Restolex Vs Kurlon – Find Which Brand Is Better?

Are you confused about which brand to choose from, Kurlon and Restolex?

Do you want some help so that you don’t make any mistakes?

If yes, you have landed at the right place because here in this article, and we will talk about both the brands and how they are different. With this comparison guide, you will learn everything about the mattresses and hence, making decisions will become easier for you.

1. Similarities And Differences: Restolex Vs Kurlon

The comparison of the best mattresses, including the Restolex Vs Kurlon, that provides an adequate amount of relief from back pain is described for your better understanding. 

Restolex Mattress

The basic features provided by the Restolex mattress are further given below:

  1. It has NASA-designed Memory foam that further provides a good amount of contouring when someone lies on it. Memory foam mattresses are also very effective in reducing back pain
  2. It contains an Open Cell Structure (OCS) technology in the foam that helps to provide a cool surface by performing a good circulation of body heat. 
  3. It also contains a high amount of breathability and performs good air circulation with the help of the pinholes in the Mattress OCS technology. 
  4. The top layer of this mattress contains hypoallergenic Latex foam, and thus, it further prevents the penetration of the specks of dust particles. 
  5. It has an amalgamation of bonded foam and extra high-density coir made of natural fibre, further providing the best support for the spinal cord.  

Kurlon Mattress

The basic features of the Kurlon mattress that will help you understand the similarities and differences are further listed below:

  1. Kurlon mattress is also considered as the therapeutic orthopaedic mattress because of the scientific design of the same. 
  2. It further contains a ZPP technology that helps provide an adequate amount of pressure to the various parts of the body. 
  3. However, it helps to bring back blood circulation and reduce back and neck pain. 
  4. This mattress is made with an amalgamation of bonded foam and coir technology, ideal for holding any bodyweight. 
  5. The memory foam present in this mattress can equally sense the body heat and perform a good circulation of air that helps to keep the surface cool and helps to enjoy a plush sleep. 

2. Firmness And Feel Differences

The mattress firmness and feel of the Restolex Vs Kurlon mattress might vary as it both contains different kinds of base layers. 

Restolex Mattress

In Restolex mattress, you will find a base layer of Bonded PU foam combined with an Extra High-Density Rubberized coil that further provides a soft to medium amount of firmness. Additionally, the Secondary layers contain the Memory Foam and Latex foam that feels good to the back of the body and contours accordingly. Finally, the High-Density Rubberized Coil can further provide relief with back pains. 

Kurlon Mattress

In Kurlon Mattress, there are no second layers, unlike the Restolex. Instead, the base layers of this mattress are made of the key features of memory foam and the Rubberized Coir. This, however, provides a medium-firm amount of feel and firmness. 

3. Mattress Construction Differences

Both the mattress has a different construction. The Restolex mattress is made of rubberized coir with high-density bonded PU foam. This also contains foams like memory foam and Latex foam. 

Furthermore, the Kurlon mattress is made of Pocket spring technology, rubberized coir, and PU foam technology. 

4. Restolex Vs Kurlon Performance Differences

ParameterRestolex mattressKurlon mattress
Temperature RegulationThe small holes in the Open Cell Structure or OCS of the memory foam help to regulate temperature and further keep the surface cool. However, the memory foam of this mattress is made from NASA technology.This mattress also senses the body heat and regulates the temperature with the help of memory foam.
Motion TransferThese mattresses can control the motion transfer due to the pocket spring technology.Owing to the Motion Index technology, the mattresses will be able to prevent the transfer of motion from one point to the other. 
Edge SupportIt contains a double layer of foam with a PU firm foam layer and offers a high amount of edge-to-edge support.This mattress provides good support on the edges.
DurabilityThe durability of this mattress is from 7-10 years. The durability of this mattress is from 5-7 years. 
NoiseThis mattress does not make any noise or odour. This contains noise insulation and further provides a great quality sleep.

Mattress Policies

Mattress PoliciesRestolex mattressKurlon mattress
ShippingThis provides free shipping. This mattress provides safe shipping and transportation. 
Trial periodThis does not provide any trial period.  It provides 365 Night Trails. 
ReturnsThe products can be replaced or returned within a period of 10 days. You can request a return of this mattress within 110 days of trails. 
WarrantyIt offers a warranty of 2-5 years. It provides a minimum warranty of 5 years. 

5. Restolex Vs Kurlon — Which Is Better?

You can easily understand which one will be best for you and why you should opt for the mattress with the above points. Of course, both the mattress contains some similar and different qualities to it. However, with the above benefits, you can ensure a better quality of sleep.

Kurlon has been in the market for quite a long period and hence they always use the best quality materials for constructing their mattresses. As for Restolex, you will be amazed by how soft and comforting their mattresses are.

6. Who Should Buy Restolex? And Who Should Buy Kurlon?

  • Persons who have an issue with backache can think of the Restolex mattress.
  • Also, if a person wants to enjoy a high amount of comfort with a slight bouncy firmer nature, get an orthopaedic mattress from Restolex.
  • Furthermore, people who want to enjoy a cool surface while sleeping with proper air circulation can also opt for the same.
  • Lastly, those who are interested in enjoying the best amount of comfort also look for the Kurlon brand. 

Persons who want to enjoy an amalgamation of comfort and support with a low budget can think of this mattress. 


The Restolex mattress can last up to 7-10 years, depending on the amount of usage. It is also recommended to replace the mattress with this period.

Yes, it provides customized sizes to its audiences.

Kurlon Coin Mattress contains the heath and fresh technology that prevents the dust specks and debris from penetrating the mattress. This is also good for people who have a problem with respiration. Furthermore, it provides a proper amount of pressure in the spine, helping it take the previous form. Lastly, it also allows good circulation of air.

Yes, the Kurlon Spine Therapy mattress provides great contouring to the whole body and also relieves pain from several parts of the body. In addition, this mattress provides great pressure on the spinal cord and treats back pain.

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