Sleepyhead Mattress Review – Choose The Best Mattress

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Peaceful sleep is hard to achieve without a comfortable mattress, won’t you agree? 

Sleeping over a good quality mattress can rejuvenate your whole body and make you feel fresh for the next day.

But are you truly having a deep slumber at night? 

What is the exact reason for your insomnia or lack of sleep?

If it’s about the mattress, then you are at the right place. Sleepyhead Mattress is superb in quality, assuring great comfort. It is quite affordable in range, providing opulent sleep to the customers.

They come in a wide variety of offering to choose the desired one by the customer. You can further check the Sleepyhead Mattress Review given below for better knowledge before buying.

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Benefits And Advantages of Sleepyhead Mattress

Sleepyhead mattress has a lot of things that are beneficial to the customers. Some mattresses are hard, some are soft, others are springy, then here is the Sleepyhead Mattress that is just right. Some of the benefits and advantages of Sleepyhead mattresses are given below:

  • Perfect Firmness- The firmness of this mattress is perfect. It provides a medium to the firmness, which helps those who have back pain and orthopedics. 
  • Perfect Bouncy- A sweet descending feeling you can feel while sleeping in these mattresses. It proves zero partner disturbances on the other side of the bed, giving you the perfect sleep. 
  • Perfect amount of Density- This mattress provides three extremely significant foam layers making it a bouncy mattress. This has the perfect amount of density that is needed while sleeping. 
  • Washable Outer Cover– This matures unlike the other ones. It comes with a zipped cover to wash the cover and keep it clean and maintain hygiene. 

Complaints About Sleepyhead Mattress

  1. Bad odor of chemicals making it hard to sleep.
  2. Captures a maximum amount of heat and is not possible to sleep at all. 
  3. The Corner protector is not there, making the corners saggy after a few days of using this. 

Top 3 Best Sleepyhead Mattress Review In India 2022

1. Sleepyhead Original Mattress

Sleepyhead Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress 1

Sleepyhead Original Mattress is highly advantageous and provides the best sleep to the customers. This comes in white colour and also comes in many sizes with ten years of warranty. The foam of these mattresses is highly comfortable.

Sleepyhead Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress 2

You will feel a cocoon-like feeling when you will give the body pressure over the mattress. The Pressure Relieving Memory foam helps it to spread the weight evenly all over the mattress. The Sleepyhead Mattress is highly effective for those who have orthopaedic problems. The high-density HR foam provides additional support while sleeping.

Also, these mattresses are made up of High GSM Breathable Fabric. These are easy to unbox and are also reliable. It comes with an easily removable and washable Outer cover that allows the customer to keep it dust-free. This is a great product at an affordable price.


  • Coccon-like softness
  • High GSM Breathable Fabric
  • High Density HR foam


  • Bad Odor

2. Sleepyhead Flip Mattress

Sleepyhead Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress 3

The Sleepyhead Flip mattresses are considered dual comfort mattresses. This mattress provides lavish sleep. These mattresses are available in a variety of sizes providing high-quality material.

This mattress provides quality knitted fabric that gives the smoothest texture and polished feel. This reversible Sleepyhead mattress comprises high-density foam that provides a smooth feel and firm feel on each side, allowing them to choose their preferred side.

This product gives five years of warranty and is super simple to unbox. This provides two color varieties Grey and White, and is a quality-verified product.


  • High Comfort
  • Reversable Technology
  • Quality Knitted Fabric


  • Outburst of excess Heat

3. Sleepyhead Sense Mattress

Sleepyhead Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress 4

The Sleepyhead Sense Mattress is a superior mattress that proves the lavish and lush sleep. It has PMC (Phase Changing Material) used by NASA that gives the optimum temperature regulation.

For those who need Orthopaedic support, this mattress can be the best-valued mattress for them as it gives 3 zoned Orthopaedic support to the customers.

This mattress has Activate Grooves technology that allows better air circulation, which helps the mattress soak the body heat and keeps the upper surface nice and cool.

Further Sleepyhead Sense Mattress has a Responsive Memory Foam Layer that provides exceptional Pressure Relief. This mattress’s bottom layer consists of the 3-zoned Orthopaedic Support foam, with an upper layer of Memory foam.

The top layer consists of the Phase Change Cooling foam. This Mattress has gone through 100-night trails and also provides ten years of warranty. And this mattress is value for money that you defiantly can try.


  • PMC technology
  • 3 zoned Orthopedic Support
  • Responsive Memory Foam Layer


  • Faulty Customer Executive


The Sleepyhead Mattresses comes in a large variety allows the customer to choose the best they are looking for and meet all the requirements. This is a value product at an affordable price and provides lush and good quality sleep. You can check the Sleepyhead Mattress Review and choose the best that suits you for further details. 

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