Cotton VS Foam Mattress – Which Is Best?

If you look carefully, you will find many different kinds of mattresses from different brands. Each mattress comes with different features in terms of the layers present inside the fabric cover. Out of these types, cotton and foam mattresses have become the most chosen ones. 

So, which mattress will you choose for yourself- cotton or foam? 

Making such a decision might prove to be very difficult for most mattress buyers. For this reason, we have given you an entire explanation based on cotton mattress VS foam mattress. With our detailed explanation, you will be able to choose the best product easily for yourself. 

What is foam and cotton mattress? 

The cotton mattress has been in use for a long time as it’s one of the most available fibers. You will find the top and bottom layers made from cotton material with impressive thickness in such mattresses. As a filler material, coir, coconut fibers, and other such natural items are used. 

On the other hand, foam mattresses have different types of foam inside, and the entire mattress is covered by either simple cotton fabric or a knitted cover. Foams are of different mattresses like memory foam, rebonded foam, green gel foam, High Resilience foam, and others. 

Differences Between Cotton Vs Foam Mattress

Point of differenceCotton mattressFoam mattress
Non-allergic YesNot always 
FirmnessNegligible Highly firm 
Motion movementYesNo 
Air movement/ventilation YesSometimes 

Similarities Between Cotton Vs Foam Mattress

Both the cotton and foam mattresses will cover the exterior portion to hide the layers underneath. Also, natural materials like coir, rubberized coir, and others are used in foam and cotton mattresses for the added thickness of the product and durability. 

Which is better- foam or cotton mattress? 

This question is pretty controversial because the choice of the mattress type will depend on your purpose and other pre-requisites.

If you want a long-lasting mattress, the cotton material is the best. On the other hand, if you want bounciness in your mattress, you should always go with the foam mattress.

Apart from this, cotton mattresses are cheaper as compared to foam. Hence, while choosing, one should also pay close attention to the budget. 

What is the healthiest mattress? 

Cotton mattresses are considered to be the healthiest of the two. Not only is the fabric natural and very light, but also it prevents allergies and rashes from developing on your skin. Hence, the cotton mattress has been crowned as the healthiest mattress so far. 

Benefits of foam and cotton mattress

Foam Mattress

  • Memory foam responds to the surface pressure and temperature. Hence when your body comes in contact with the surface, the memory foam will bend according to the curve of your body. 
  • Suppose HR foam with rubberized coir is used in the mattress. In that case, the combination makes the extra product firm, suitable for alleviating backaches and muscle pains. 
  • One of the major advantages of memory foam mattresses is that there will be no motion transfer. Hence, even if someone sits beside you, no motion flow will be there, and thus you won’t be able to fill the mattress dipping by your side. 
  • Some foam mattresses come with hypoallergenic layers, which work amazingly on allergies and skin sensitivities. 
  • Foam mattresses are ideal for maintaining the body posture and the proper spine alignment as the foam layers are firmer and can provide extra support to your body weight.

Cotton Mattress 

  • Cotton mattresses are more durable, and hence they can last for longer times. This is why most people nowadays are focusing on buying the best cotton mattress.
  • Cotton is a very lightweight fabric. Hence, the mattress becomes more breathable, allowing the air to pass, thereby easily regulating the surface temperature. 
  • No extra layer needs to be added to the cotton properties for preventing allergy breakouts as cotton itself is a natural fiber and doesn’t contain any chemicals. 
  • There is no fear of sagginess when it comes to the cotton mattress. So, you won’t have to get an extra thick product to ensure that it will have enough thickness even if the mattress sags. 
  • If you are looking for plushness and comfort, the best choice will be cotton mattresses. 

Disadvantages of foam and cotton mattress

Foam Mattress

  • Foam mattresses aren’t that durable, and hence they come with a reduced warranty period. 
  • The high chances are that the foam layers will get suppressed under heavy pressure if no supporting hard and firm layer is present. 
  • Sometimes, sleeping on the foam mattress can escalate your back pain and muscle aches. 

Cotton Mattress

  • Cotton mattresses can get damaged due to mite infestation, which is one of the major flaws of the material. 
  • No bounciness is present in the cotton mattresses. 


The above section presents a full description of how cotton mattresses differ from those made with foam. We have also discussed the pros and cons of both materials. Based on your needs, you have to make the perfect selection of either cotton mattresses or foam bedding mattresses. 

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