the best choice if you consider the price since their mattresses will fall within the budget limit. However, if you want to explore a wide range of options in terms of mattress types, their layers, and other such aspects, you can choose Sleepyhead. 

Who Should Buy SleepX? And Who Should Buy Sleepyhead? 

You need to buy SleepX mattresses if: 

  1. You want to sleep on a cool surface as it has a cooling gel-infused orthopaedic memory foam mattress. 
  2. SleepX is also best for people who want to buy affordable mattresses. 

Sleepyhead is perfect for sleepers who: 

  1. Want to discover a wide range of mattress products 
  2. Want to enjoy different levels off


Sleepyhead is one of the best mattress brands in India. They have a wide range of mattresses, starting from cosy products to orthopaedic mattresses. Hence, the prices are kept at a standard level where no compromise has been made with the quality of the mattress products. 

After you take out the Sleepyhead mattress from the box, it will take only a few minutes to expand and regain its original shape and thickness as you have ordered. However, suppose the mattress fails to achieve its height. In that case, you should immediately contact customer service to know whether you have unpacked the mattress correctly or not. 

No, it is best if you don’t use the Sleepyhead mattress on the floor. This is because the floor might have a slippery surface which will create imbalance and cause unexpected movements in the mattress. Similarly, when you place the mattress on a rough floor, it might cause the fabric to tear, destroying the mattress over time. 

Memory foam is the main material that is used for constructing the orthopaedic mattresses from SleepX. However, you will have two different versions- a simple memory foam mattress and a cool gel-infused memory foam mattress which will keep you cool throughout the sleep time.

The Neem Fresche is a patented technology developed and formulated by SleepX itself. Thanks to this technology, neem extracts are infused within the mattress, which helps prevent the growth of microbes, mould, and mildew. Hence, you won’t get allergies or rashes after sleeping on the mattresses reinforced with this technology. 

Yes, SleepX mattresses come in custom sizes. When you choose a mattress of the right thickness, you have to click on the custom size button and then entire the length and breadth, which will be ideal for your sleep. Just make sure that you get every dimension correct because if the sizes are wrong, you won’t be able to return the mattress.

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