Wakefit won the Indian Digital Marketing Awards 2022

On July 29, 2022, the 12th edition of the Indian Digital Marketing Awards was held under the leadership of Exchange4Media. At the prestigious ceremony, multiple brands and reputed personalities in the digital media industry won awards in the spectrums of mobile, social media, internet, and blogosphere.

One notable mention is Wakefit, which bagged one of the premium gold awards in the award ceremony. The company worked with Microsoft Search Advertising; this recognition centres around highlighting the high efficacy of their funnel.

Wakefit was primarily founded back in 2016 and is a research-driven sleep & home solutions brand. It aims to create highly usable and efficient home products, with ranges of pillows, sofas, beds, work desks, and mattresses.

The officials of this business handle a maximum of their production in-house. They deliver to their customers countrywide after gaining orders through their online initiatives, like PPC advertising.

Notable strategies Wakefit has incorporated include plans like the creative campaign of the viral Sleep Internship Program. Additionally, with the support of Native and DSP Solutions of Verizon media, the company has created a custom first-party data system for reaching clients.

In the IDMA 2022, the company won the Gold distinction in the Best PPC category for the campaign ‘Wakefit drives the across-the-funnel efficiencies with Microsoft Search Advertising.

To note, it always strived to reach the relevant target audience groups and drive high-quality web traffic through advanced home solutions and boost product sales. This campaign concentrated around this specific goal as well and saw massive gains, as per reports.

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