10 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Mattress plays a vital role in enjoying a good plush sleep with a high level of comfort. However, buying a mattress means a type of investment that you don’t want to perform again and again. That is the reason maintenance is also important to extend its life and avoid continuous expanses. 

However, if you want to enjoy the long durability of your mattress then you have to take good care of it and also have to maintain it accordingly. A good quality mattress thus can provide an adequate amount of support to the spinal cord and the pressure points of the body.

Once you have opted for a mattress, you will expect that you enjoy good quality sleep for years. Moreover, any mattress provides durability of almost 5-10 years or sometimes more. In addition, what hampers the condition includes the maintenance.

What is the LifeSpan of the Mattress?

The lifespan of a mattress might include the durability of the same. This factor relies on the type of mattress you have chosen for yourself. That is the reason it is crucial to choose a mattress depending on the following factors:

  • Ensuring the cover of the Mattress
  • Acknowledging the proper and easy cleaning of it. 
  • Ensuring durability. 
  • Checking whether it provides anti-bacterial functionality. 
  • Knowing the weight of the mattress is also important. 

How can you make your mattress last longer?

In this article, you will understand the top 10 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer. The ways are further listed below to understand better how you can save your mattress from any disaster before replacing it. 

1. Place a Protector

A mattress protector can provide many benefits to your mattress, which is why it is the first step you should perform. However, it provides a waterproof surface to the mattress. It also reduces the occurrence of specks of dust and bacteria. Protector helps to ensure a good quality of the mattress. 

The human body tends to produce a lot of oil and sweat that further mould to the mattress and ensures the growth of debris and dust mites. This separates the mattress from the body and stops the growth of the debris as well. It also makes cleaning very easy when any sudden accident occurs. 

2. Ensure it gets a proper support

Supporting a mattress is also important as it helps to ensure the integrity of the materials. In addition, a good amount of support further prevents early wear off. However, the box spring foundation provides the best support to the spring mattress, whereas The Memory Foam mattress demands solid and Firm support. 

3. Rotate the Mattress

You should perform a rotation of the mattress very often despite looking at the size and weight of the mattress. This helps to spread the pressure evenly all over the mattress and prevents even wear. After every six months the mattress should be rotated at a 180 degree angle. 

Without a proper rotation, there are high chances that the mattress will get soft or depressed more consistently. 

4. Move the mattress with utmost care.

It would help if you moved the mattress with utmost care not to receive any damage. You can also cover the mattress with plastic wrapping to prevent it from bending or folding. You can also keep it in upside form to prevent the sagging of the mattress. 

5. Clean the lines continuously.

The bed lines are the most common areas where the most dirt and debris gets collected. When you eat in bed, this place will first collect the remaining.

Cleaning the lines is thus very essential to ensure the long durability of the mattress. You can also wash the protector according to the direction provided by the company.

6. Avoid Jumping and Playing

Jumping and playing over the mattress can provide a huge amount of pressure and can highly affect the mattress durability. So you should avoid this kind of function over the bed. 

7. Let the Light reach out to your mattress.

Sunlights are the best options for killing bacteria and bacteria-causing germs. It would help if you kept a mattress in the sunlight for a period of every 2-3 months. Then, you can either strip the window covers or can directly place the mattress over the sunlight. 

8. Vacuum your mattress

It would be best to vacuum your mattress more often to clean out the surface and other areas where you can’t reach it. Vacuum brings out all the germs, pieces of dust, derbies, and remains from it. This is the easiest thing to perform. You can also address the spots and clean them accordingly. Vacuum and spot cleaning is great in helping the mattress to last long. 

9. Try to keep your pets away.

Pets can make your bed dirty, and they tend to be sweet more often that can damage your mattress. Therefore, it is better to provide additional space for your pets so that they avoid cuddling in your mattress. 

Hair shedding is the most common phenomenon of every pet that can not only ruin your bed but can also be very unhygienic for your health and your loved ones. So no matter how much you love them, you should provide them with their own comfort space. 

10. Follow Directions to Clean

Every mattress comes with a cleaning guide, and that the most important thing to be maintained is to enjoy a good environment while sleeping. It helps to keep your mattress healthy and lasts long. 

A different type of brand provides different types of directions to clean the mattress. Some include spot cleaning solutions, and some may include clouds of dust and bacteria’s cleaning solution. Both are important and should be well maintained. 


Therefore, if you want to enjoy a long-lasting mattress, then you should perform the above factors. In addition, the quality of the mattress also plays a vital role in providing long-lasting durability. Therefore, you should also be aware of the quality of the mattress while buying it. Further, check all the factors that can hamper the durability of the same.

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