Peps Mattress Review
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Getting baffled is quite expected when you are presented with multiple options, isn’t it? 

So, if you are frazzled right now with the choice you have to make for the Peps mattress, do not worry further.

Peps mattresses have earned several appreciations over the last few years, and hence, these products wouldn’t disappoint you. 

But, the main question is whether or not the Peps mattress sub-category choice is enough for you? 

The moment you walk into the store or view their online mattress collections, you will come face to face with innumerable mattress options, starting with Peps Spine Guard and the Peps Originica

As a mattress product is a one-time purchase for a long time, you need to get the choice right. 

And that’s why you need this Peps Mattress Review from where you can know the complete details of each mattress category, along with their pros and cons.

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Top 10 Best Peps Mattress Review In India 2021

1. Peps Spring Koil Bonnel

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 1

This world-class durability mattress is a self-ruled mattress proving the proper amount of comfort to its customers. The top layer of this mattress comprises polyurethane PU foam that provides the ultimate comfort and support to the body.

The lineation of the mattress is of Woven fabric that makes it look attractive and provides the rigidity of the mattress. The second layer of the mattress is made of a Soft PU Foam Base bedspread. The third layer helps to keep the upper two bases fresh and fuzzy.

The spring layer and the foam layer are divided by a Cotton shield to avoid any tearing. It has border wire that keeps the entire spring intact.

This mattress specialty is that it has bonnel technology that offers maximum support along with a moderate soft bounce. It also has Corner and M-spring and border wire so that it holds the pressure even at the edges and protects the mattress from D-shaping. 


  • Durable
  • Flexi-Firm Support
  • Reversible technology
  • Rejuvenating Pu foam


  • Hemp in Nature

2. Peps Spine Guard

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 2

Peps Spine Guard mattress is the solution to backache and gives an adequate amount of support to the body. Peps Spine Guard Mattresses has the 20th century Bonnell spring technology, a highly advanced engineered product in terms of comfort segments.

It provides excellent middle support to the body. The top layer of this mattress is polar fleece fabric which gives a cozy and gentle touch feel. The second layer is memory foam that molds according to the body pressure.

It gives a High-Density PU Foam pad in the third layer to add more softness. The fourth layer is high-density rebounded foam. Then it includes a cotton felt shield that divides the spring and the layers. It comes in preassembled form so that you do not have to worry. 


  • Flexi-Firm Support
  • Spiralok
  • Bonnel Inner Spring
  • Marvelous Middle 
  • Great First Feel


  • Customer service not that good

3. Peps Restonic Pocketed

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 3

This mattress comes in the PU Foam technology in the topmost layers and provides pocketed spring to provide you with proper support and comfort in terms of body contour.

This has that elegant look that can change the look of your bedroom. It has moisture-absorbing technology that will keep you fresh and cool in the summer nights. The fabric used in this mattress is anti-allergic to the body and is also odor-free.

These are reversible mattresses so that you can utilize both sides according to your comfort level. This mattress has Marvelous Middle Support technology that plays a vital role in distributing the body pressure evenly. It assures adequate support to the back and makes it fun for you to jump and roll around the mattress. 


  • Zero-disturbance
  • Pocketed Inner Spring
  • Medium Soft Comfort
  • Noise and Friction Segregation


  • Customer Care is very irresponsible. 

4. Peps Tartania

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 4

This mattress is a unique design mattress that provides luxurious sleep. The layer of the mattress can be divided into three parts. The first part provides the super soft and comfortable body adaptive technology that includes the woven fabric and PU foam.

The second layer is the protective separator layer consists of the hard cotton felt along with the Nylon net and the pocketed spring gathered in a unit. The third layer is considered the reinforced layers for comfort, including Nylon net, hard cotton felt, and PU foam and PU foam Quilt.

It has pocketed innerspring that proves the longevity of the mattress and also protects from sagging. The Flexi-firm support gives the agronomical design to provide firm support to your back and spine. 


  • Five years of Warranty
  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Zero Partner disturbance


  • Faulty service providers

5. Peps Crystal

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 5

This mattress is just like its name. Peps Crystal is extremely smooth and silky that provides the skin the ultimate softness and silkiness. This gives you the upgraded sleep so that you can catch your dreams.

This has 100% pure memory foam that enhances your comfort sleep. The knitted fabric used in this mattress is of high quality. It provides lush anti-allergy and anti-bacterial, which is quite healthy for your skin and for your toddlers.

This has double comfort layers on one side so that you do not have to reverse it for uniform wear. It comes in various sizes and has an aristocratic look and feel.

The top layer is the polyester knitted fabric to give you extra comfort. This fabric also helps in wrinkle resistance and avoids quick shrinking and dry out like magic. 


  • Cooling technology
  • Polyester fabric
  • Great first feel
  • 100% memory foam


  • Non-reversible

6. Peps Grand Palais

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 6

This Peps Grand Palais mattress with faux top 100% memory foam gives a lush and plush feel while sleeping. The PU technology foam assists you to shove into ultra-luxury comfort.

 This mattress PU technology helps you to eliminate the pressure points by distributing the body pressure evenly. It has that elegant look provided by the knitted viscose fabric and breathable leatherette border.

These fabrics are extremely soft to the skin providing a cotton-like feel and breathable technology that does not allow the odor to stay.

The pocketed spring is used in the core construction is a highly engineered product to give the perfect amount of comfort and release body pain by providing proper support to the body pressure points. It includes corner springs and border wires to hold the shape of the mattress.


  • Super Edge Plus
  • Knitted Viscose Fabric
  • 100% memory Foam


  • Non-reversible

7. Peps Vivah

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 7

This is a unique mattress with independent spring technology that provides adequate support to body pressure points. The Peps Vivah mattress is best for happily ever after as it has cooling technology.

The knitted fabric has cool max inbuilt, exclusively designed to give you the soft touch and natural coolness. It has a Euro-top layer with a pillow top and 100% memory foam that helps you have a lush sleep with your partner.

You will fall in love with the pillow tops because of their supportiveness. It comes in various colors and has that luxurious look, and comes in pre-assembled form with ten years of warranty. 


  • Cooler Cotton Fabric
  • 100% pure memory foam
  • Great first feel


  • Comes in one size 

8. Peps Zenimo Faux

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 8

Peps Zenimo Faux mattress is a self-ruled mattress proving the proper amount of comfort to its customers. This great mattress with faux top 100% memory foam gives a lush and plush feel while sleeping.

This mattress PU technology helps you to eliminate the pressure points by distributing the body pressure evenly. It has Denim Fabric with Latex Top. This mattress’s look is highly attractive as it has a denim casing frame with a stunning shade. It gives an aesthetic look to the whole bedroom. 


  • Marvelous middle support
  • M-spring and border wire
  • Pocketed Spring technology


  • Available in one size

9. Peps Organica

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 9

These are some of the most highly rated ones and are imported from Belgium, providing high-quality sleep. The material of this mattress is just like its name because it has environment-friendly material.

These are made from eco-latex foam and chemical-free bio cotton, which is extremely good for the skin. Apart from this, it has many other highly recommended qualities.

It has antimicrobial technology along with hypoallergenic technology, which is extremely good for you and your family. The dust mite resistance prevents the coming of dust in the mattress. It also regulates air improving circulation and keeping you fresh, even while you sleep.


  • Latex Foam
  • Denim Fabric
  • Zero-partner disturbance
  • Pocketed Inner Spring


  • Comes in one variety

10. Peps Double Decker

Peps Mattress Review - Choose The Best Mattress! 10

As its name tells, it is a double-layered mattress providing the ultimate comfort to the body. This mattress does not need any assembly and comes with ten years of warranty. This is the first mattress with 16 inches of multi-layer of latex foam.

It provides the ultimate bouncy and comfort feel. It consists of Talalay latex memory foam which relieves the body like no other mattress. It provides the middle support distributing the bodyweight evenly. 


  • Zero Disturbance
  • Spiralok
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Multi-layered Construction


  • Non Reversible

All Mattress Shop Link – By clicking this link, you can check the Peps Mattress Review and avail yourself of all the varieties of Peps Mattresses. 

Benefits And Advantages of Pep Mattresses

Peps Mattress has many benefits and advantages that you should opt for. It also comes in a cost-effective range, making it more attractive and beneficial for the customers. 

  1. Peps mattress is made with M-spring and Border Wire so that it does not lose its shape and gives the pressure in the center, providing ample support to the body. 
  2. Peps mattress has zero partner disturbances and provides noise cancellation. Your sleep doesn’t get hampered by any external noise or your partner’s movement. 
  3. Peps mattresses are reversible mattresses. 
  4. This has revolutionary memory foam, which straightaway takes your body’s shape as you get in the bed. 
  5. This also has Polyurethane foam with woven fabric so that it gives a precise amount of support to the body and the woven fabric makes it look attractive and rigid, providing a long life span to the mattress. 
  6. Prep mattress also states that it has temperature regulation technology to keep you cool on summer nights and warm on winter nights. 

Complaints about Peps Mattresses

  • Due to spring coil technology, you can face problems while sleeping.
  • If you like a softer mattress over a firm one, then this can be a little hard for you to adjust. 
  • The seller can’t always be available for you, so you have to show forbearance if you have any queries to ask. 


The peps mattress has a wide variety of mattresses providing luxurious and plush comfort to the buyers. These mattresses are made for every kind of potential customer out there. If you face a back problem, you can opt for Peps Spine Guard to provide good quality sleep. If you are an organic person, you can choose the Peps Organica Mattress, and if you are looking for something different with extra comfort, then Peps Double Decker is the right choice for you. 

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