First-ever Mattress Recycling Campaign By IPUA, ISPF, And The Kabadiwala

Even after so much development in India, it still lags when it comes to using environmentally friendly techniques. However the problem of environmental degradation is not recent, it is a very old issue. Moreover even after taking so much initiative still we are not able to dispose of and recycle a lot of waste.

To overcome this problem and move a step ahead towards green India. Kabidiwala along with ISPF and IPUA has taken an initiative to recycle old mattresses. However, the motive behind taking this initiative is to save the environment and not allow it to go into landfills. This initiative will help to control pollution and land degradation up to an extent.

In this campaign, they will pick up old and discarded mattresses from your house. You just have to file a request on the Kabadiwala app or website or you can even call them. Moreover have taken this initiative to make the people more clear about the green revolution and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the consumer who discards his mattress in this campaign will receive discount coupons. Meanwhile, they can avail it by buying any product from mattress circular journey retail partners.

A mattress is made up of a lot of materials like coils, cotton, wires and cloth. All these materials are recyclable. However, they still dispose of the mattresses which add to the land degradation. Disposing mattresses in public places is harmful to animals also.

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Moreover disposing of mattresses in landfills makes the land barren and the gas that releases from the landfills adds to the air pollution and is hazardous for human beings as well as animals.

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This initiative will help the mattresses industry grow in an environmentally friendly manner and. In this way, people will contribute to making an eco-friendly environment for themself. The dealers who will participate will get certification for sustainable retail shops.

In India, the campaign was first launched under the direction of ISPF and IPUA. It is first starting from Bhopal that will help this campaign to grow across the country and will help to save natural resources.

The Kabadiwala is contributing to the waste management chain to promote an eco-friendly and healthy environment. Moreover, it is helping people to contribute their waste mattresses to make this cycle going.

After collecting the mattress from consumers they incorporate it and send it to the recycling industry. By giving discount coupons they are an initiative for a consumer to come forward and move towards a pollution-free environment.

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