Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review – Is That Worth Buying It?

Do you want to sleep on a cool bed(mattress) throughout the year? 

Do you need a mattress that can support your body weight perfectly?

If yes, then you should get the Sleepyhead Sense mattress for yourself at the earliest. This particular mattress has become the most sought-after in the market, thanks to its amazing build, unique layers, and the availability of multiple sizes. If you haven’t searched about the Sleepyhead Sense yet, do not worry further.

In the following article, we will describe everything you should know about the Sleepyhead Sense mattress so that you can make a proper decision about whether you need this product or not.

1. Reasons to Choose Sleepyhead Sense

  1. Sleepyhead Sense mattress has the new cooling technology, the PCM, which will help you sleep comfortably, whether it’s a new or an old mattress. 
  2. It comes with a zippered cover that you can remove anytime to clean the fabric and maintain mattress hygiene. 
  3. It is perfect for people having desk-bound jobs, orthopaedic patients, and others who want both relaxation and comfort during the nighttime. 
Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review - Is That Worth Buying It? 1
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King.
  • MRP: ₹18,999
    Discount: 26%
    Offer Price: ₹13,999(For Queen Size from Sleepyhead store)

2. Pros and Cons of Sleepyhead Sense Mattress


  • Will always cool down the surface and absorb your body heat 
  • Provide optimal support to the body as per the requirement of different parts 
  • Has a breathable fabric for proper air circulation
  • Multiple layers for supporting the entire curvature of the spine 
  • Will provide a wonderful and peaceful sleep to everyone


  • Cannot prevent the transfer of motion due to your partner’s movement
  • It can be hard to sleep on during the wintertime
  • It won’t support your body if you lie in a cuddle position or on your stomach 

3. Firmness And Feel 

Due to the presence of the memory foam and the 3-zonal support foam, the mattress is quite firm and will help in reducing body pain and provide optimal support to your backbone. Its firmness varies between 5.5 to 7 as per the thickness of the mattress you are choosing. That’s why the product is amazing for both orthopaedic patients, and regular sleepers who want to get rid of bone pain, increased knots in the back muscles, relieve pressure from the trigger points, and so on. 

4. Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Size And Dimensions

Single [72″x36″][75″x36″][78″x36″] [6″][8″]
Double [72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [6″][8″]
Queen [72″x60″][75″x60″][78″x60″] [6″][8″]
King [72″x72″][75″x72″][78″x72″] [6″][8″]

5. Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Pricing Table

SizePrice On Sleepyhead Store Price On Amazon
Double 10,999(72″x48″x6″)₹9,349(72″x48″x6″)
Queen 13,999(72″x60″x6″)₹11,899(72″x60″x6″)
King 16,999(72″x72″x6″)₹14,449(72″x72″x6″)

6. Mattress Construction And Features

Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review
  • Breathable Fabric: Firstly, you will find the mattress is covered with a breathable fabric. It is completely cotton and has a quilted structure to provide more comfort to the sleepers. Further, it has a high GSM rate and thread count, improving air circulation and keeping the surface cool. Also, due to this fabric layer, you will sleep comfortably without worrying about getting a musky scent from inside the market.
  • The Phase Change Cooling Foam (PCM): This is the most interesting part of the entire Sleepyhead Sense mattress. It’s a foam layer on top of which the PCM liquid has been sprayed. This helps the foam layer absorb the surface and body heat so that you can sleep comfortably without waking up in the middle of the night due to excessive sweating.
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Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review - Is That Worth Buying It? 3
Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review - Is That Worth Buying It? 4
  • Responsive Memory Foam: Unlike other memory foam used in mattress construction, this memory foam has a high response, which will help you sleep comfortably without feeling any soreness in your muscles the next morning. In addition, since it has a high response rate, you won’t have to worry about the layer sagging after sleeping on the mattress for a couple of months.
Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review - Is That Worth Buying It? 5
  • 3- Zoned Orthopaedic Support Foam: The 3-zoned orthopaedic foam has been included as a support layer in the Sleepyhead Sense mattress. It is divided into three zones based on the air pocket size, density, and texture. As a result, the mattress will be able to apply the right amount of pressure on the trigger points as per the requirement of your body. As your body needs the maximum support in the spine, this particular material is made thicker and denser in the middle zone. 
Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review - Is That Worth Buying It? 6
  • Zipper Cover: The zipper cover is provided as extra protection to the mattress such that the dust and debris can stay away from the main mattress. You can easily remove the zipper cover and then wash it in the machine to ensure that the mattress stays hygienic and clean all the time. However, before cleaning, dust the top surface and then open the zipper carefully so that the dust from above doesn’t fall on the breathable fabric layer.
Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Review - Is That Worth Buying It? 7

7. Difference: PCM Vs Cool Gel Foam

  1. To provide a cooling solution to the user, manufacturers spray PCM on the top of the foam layer. On the other hand, a cool gel is installed in bead form inside the material itself.
  2. PCM is highly effective in cooling the surface and absorb your body temperature. On the other hand, the cool gel provides the cooling effect only in the initial days. 
  3. PCM is always placed between the foam and the top fabric cover, while it can place the cool gel foam anywhere between the top cover and the support foam. 

8. Sleepyhead Sense Mattress Policies

  • Delivery & Shipping: Shipping of the Sleepyhead Sense mattress is done in all parts of India. First, however, you need to check the availability of the product at your location. So, while ordering the product, you need to enter the pin code and then click on the check button. Suppose the item is available in your area. In that case, it will be displayed on the screen itself along with the expected delivery rate. Also, you won’t be charged extra for shipping the mattress to your location.
  • Trial period: Sleepyhead offers a trial period of 100-nights which will start from the date of delivery. Even though it looks quite easy, the company has mentioned a wide range of terms and conditions.
    • Firstly, if you return the product within the trial period in proper condition, you will get a complete refund.
    • If there is any intentional damage to the product like stain marks, tear in the upper fabric, sagged or depressed foam layers, and others, you won’t get the refund even if you return the product within the trial period.
    • If you receive a free product with the mattress, you will get a refund minus the price of the additive accessory you got with the product. 
  • Returns: If you receive the wrong product or have ordered the wrong size, you can raise a return request. Once the company receives the mattress from your side, a special team will inspect the product. If the mattress is in good condition and there is no intentional damage, your return request will be processed and granted.
  • Warranty: The Sleepyhead Sense mattress comes with a warranty period of 10 years. This will help you in using the product for the longest time with ease. Furthermore, the product is made from high-quality materials, which is why a considerable amount has reduced the sagging rate. 

9. Who Should Buy Sleepyhead Sense Mattress, And Is That worth It?

The Sleepyhead Sense mattress can be bought by anyone, especially those having back problems or suffering from skin problems. This is because: 

  1. The Sleepyhead Sense mattress will provide the much-needed support to your backbone, which will help in reducing the pain in the bones and provide the correct alignment. 
  2. In addition, the mattress will prevent allergies and rashes from breaking out in your skin, all thanks to the PCM cooling foam. 
  3. It comes with a warranty period of 10-year which is why it is worth buying the product. 

Sleepyhead Sense Mattress: FAQs

The Sleepyhead Sense mattress is made from high-quality materials, which is why it can last for more than 5 to 7 years. However, suppose you want to use the mattress for more than this allocated time. In that case, you need to take care of the mattress and follow the manufacturer instruction to reduce the sagging and depression rate.

Several other orthopaedic mattresses are equipped with zonal layers. However, in Sleepyhead Sense, you will have the thick 3-zoned support layer and the PCM cooling foam, making this product unique and completely amazing for both orthopaedic patients and regular sleepers.

No, unfortunately, the Sleepyhead Sense mattress does not come with a custom sizing option. However, you will get a lot of options in terms of size from which you can choose the best one which will be suitable for your bed. Just make sure to get the correct size so that you don’t have to go through the difficult return, refund, or replacement.

It can’t use the Sleepyhead Sense mattress on both sides since it is not a Dual Comfort mattress. If you try to flip the mattress and sleep on the other side, you will suffer from a sore and stiff back and damage the internal layers of the product. Hence, do not try to flip over the mattress and sleep on the other side.

As the overall thickness of the Sleepyhead Sense mattress varies between 6” to 8”, the thickness of the individual layers will also vary. The breathable fabric cover is mainly added to enclose all the inner layers, and hence, its thickness is much less than 0.5”. The second layer or the phase-change cooling foam and the third layer or the responsive memory foam have a thickness of 1.5” to 2”. As for the 3-zoned orthopaedic support foam, its thickness varies from 3” to 4”. Hence, it is the thickest material layer you will find in the mattress.

The 3-zoned orthopaedic mattresses are equipped with a special support layer divided into three zones with varying density and texture. That’s why the mattress will be able to target the pressure points in the muscles and the bone structure in three different zones of your body. The uppermost zone will support your cervical region. The middle part is for the rest of the vertebrae and the hip girdle, while the lowermost zone supports your lower limbs.

A mattress protector is an additional layer of foam or latex placed on top of the bed. It is thick enough to reduce the load on the mattress, thereby reducing the sagging rate and keeping the main product in healthy conditions. However, a zipper cover is mainly added to a mattress to open it and wash it to maintain hygiene. It won’t alter the firmness or reduce the sagging rate.

Sleepyhead has crafted an impressive list of terms and conditions for their 100-night trial policy not to misuse this particular benefit. For example, you will get this offer only on the standard size mattress and not on the custom products. Also, a refund will be done only after the inspection process is over and the mattress is stated to be in good condition. Sometimes, it can provide a free product or accessory with the Sleepyhead Sense mattress. In this case, you will get a refund after the free item’s cost is deducted. Also, the trial period starts right after the delivery date, and if you have a swap between products within the first 100-day period, it will not be considered for the second period.

No, you cannot customise the mattress firmness because it depends on the materials included in the product. Since it is an orthopaedic mattress with a thick support layer at the base and a responsive memory foam, it has a firmness ranging between 5.5 to 7, based on the sleeper’s perspective. Suppose you want to increase or decrease the mattress. In that case, you will have to use an additional mattress topper or a pad respectively.

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