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Sleepwell Vs Duroflex Mattress – Which One to Choose

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Sleepwell is a brand that is known for quality; similarly, Duroflex is known for its durability. Both brands are best in their mattress variations; you can check the details to get a better idea. 

Sleepwell Mattresses:

Sleepwell Mattress is well known for being one of India’s household brands when it comes to mattresses. Sleepwell uses state of the art, innovative technology to create high-quality mattresses.

It is the flagship brand of Sheela Group and has a wide array of dealers and distributer across the country. Not only does Sleepwell use the best quality materials, but it has also strived to perfect sleep comfort technology by innovating the following: comfort cells, My Pillow, and Neem Fresche.

Be it for back support (orthopaedic treatment) or comfort, Sleepwell excels in creating the best in class mattresses.

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Duroflex Mattresses:

Duroflex is a Kerala-based mattress company with five decades worth of expertise in producing top-notch quality mattresses.

Mr P.C. Matthew founded Duroflex in 1963. Duroflex played the prestigious role of manufacturing mattresses and the seats of battle tanks for the Indian Defense Forces during the 1970s.

Today, Duroflex has more than 3000 retail stores in India and also exports mattresses to foreign countries. Duroflex credits itself to the innovation of India’s first certified orthopaedic mattress, 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer, QUBE Cell Technology, and Anti-Stress Fabric.

What once started as a small mattress manufacturing company in Kerala’s backwaters has widened its horizons as a renowned mattress brand in India and various other countries.

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Sleepwell Vs Duroflex Mattress – The Detailed Comparison

Now that we have seen a glance at each of the mattress manufacturers, let us take a more in-depth look at how they differ. Each of these mattress brands differs in terms of the materials that they use and the various types that are available. This comparison can help shed light on the above mentioned and more; thus making it easier for you to choose!

Pricing RangeThe starting price for Sleepwell Mattress is Rs. 2500 and the maximum price is Rs. 94000.The starting price for Duroflex Mattress is Rs. 5200 and the maximum price is Rs. 49000.
Warranty PeriodSleepwell mattresses have a warranty period of, maximum, 10 years.Duroflex Mattress has a warranty period of upto 10 years.
Trial policySleepwell mattresses come with 30 days free trial policy.Duroflex Mattress offers its customers 100 nights of a free trial.
Mattress Construction (Types, Comfort Info, Support Info, Material)Types: There are 8 types to choose from: Basic, Comfort Cell, Naturalle, Genx, Balance Technology, Cocoon and Back Support Mattresses

Comfort info: Sleepwell Comfort Cell and Cocoon mattresses offer the best in class comfort.

Support info: Both Sleepwell Balance and Back Support mattresses offer best in class support. 

Material: Sleepwell Mattress specializes in PU (polyurethane) Memory foam mattresses. But it also manufactures spring, coir, and latex foam mattresses.
Types: There are 5 types to choose from: Energise, Natural Living, Essential, Bed in a Box, and Duropedic Mattresses

Comfort info: Natural Living and Energise mattresses offer the best in class comfort 

Support info: Duropedic mattress offers best in class support. 

Material: Duroflex Mattress uses foam, coir, pocket spring, Bonnell spring, latex foam, and memory foam in its mattresses.
Firmness OptionsSleepwell Mattress comes in 3 firmness options: firm, medium and soft.Duroflex Mattress is available in  3 firmness options: firm, medium and soft.
Size & DimensionSleepwell Mattress is available in 4 standard sizes: single, double, queen and king. But there exist a variety of dimensions to choose from.Duroflex Mattress has fixed 4 standard sizes: single, double, queen, and king. But there exist a variety of dimensions to choose from.
FeaturesSleepwell is loaded with features:

• Trendy comfort cell provides extra comfort and support
• Comfort cells maximize airflow and provide aeration
• Enhanced durability
• Neem Fresche protects from skin allergies and breathing problems
• More ranges of mattress sizes
Duroflex Mattress offers its customers the following features:

• Better durability, 
• Firmer base foam support 
• Uses innovative 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer, QUBE Cell Technology, Anti-Stress Fabric
• Uses toxic-free materials that are safe for skin
• A larger variety of sizes to choose from
CertificationsSleepwell Mattress is ISO certified.Duroflex Mattress is ISO certified.
Customer ratingsSleepwell Mattress has customer ratings of 4 out of 5.Duroflex Mattress has customer ratings of 4.3 out of 5.
Industry SinceSleepwell Mattress has been around since 1971 (for a period of 50 years).Duroflex Mattress has been around since 1963 (for a period of 58 years).
Manufactured inSleepwell Mattresses are manufactured in Uttar Pradesh.Duroflex Mattresses are manufactured in Bangalore.
Suitable For Sleepwell Back Support Mattress is suitable for adults aged over 60 years and the remaining Sleepwell Mattress types (Basic, Comfort Cell, Naturalle, Genx, Balance, Technology and Cocoon) are suitable for all ages. Duropedic Mattress are suitable for adults aged over 60 years and the remaining Duroflex Mattress types (Energise, Natural Living, Essential, Bed in a Box) are suitable for all ages. 

Brief Explanation:

  • Features: Both Sleepwell and Duroflex mattress is loaded with features which ensure you get a comfortable sleep and much needed back support. 
  • Mattress Construction: The Sleepwell mattresses are made with PU memory foam, spring coil, and latex to provide the utmost comfort. In the case of Duroflex, foam, coir, Bonnell spring, and latex are used. The comfort level is best in both cases. Sleepwell provides additional back support.
  • Mattress Types: The Sleepwell offers eight distinct types of mattresses to choose from, whereas the Duroflex mattress has five different types. 
  • Material: Both the mattress use common material that includes spring, latex, and memory foam.
  • Sizes and Dimensions: The mattress is available in the default size and standard bed dimensions. You will always get the four standard sizes, i.e., single, double, queen, and king-sized mattresses. 
  • Comfort: Sleepwell and Duroflex, both the brands, are known for the best comfort and support to back during sleep. 
  • Support: The back, neck, head, and shoulder get the best support with Duroflex and Sleepwell.
  • Strength: The durability and longevity of Sleepwell are comparatively better.  
  • Trial & Warranty Policy: Sleepwell offers a 30 days trial, where Duroflex offers 100 nights of a free trial.


Both Sleepwell and Duroflex are worthy choices if you are looking to invest in a durable mattress in the long run. 

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