7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024

Are you happy with your current mattress? 

Are you sleeping comfortably on the mattress you have now?

If not, you need the best mattress that will provide you with comfort and help relieve the pain and aches from your body. Memory foam mattresses are the king in this category because the foam can mould its shape according to your body heat and provide support to your back. In addition, the memory foam material can release the knots from the back muscles by applying the right amount of pressure on the trigger points. 

Here we have discussed some of the products you need to choose the best memory mattress in India

Top 7 Memory Foam Mattress in India 2024

1. SleepyCat Original

7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024 1


  1. Has 6” thickness 
  2. Gel-based memory foam construction
  3. Has 10-year warranty period

Suppose you are looking for a mattress that has surface temperature-regulating properties. In that case, the SleepyCat Original will be the ideal choice. It is made with 1” gel-based memory foam to absorb body heat and prevent profuse sweating at night, especially during the summers. The 5-inch high-density support foam used as the base layer offers support to your backbone and the muscles. In addition, it also reduces the sagging rate. 

The mattress has an external zipper cover which it can remove at any time for cleaning. In addition, it also has a breezy inner fabric with a high breathability rate. Hence, air can flow easily between the mattress layers, keeping the ventilation at bay. Its anti-skid base makes the mattress resistant to slipping. 

Thanks to this material, your body will be able to maintain the proper curvature of the spine and keep it straight so that you won’t have to suffer from orthopaedic problems. Hence, you won’t have to worry about having a sore back the next morning. In addition, the air circulation within the mattress layers will ensure that no microbe can grow in between the layers and damage the product. 


  • It is a lightweight product, just 14 kilograms weight. 
  • All the aged group people can use it. 
  • Best for the people who suffered from orthopaedic.


  • Can sag easily if proper instructions aren’t followed 

2. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024 2


  1. Has a 5” thickness 
  2. Memory foam construction 
  3. Has medium firmness

Wakefit is one of the most popular mattress brands in India. It has always introduced different mattresses to cater to everyone’s needs. This is why the Orthopedic memory foam mattress is ideal for everyone, like people suffering from back pains, having tensed muscles, and so on.

It has a medium firmness level, ranging between 5 to 6.5 on the firmness scale, which will help you sleep comfortably so that you don’t have to wake up with soreness and stiffness in the muscles and bones. 

It is covered with a breathable fabric that will ensure a cool surface throughout the day. Hence, you won’t have to worry about feeling hot in the middle of the night. In addition, right next to the outer cover is a next-gen memory foam layer.

It has a high response time and will support your body weight in a better way than the normal memory foam. Also, its sagging rate has been decreased, which makes the mattress highly durable. 

Thanks to the zonal layer, you will get rid of strained muscle pains, which are usually caused due to increased pressure. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for orthopaedic patients. For supporting the mattress, a thick high resilience foam is added, making the mattress bouncier. 


  • It is highly stable when placed on the bed due to HR foam
  • Will relieve the pain from the backbone 
  • Has a breathable cover for better air circulation


  • Can be allergic to some sleepers 

3. Sleepyhead Original

7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024 3


  1. Has 6” thickness 
  2. Comes in a queen size 
  3. Has 10 years of warranty

This mattress is the best product if you want the best sleep at night. This is a premium quality mattress, offering both comfort and relief to orthopaedic patients and normal sleepers who work tirelessly for the entire day.

It will help you sleep comfortably, and you will get proper sleep due to reduced back pain. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the mattress’s efficiency in maintaining your spine’s health. 

Coming from the top layer, breathable fabric will allow the air to circulate properly without any hindrance. Also, it will make sure that you won’t have to suffer from allergies and other skin problems.

The second layer has a comfort foam which has increased the plushness of the mattress surface. Once your body hits the bed, it will lull you to sleep within a couple of minutes. 

The memory foam layer present in this mattress is highly responsive and will apply proper back pressure to relieve pain from the trigger points and knotted muscles. Hence you won’t have any problem sleeping at night, especially on your back.

For supporting the above layers, a support high-density foam is present. It will also help maintain the proper alignment of the spine so that you don’t suffer from posture problems later on in the future. 


  • Has the right amount of bounce
  • Comes with improved ventilation technology 
  • It will help in keeping the surface cool


  • Has a higher sagging rate

4. Insleep Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress

7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024 4


  1. Has 5” thickness 
  2. The cover has antibacterial properties 
  3. Has 10-year warranty period 

InSleep has introduced this amazing memory foam mattress that will keep your bones and muscles healthy and protect your skin from infections and other diseases. This is why the mattress has become so popular in the Indian market.

The entire mattress is covered with a knitted fabric that has a high breathability rate. Hence, it will maintain the air circulation properly from all sides of the product. In addition, the top layer also has anti-microbial properties, which will help keep your skin safe from infections. 

The open cell memory foam that forms the second layer will help maintain the air circulation so that no mould or bacteria can grow in between. In addition, the open cell structure will add more pressure to your back muscles which will help relieve the tangled knots at the trigger points. 

The high resilience support foam which forms the major part of the mattress will help in ensuring that your spine’s curvature is maintained without any flaw. In addition, the foam has added bounciness to the mattress, which is why you will be able to sleep comfortably without any hassle. This mattress is ideal for any sleeper, and hence you won’t have to compromise your sleep and comfort. 


  • Open-cell memory foam to maintain the air circulation
  • Thick HR foam adds more stability to the mattress 
  • Has a medium firmness level for alleviating the soreness


  • Is quite heavyweight 

5. Duroflex LiveIn

7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024 5


  1. Has a 6” thickness 
  2. Has an antimicrobial cover 
  3. Provides superior comfort 

If you want to sleep on a mattress that will provide you with the ultimate form of comfort, the Duroflex LiveIn mattress will be a perfect choice. It has a medium-range firmness with a value ranging from 5 to 6.5 based on the sleepers.

This is why the mattress is ideal for everyone, irrespective of whether you are suffering from any orthopaedic pain or not. Furthermore, the construction of the mattress is such that it will allow you to sleep on a plush surface without fearing any problems like increased body soreness, allergies on the skin, and so on. 

The mattress’s top layer is made from triple-layered fabric, where each layer has high GSM for increased breathability. It will help maintain the air circulation, which will further help you sleep on a cool surface.

Hence, you won’t sweat profusely in the middle of the night after sleeping in the same position for too long. The comfort layer is made from soft PU foam to increase the plushness of the mattress so that you can sleep with cosiness. 

In the third layer, there is a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress that will help relieve the knots from your muscle. In the third layer, there is a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress that will help relieve the knots from your muscle. To support your spine, a body support layer of high-density foam has been added at the product’s base. 


  • Has breathable fabric 
  • Anti-skid base to prevent slipping of the mattress 
  • Has a proper support layer to prevent posture pain


  • PU layer can sag fast 

6. SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024 6


  1. Has an 8” thickness 
  2. Perfect for king size bed 
  3. Has a 3-year warranty period 

If you want to get rid of the daily backaches and the never-ending stiffness in the spine, this SleepX Ortho is the perfect product that you can get in the market. Even though it is more on the firmer side with a firmness rating of 6 to 7.5, we cannot deny the mattress’s comfort and relief to the sleepers. This is why having the mattress will be a boon to you. 

On top and the bottom, the cover is made from Softech quilting, which has foam inside it and is perfect for a posh bedroom. The moment your skin will touch the mattress, you will be able to feel how soft and plush the mattress is.

Even though it has a quilted knitted pattern, the breathability hasn’t been compromised. That’s why it will maintain the air circulation in the mattress. A soft but extra bouncy high resilience foam has been added as the second layer in this mattress. Hence you will be able to snuggle on the bed and have a perfect sleep.

In addition, there is a transition foam layer that will act as a shock absorber so that the mattress doesn’t suffer sagginess earlier than expected. Also, the last layer is made from a high-density hard foam layer, which will maintain the stability of all the upper layers and help maintain your spine’s posture.


  • Can relieve pressure from the trigger points
  • Has a plush and soft quilted fabric at the top 
  • Transition layer to absorb the shocks 


  • It is quite heavy and difficult to move

7. Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2024 7


  1. Has a 10” thickness. ‘
  2. Comes with a gel-based memory foam 
  3. Has a 10-year warranty period 

Flo has become one of the most chosen brands for mattresses, especially if the mattress is ideal for relieving pressure from your body and reducing soreness. So, when you wake up the next morning, you won’t have to worry about not feeling energized due to aching joints and a stiff spine.

In addition, the mattress has a firmness level ranging between 5 to 7, which will help you get rid of the body aches. At the top, the outer fabric is made from Cashmere, which will be soft and quite cosy and plush to sleep on. In addition, it is infused with aloe vera, which will reduce skin allergies, rashes, and other types of skin issues.

On the inner side, you have a cotton cover with high GSM and thread count, making the cover quite breathable. Hence, air circulation is maintained at its optimal level. Furthermore, thanks to the microgel technology, the memory foam will regulate the mattress’s temperature, thereby providing you relief. 

As the Flo responsive foam is hard compared to the other layers, it will provide the exact support with your body needs during sleep. In addition, it will maintain your spine’s curvature and prevent any health problems. This thick responsive layer has stabilized the upper layers and reduced the sagging rate. 


  • Aloe vera will help in preventing skin infections 
  • Has medium firmness for easing the back pain 
  • Cashmere cover to feel plush against the skin


  • It is quite heavy to move 

Things to Consider Before Buying Memory Foam Mattress In India 

  • Find the right size as per your comfort and body shape.
  • Make sure to check the quality of the memory foam used 
  • There should be a support layer with high-density foam
  • Always get a mattress having a high warranty period

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress 

  • Memory foam mattresses can easily target the knotted muscles and help in reducing the pressure from them. 
  • It will provide proper support to the spine, thereby ensuring that you won’t have to suffer from back problems 
  • Gel-infused memory foam helps in reducing the surface temperature so that you can sleep comfortably. 

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress

One of the major disadvantages of memory foam is that it does not allow air to pass through it due to its higher density than the normal PU foam. 


The above information provides you with the top-rated Memory Foam Mattress In India. While you make your mind to buy the mattress, you check the features of the mattress and plan according to that. As per our recommendation, we would like to recommend the Flo Ergo memory foam mattress, which will help protect your skin and keep the surface temperature low for better sleep. Our next recommendation will be Duroflex LiveIn since it will help in reducing pain in your back.


8-inch thickness is best for the mattress. It offers optimal comfort and support to your body.

Memory foams are usually of two types— normally packed memory foam and gel-infused memory foam mattresses.

No, memory foam is not bad for your back because it offers comfort and relief from aches.

No, You can’t flip a memory foam mattress to use the opposite surface. 

Some memory foam mattresses may produce a pungent smell due to the use of chemicals in manufacturing the mattress. It takes 3-4 weeks to stop smelling.

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