Mattress Cover Vs Topper Vs Protector: What’s The difference?

Nowadays, modern mattresses have undergone huge changes. You might find them with padding or plush top. But you can easily customize your bed even further using a mattress cover and mattress pad. 

Here both of these options are necessary for preserving the life of your mattresses. Even they address major and certain health issues like allergens, dust mites, water damages, etc.

What Is A Mattress Cover?

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As per the hospitality industry, mattress cover helps in increasing the life of the mattress. It saves and protects them from bed bugs and water damages. Most people use a mattress cover as it breathes well becomes protected with zipped coverings, etc. 

Their thin coverings and layer never alter the comfort of the new mattress. Mattress covering is a sheet covering the whole mattress, and it is ideal to purchase it along with new mattresses. 

Benefits Of Mattress Cover

The following are the benefits of a mattress cover – 

Makes Your Mattress Clean

Mattress covers will fit your mattress just like a normal sheet. So, it is easy to remove and wash. Most of the mattress covers are waterproof. If your kids accidentally spill some coffee, juice, or any food on the mattress, then it won’t be absorbed by the mattress. 

Makes Your Mattress More Hygienic

When we sleep, sometimes we sweat and produce oil right from our skin. Even we might shed some of the dead skin cells. The mattress would absorb these, and over time you will find it difficult to clean. 

Various research states that mattresses will have 4.5kg of dead skin cells. They would absorb around 160L of sweat and other major body fluids for 6-7 years. With a mattress cover, you can reduce these factors.

Reduces Allergies

Dust mites are normal microscopic organisms. They feed on the dead skin cells that are absorbed by the mattress. Allergy-related symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and this minute organism causes difficulty in breathing.

With a mattress cover, you can reduce the chances of the absorption of dead skin cells by your mattress. This will automatically reduce the lifespan and the count of dust mites.  

Secures Your Warranty

Commonly many of the warranties of the mattress become void in case there is a mark or strain. It won’t make sense to purchase a brand new mattress with a somewhat ten year warranty when it is void within the first year. 

With a good mattress cover, you can protect your investment, i.e., is your mattress, and ensure that it runs for many years. 

What Is Mattress Topper?

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Just consider a mattress topper as a removable layer. This sits right on top of the mattress for providing support and cushioning. As you know, your mattress is one that provides comfort and support while you are sleeping. 

Now there is another component for a well-made bed, which doesn’t receive much attention. Well, it goes unnoticed all the time. This extra component is called a mattress topper. 

Even though it might not be that much important to use, still mattress topper will make you feel cozy, regulate the body temperature, and provide extra support all around the night. With a well-selected mattress topper, you can gain extra one or two years before replacing the mattress past the prime. 

Benefits Of Mattress Topper

Well, as the mattress age, they start to lose the cushioning support. Of course, a mattress topper won’t restore your mattress to its glory days. Still, it will easily increase your comfort and provide you with extra time just before purchasing a new mattress. But a mattress topper won’t assist a mattress having a saggy middle.

Sometimes your mattress might be a bit firm for your usage. Just take a soft mattress topper. It will act as a cushion. Also, a mattress topper is designed from latex or memory foam. They help relieve the pressure present in your joint, thus providing you with a good amount of relief from arthritis and other major skeletal conditions. 

What Is A Mattress Protector?

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Unlike a mattress cover or topper, the mattress protector is a component of removable bedding. It sits right on the top of the mattress and provides extensive protection. 

Purchasing a good mattress for your bed is necessary. It plays a major role in giving you a good night’s sleep. But most people never realize the importance of a good mattress protector. 

Benefits of A Mattress Protector

Some of the major benefits of mattress protectors are – 

Protecting From Dust

Irrespective of where you live, your mattress can become dusty due to prolonged usage. This can be easily avoided using the best quality mattress protector

The mattress protector can be washed, and this helps in keeping the mattress clean. Also, if you are suffering from dust allergy, this is something that you have to keep in mind.

Protection From Mildew And Mold

Of course, every individual irrespective of their gender and age, perspire. When you are sweating excessively, and if you don’t have a protector, the sweat will sweep from your body and seep into the mattress. 

Besides that, if you are a person that loves watching his or her favourite sitcoms on the bed, then there are chances for accidental spills. Of course, you might be sipping a can of beer or munching a snack while watching a romantic movie or action flick. Sometimes there is a chance that a small amount of the beer or bits and pieces of the snack falls on the mattress. 

If you have a mattress protector, it will secure you. It will easily soak up the spill and secure your mattress. It will also avoid the growth of mould and mildew, and these are the ones that lead to allergies and respiratory infections. 

Warranty Factor

Various mattress manufacturing firms never cover up for the damages caused by burns or spills in the warranty period. Most importantly, your warranty will be void even if there is a small stain. By purchasing a waterproof mattress protector, you can secure your mattress from taking a beating due to pet accidents and spills. 

Protecting From Other Elements

Over the years, it is not the dust that gets accumulated on the surface of your mattress. Based on the pollution level you live in, there are chances for other particles to get trapped into the mattress. 

Sometimes you might have a furry pet at home, so your mattress will be inundated with the fur. There are chances for the pollen from plants getting trapped in your mattress. No doubt, a good mattress topper will be effective in keeping your mattress squeaky clean.

Always New

Using a mattress cover will keep your bedding secured from dust and stains. This will even make sure that your mattress looks brand new, irrespective of how much old it might be. If you are a person that likes to keep one’s home spic and span, then purchase a mattress protector today itself. 

Easy To Cleanup

Using a quality mattress protector will make sure that your clean up becomes easy. Dirt, dust, and stain marks get accumulated on the cover. This can be dumped right into the laundry for a quick wash. So, it means no need for beating or vacuuming the mattress to thrown away the dirt. 

Types Of Mattress Protector

Keep in mind that not all the mattress protectors look the same. Some of the general types are – 

Zippered Or Encasement: This protector will cover about 100% of the mattress right from top to bottom. Here the protector will be commonly closed using a zipper. 

Fitted: Considered a popular kind of protector, this will fit your mattress right in the same way just like a fitted sheet would. 

Elastic Strap: This is a protector sheet that lies right on the top of the mattress, but the elastic straps will wrap around the four corners. This will anchor the protector right into the mattress.

Difference Between Mattress Cover Vs Topper Vs Protector

ParameterMatter CoverMattress TopperMattress Protector
ThicknessLess than 1 inchGreater than 1 inch10-15 inches
Protection from WearNot effective as mattress topper and protectorThickness provides good protectionContains anti-allergen properties
Protection from SpillsCertain materials avoid spill from soaking throughNot resistance to spills and stainsWaterproof membrane destroys dust mites
MaintenanceMany are machine-washableHeavy and cumbersome to cleanEasy to clean
PurposeAdds softness and improves protectionAlters the feeling of mattress, making it firmer and softSecures mattress from dust, moisture, etc.

Wrapping Up

The above are the major differences among the mattress cover, topper, and protector. You can search online to know more differences. 

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