How to Choose A Box Spring In India 2023

Box spring is a bed base with a wooden frame, which means your mattress sits on top. The mattress helps to reduce the backache problem and helps to improve spinal alignment and posture while sleeping. The box spring ensures that it supports the mattress.

 In a complete bed set, the box spring is placed over the wooden frame connected to the headboard and footboard. The best part is that both the mattress and the box spring can be used without a complete bed. 

It can be placed anywhere because the floor provides stiffness and durability to the mattress. The box spring is available on different height options such as standard profile, low profile box springs, and ultra-low-profile box springs.

So that everyone can take the benefits of box spring. The box springs have many advantages over the traditional innerspring mattresses.

What Is A Box Spring Mattress?

Box spring is a bed base with a wooden frame, can be of either springs or metal rods that provide support to the mattress. Eventually, the mattress provides support to the human spine and maintain correct posture while sleeping.

In a complete bed set, the box spring is placed over the wooden frame connected to the headboard and footboard. The best part is both the mattress and the box springs can be used without a complete bed. 

The box springs can be placed over the floor for sleeping if you do not want to invest in much furniture. The use of spring inside the new mattress helps support a human body’s weight and maintain correct spine alignment while sleeping.

You can choose the right size and shape as per your comfort zone. You can also use it as a platform bed. 

What Is A Box Spring For?

The box spring is a bed base, which is the best investment to increase durability and quality. It is an ideal choice if you prefer a cooler mattress because the box spring improves the airflow. The box spring is placed on the wooden top, which is connected to the headboard and footboard. 

The use of spring inside the mattress helps to assist the weight of a human body. It helps elevate the mattress; the firmer the mattress ensures you have a good sleep.

There are many advantages of using the box spring for the mattress. It helps to absorb the shock and have a positive effect on the durability of the mattress. Box spring mattresses are available in different height options. 

Do I Need A Box Spring?

The box spring is an ideal choice if you are looking for investing in a costly mattress. Box spring is a worthy choice if you prefer to align your sleep position and look for a long-lasting solution. Here are some pointers which should be kept in mind before investing in a box spring. 

  • It should not be used with the traditional metal rod mattress
  • An ideal choice if you want to increase the height of the mattress
  • Suitable for sleepers who prefer to sleep on the floor can place the box spring directly in the floor
  • Avoid using with the new memory foam beds and hybrid mattresses


Here are the top advantages of investing in a study box spring in India. It is a perfect pic because of the below-mentioned advantages. 

  1. Reduce the wear and tear of the mattress
  2. Helps to keep the mattress cooler by improving the airflow
  3. Elevate the mattress by providing different height options
  4. Better durability of the mattress
  5. The box spring can be placed on the floor.

Should I Buy A Mattress And Box Spring Set?

To determine whether you need to buy a spring, it’s best to take advice from your bed’s manufacturer. The advantage of box spring makes this more choosable as the mattress helps support the human spine and maintain the correct posture while sleeping.

The box spring is used to support the mattress. The mattress’s durability can be increased if it has something between the mattress and the floor; it should be a box spring or a foundation.

Typically, it is a bed base type with a wooden frame and is used to increase a mattress’s lifespan. For increasing the height of a mattress, there are plenty of options available so that everyone can take advantage of the box spring.

Different Kinds of Box Springs for Mattresses

When it comes to box springs for mattresses, you have a wide array of options available to choose from. You can pick the best based on your requirement and budget. The different kinds of box springs are

1. Coil box spring

Coil box springs are the traditional ones, with wooden frames and coils that are evenly spaced. That gives your mattress a bouncier and helps to soften the mattresses.

These work best with the innerspring mattresses. It may support the modern mattress as other types because the modern mattress requires a more solid foundation.

1. Zero-deflection box spring

The coil box spring limitation is covered by the zero-deflection box spring, as it is a much more durable choice than the coil box spring and compatible with all modern mattresses compared to the coil box spring. In a zero deflection box spring, the wooden slats and wires provide more support to your mattress.

Hence, it offers good support for your mattress. These are durable, and mattresses are likely to last at least for a year. An ideal choice if you want to make a long term and peaceful investment. 

3. Semi-flex box spring

The semi-flex mattress is usually used for the heavy mattress as it provides both flexibility and support to your mattresses. Semi-flex box spring uses a wooden frame and metal wire to provide support to your mattress. It is usually more expensive than the other mattresses but is one of the comfortable choices. 

4. Split box spring

Split box spring is slightly different from the traditional mattress. The difference is that it comes in two separate sections. It is often used with heavy mattresses. These are best if you have tight corners as in tight corners, the box spring can’t be bent like the other mattress. These two split parts can be easily fused and pushed together. If you have a small space or a narrow entrance, a split full box spring works well. 

How to Select a Box Spring

The box spring mattress is an ideal choice if you are looking for comfortable sleep. It makes getting in and out of the bed effortless and increases the durability of the mattress. All credit goes to the sturdy frame; you can experience the mattress’s excellent quality sleep and longevity. But, choosing a quality box spring is the first and crucial step. Here are the top factors which should be considered before investing in the box spring.

1. Measure Your Mattress 

 The box spring has a size similar to the regular mattress and is available in different sizes that include twin, king, double, and queen sizes. Before making a final decision, measure the mattress to fit well inside the box spring frame.

2. Plan for Your Desired Bed Height 

The biggest advantage of having a box spring is that you can increase the bed’s height without spending a fortune. Consider the total height of the box spring mattress. Plan the needful height and invest in the desired box spring.

3. Choose Between a Split Box Spring or Standard Box Spring

 The standard spring box comes as a single piece, whereas the split box is available in 2 sections. If you have a narrow bedroom, it is best to invest in the split box spring mattress. The split box spring needs robust support at the centre of the bed to accommodate the mattress inside the frame carefully.

4. Pick One That Fits Your Bed Frame 

It is important to select the box spring according to your bed frame. It should be easy for the box spring to slide into the frame easily.

5Select Materials That Suit Your Lifestyle 

 Box springs provide multiple options like packed with coils, organic fabrics, hypoallergenic fabrics, natural fillers, etc. Based on your preference and lifestyle choice, invest in the right box spring mattress, durable.

6. Don’t Overlook the Included Box Spring

 Never overlook the included box spring set; you might get attracted to cheap options but always look for warranty terms, lesser maintenance, and pocket-friendly choice.


The box springs are available in different height options, which make them attractive choices. The box spring has protective fabric, skin resistant fabric, and dust barrier along the sides, top, and bottom.

This all helps to keep your mattress to stay clean and hygienic. Before investing in a sturdy box spring, make sure to check the pointers, as mentioned above.

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