CEO Of SleepyCat, Kabir Siddiq, Explains How To Restructure Sleep During The Pandemic

In an exclusive article, Co-founder and CEO of SleepyCat, Kabir Siddiq, explains to his readers how to restructure sleep during the pandemic. 

He in his article stated how the global pandemic is affecting every area of our lives. For example, how the pandemic is affecting our economy and how people fear for the life of their loved ones. In such conditions importance of sleep is being swept off. 

Moreover, he explained to his readers why it is important to maintain sleep patterns. The great entrepreneur said that sleep is vital for the effective functioning of our immune system and for maintaining physical health. In addition, it helps in fighting back stress, anxiety, and depression. 

However, if we keep on building our anxiety and stress, it will greatly affect our sleep patterns. Thus, we need to stick to the ways to improve sleep habits. 

Later in his article, he added the importance of sleep during the pandemic. CEO of SleepyCat mattress explained a solid good night sleep provides strength to the body’s defence system. Moreover, as it carries out the critical biological process, it simultaneously contributes to learning, complex thinking, decision-making, and memory. Not to forget that sleep also enhances brain functionality, lightens the mood, and improves mental health. 

Apart from all this, a full night’s rest removes irritation, depression and increases energy levels. He added that we could improve almost every aspect of our health by getting consistent in our sleep patterns. Thus, undoubtedly it is the most important thing to do during the coronavirus pandemic. 

For basing his article, co-founder cum CEO of SleepyCat also provided a handful of guidelines that can help improve sleep patterns. 

The guidelines included the routine that one should follow daily and how to use light to regulate body health. In addition, the co-founder of SleepyCat also talked about how some people take their work to bed, why naps are important in our schedule, and lastly, he discussed including exercise in our daily activities. 

Under the standard guideline, Siddiq shared that being on routine helps the mind understand normalcy. This is also one of the main reasons why experts say to maintain a schedule. For this to happen, people need to maintain their wake-up time, wind downtime, and bedtime. 

In the second point, he discussed people who take their work to bed. He says it is not a good habit. Instead, before sleeping, one should make his bed cosy by frequently changing sheets and setting a comfortable environment. 

Next, he discussed the advantage of light, especially those coming naturally in the morning. Further, Saddiq added, napping the right way can increase memory, reduce sleepiness and improve learning. However, one should limit it to 20 minutes daily to reap its benefit. 

At last, the CEO mentioned numerous benefits of introducing daily activities like yoga, meditation, stretching, and workouts. He said that it does not require to be intense. Light workouts of 30 minutes will also do their job. Also, one should be patient enough to see the benefits of these sessions. 

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