How to Buy a Bed Frame in India 2022

After the end of a busy day, all you want is to lay down on a comfortable bed and doze off. But, buying a decent bed is not an easy job; it is an investment for a lifetime and needs detailed research.

A bed means the bed frame as well as the entire mattress and pillow combo. It is obvious for your mind to pop up how to buy a good bed frame? 

You might also have this question on how to buy a bed frame and mattress in your mind. Before the actual purchase of frames for the bed, it is a must to be well aware of the market options.

There are many wooden bed frames to choose from. You can also look for metal or a platform bed. Creating a DIY bed frame is also a unique idea rather than buying a bed. Before looking for types of bed frames, let’s understand the basics of the bed frame.

What is a Bed Frame?

The bed frame is usually made of metal or wood, which supports the mattress to rest comfortably. The bed frame is like a framework that strongly holds the bedding so that you can lay down comfortably.

Finding the right type of bed frame can be a serious task, but this step should not be ignored. A bed frame provided much-needed support to the mattress. Find and invest in a bed frame that can be appropriate for the mattress 

Types of Bed Frame 

There are many types of bed frames, based on the material, we have categorized the bed frame. Here are the popular bed frames, which are perfect for bedroom and everyday use. All you need is to find the best type for yourself. 

1. Platform Bed Frame

This bed frame is the most popular choice, and it comes in many spectacular styles, and the final look is sleek and super stylish. If you want to elevate the decor of your bedroom, platform bed frames are the best choice. These bed frames have a flat base; just put in the mattress and no need to worry about the box spring. 


Pocket friendly
Suitable for all mattress


Not suitable for side sleeper

2. Upholstered Bed Frame

If luxury is your preference, then an upholstered bed frame is a royal pick. This type of frame is not only super comfortable but also can fit into a huge space and elevate the style quotient of that place. The only drawback is high maintenance due to the choice of fabric and maintenance of shape. 


Ultra-rich look
The wide array of options


The chances of wear and tear are high.

3. Storage Bed

If you have a compact home and need additional space to store your belongings, a storage bed is the ultimate choice. This type of bed frame is versatile and also space-efficient. 


Strong and durable



4. Sleigh Bed Frame

The name says it all; it is a bed that has a shape similar to that of a sleigh. In this type of bed frame, you get a high headboard and footboard, and you are assured of getting comfortable sleep. This type of bed frame has a super stylish look and can be placed in all settings. 


Highly stylish pick


Extremely expensive. 

5. Headboard

In this type of bed frame, you don’t get the entire frame; rather, a beautiful frame is used for the headboard. Simple and chick looking option for all those who like the minimalistic look.


Cost-effective and minimalistic option
Easy to change location


Lack of support to the rest of the body

6. Canopy Bed Frame

This one is the ultimate pick if you want to live life the big size; the canopy bed frame comes with a four-poster and gives a radiant look to the bedroom. 


Stylish look
Cosy and comfortable


Difficult to change location 
Costly to maintain

7. Wrought-Iron Bed Frame

If you are looking for a durable choice, a wrought iron bed frame is a bed design that you should opt for. This type of bed frame guarantees longevity, and the metal ensures durability. You get to pick from wide stylish options.


Easy maintenance  
Highlight durable


Expensive choice 

8. Daybed

If you want to invest in furniture that can be used in other ways, the daybed is a brilliant piece of furniture. This type of bed can be converted into a sofa and also used as a twin-sized bed. You can use the same brilliant piece for sleeping, reclining, and also for extra seating. 




Bulky size

9. Shelter Headboard

These are similar to the headboard type of bed frame, but these tall headboards wrap around the side and give a cushiony look. It gives an illusion of a safe place around the bed. For a cosy and comfortable look, a shelter headboard is the best choice. 


Stylish pick


Bulky size

10. Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

Suppose you are a history lover and want to have a unique yet stylish modern design in your bedroom. The Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame is the ultimate choice. It is stylish, durable, and available in simple forms. You can choose the frame; many are available in polished wood to give a neat finish. 


Sleek and versatile.
Easy to maintain 


Not a soft and comfortable choice.
Price is an issue.

11. Spindle Bed Frame

Spindle bed frames are classy and timelessly beautiful. This bed frame gives a traditional and versatile look. The bed frames are arranged similarly to the spindle row at the headboard and sometimes on the footboard. The frame of the bed is made using wood, but you can choose the options. 


Open and airy
Lightweight and durable. 


Not a cosy choice

12. Bunk Bed

This one is the coolest choice if you want to design kids’ bedrooms. The vertical space can be used efficiently with the help of a bunk bed. It is also a space-saving and stylish choice. 


Perfect for kid’s room


Climbing can be a risk
Size is an issue

How to Choose Bed Frame – Top Workable Tips 

After having a detailed understanding of various types of bed frames, it is obvious for you to look for the solution to how to Buy a Bed Frame. Is the IKEA bed frame a worthy choice, or will a queen bed frame do justice to your room? Before buying a bed frame, check out the below-mentioned tips to choose the best bed frames. 

  • 1. Weigh the Size of the Mattress: Do you own a mattress already, which is super comfortable, then it is super easy to select the right bed frame. When you have a full-size mattress or a queen size mattress or a single mattress, look at the bed frames that can perfectly accommodate the bed frames.

    If you are buying an entire bed frame and a mattress, double-check the room’s size and buy a bed frame accordingly. Look for the options which give you a comfortable sleep throughout the night. Double-check the dimensions of the bed along with the mattress.
  • 2. Measure the size of the Room: The bed is a bulky piece of furniture that occupies a considerable amount of space in the bedroom. Hence, it is important to consider the size of the room before buying a bed frame. If you have a spacious room, you can check for a bigger and bulky looking bed frame. A simple metal bed frame is the best option if you are looking for space-saving options.
  • 3. Choose Between a Platform Bed and a Box Spring: All you need in a platform bed is a comfortable mattress, and there is no need to invest in a box spring. Three are certain platform beds that can accommodate box springs. It elevates the bed and provides firmness. If you want a hard foundation, then go for platform beds with box springs.
  • 4. Consider the Height and Bulkiness of the Bed: Do you enjoy sleeping in a royal and bulky bed? Then do check out the height. For an ornate bed frame like a canopy bed or sleigh bed, you must keep the ceiling height into consideration if you can accommodate a bigger frame, always double-check the height and bulkiness. The platform beds are anyway the best pick. 
  • 5. Match Your Own Decorating Style: Personalization is the key; the right amount of decor can give your bedroom the best look. You can go for a simple wooden frame or a rich looking canopy bed or a sleigh bed. Opt for the options which suit your bedroom mood. To be on the safest side, you can try platform beds. 
  • 6. Double Up for Guest Rooms and Kids’ Rooms: While choosing the right type of beds for the kids’ room or the guest, you can check the daybed type. It is the most preferred option if you have an additional guest. A spacious bedroom with a trundle can be used for sleepovers or even if you have many guests who are planning to stay overnight. A bunk bed is the smartest and cool looking space-saving option.
  • 7. Compare Integrated vs. Separate Frames:Planning to invest in separate or free-standing frameworks? This works well for small and minimalistic bedrooms. You can pair the best with a stylish headboard and some decorative things. Whereas, a complete integrated bed frame comes with a headboard, side rails, and footboard. You get a final finished look, and the decor looks seamless.
  • 8 . Evaluate the Legs: The bed frame base is important and touches the floor, so make sure to invest in a quality product. The legs provide complete support and sturdiness. This is a must, especially when you are investing in bunk beds. Make sure the legs of the bed do not scratch away the hardwood floors. Few beds come with wheels on the leg’s base. This is the best pick if you prefer to move the bed within the bedroom or outside. 
  • 9. Compare Materials: Bed frames are available in both wood and metal. Based on your preferred and option, you can opt for anyone. Both wood and metal are sturdy choices; based on the sleep room decor; you can look for quality material. Avoid investing in a weak or low-quality bed frame. 
  • 10 . Inspect the Support System: The primary goal of a sturdy bed frame is to support the mattress and offer you quality sleep. Always double-check the support system. Look for central support legs for additional support. 
  • 11. Ensure Overall Quality: The bed frame is a lifelong investment and if it must to invest in a quality product. Don’t go for the cheapest option; rather, look for quality and support options. Inspect the quality, craftsmanship, and frame before buying the bed frames. 


The bed frame is the best companion for your mattress; invest in a sturdy bed frame, durable, and give you a peaceful sleep. The pointers mentioned above will help you to decide the best bed frame. 

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