SleepX Launches India’s First Neem Fresche Enabled Personal Protector

The much-celebrated makers of Sleepwell, the Sheela Foam Ltd., have stepped into the market with India’s first personal protector sheet through their flagship eCommerce site SleepX. The neem-based personal protector is the first of its kind in the market. SleepX’s new portable sheet allows sleep, with the shield of comfort to their consumers. 

The personal protector sheet is supposed to be an all-the-time companion in travel. The portable sheet is easy to carry around with luggage, and it is not hard to spread it out in different places. According to the makers, the main objective behind this new product is to ensure the safety of consumers while sleeping in unguarded places. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, hygienic products became a top priority of the consumers. In such a scenario, SleepX is offering the neem-based protector sheet against several infectious elements. It is well known that old mattresses are hazardous and gather dust mites, impurities, and all kinds of germs.

Patients who are prone to dust allergies, asthmatic tendencies fall into grave troubles due to these germs. The sheet maintains hygiene throughout and kills several infectious viruses, bacteria, microbes, etc.

The SleepX personal protector is suitable for carrying in different places. It is easy to use on the go. Moreover, while traveling on a train or long route bus, this protector can guard the unsensitized surfaces. In addition, the neem-based protector can also give the perfect guard for a stress-free sleep in public places such as a hotel room, outdoor camps, railway berths, waiting rooms.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified Neem Fresche technology is safe for toddlers, older people, and chronic patients. According to SleepX, the Neem Fresche Technology is a revolutionary product in these times. It has organic capabilities to kill germs and impurities efficiently. 

Talking about their brand-new personal protector, Mr. S. Sehgal, the Chief Managing Officer of Sheela Foam Ltd., has said, “We have always endeavored to integrate the highest-level personalization in SleepX’s product portfolio. The current situation demands practicing safety in all aspects of our lives.

The personal protector mattress is a step ahead to achieve hygiene in mattresses wherever one sleeps. We are confident that the product will receive a positive response from our audience.”

The protector sheet is water-resistant and breathable. It can go right between the mattress and the bedsheet. The fabric is very easy to wash and clean also. Plus, the company advises renewing the sheet after every 100 nights of usage.

The product is available on the SleepX website at a middle-class-friendly price of INR 699. Moreover, since it is easy to wash, the neem-based protector sheets can last a long time if customers use them in an interval.

SleepX Launches India's First Neem Fresche Enabled Personal Protector 1

Sheela Foam Ltd. is a multi-billionaire leading corporation of the Polyurethane (PU) foam industry. The flagship brands of this group are Sleepwell, Feather Foam, and Lamiflex. 

The medicinal qualities of neem combined with an antimicrobial agent make the personal protector a shield against infectious diseases in the world.              

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