Memory Foam Mattress – The Mattress for Everyone

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2020)

 The invention of the Memory Foam Mattress is an interesting and innovative incident. Initially, it was developed by Aeronautical engineer Charles Yost (Mid-60s) in seat cushioning as a shock absorbent, and to make the long space travels comfortable. The Memory Foam Mattress is now an innovative mode for sleeping and has been paving the way to a luxurious sleep. This sophisticated mattress has taken sleeping to the next level. Though it’s the price, it comes with a lot of benefits.  

What is a Memory Foam Mattress? 

Memory Foam Mattress – The Mattress for Everyone 1

Memory foam is made out of a unique material called viscoelastic polyfoam. It contours according to the body’s curvature and is very soft. It can conform itself according to the pressure and absorbs the body’s heat. It makes sure that the body’s weight is evenly spread out, leading to a cozy, comfortable sleep. This mattress other distinctive features because it returns to its initial form once the person gets up and leaves the mattress. Hence this is a body-friendly mattress that does not cause twisting or pulling of muscles. 

What are the Common Types of Memory Foam? 

The memory foam mattress has undergone an evolution since its creation, and the following are the types of memory foam mattresses: 

Traditional Memory Foam Mattress: 

This type is the initial version of the Memory foam mattress. This basic model is dense and is also durable; hence it lasts longer than the other types. It enhances blood circulation, and the stress in the joints is also reduced. It can absorb heat. 

Open Cell Memory Foam: 

This type is the opposite of a traditional memory foam mattress as it is less dense and open. Hence it allows free flow of air. It can regulate body temperature and ensure proper sleep. 

Gel Memory Foam Mattress: 

This is a gel-infused mattress. This is very similar to the gel back that is usually refrigerated. Hence it is excellent in dispersing the heat from the body. 

Advantages of Buying a Memory Foam Mattress: 

1. Relief from pain and pressure: 

Many people suffering from pain in their hips and joints opt for Memory Foam Mattress. This is mainly because of the gentle and conforming nature of the mattress. It also makes sure that the pressure exerted in the hips and joint area is less. This is also because of the adjusting nature of the mattress. 

2. Improves quality of sleep: 

Some people wake up in the middle of the night because of some discomfort they experience, but this can be avoided using a Memory Foam Mattress. It promotes a cozy and painless sleep, which is beneficial both physically and psychologically. 

3. Free from allergies: 

As memory foam mattress is curated with material like cotton or wool, it does not cause dust allergies. The burrowing of dust mites is not seen in memory foam mattresses but is very common in ordinary mattresses. 

When to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress 

1. Gives you a cradle-like effect:  

This is because the heat and pressure will be applied only to the areas dependent on your body parts while the rest of the mattress retains its flat position. This is going to make sleep a better experience giving you a sense of security and warmth. 

2. Worth the money: 

 It is more long-lasting than the other mattresses owing to its viscoelastic substance. Though it might look a little expensive while buying, it can offer a better lifespan making the shopping experience more pleasant and satisfying. Also, as mentioned above, there are several variations to choose from according to your body type and need. 

3. Sleeping Position Compatibility: 

 Studies have shown that comfort is maximized in selective positions when people sleep. When people sleep towards their sides or rest on their back, get the utmost comfort out of the mattress while the lumbar spine may lose its support on constant pressure. 

How to Use a Memory Foam Mattress? 

Memory foam mattresses are quite flexible to use. It uses the principle of heat and pressure of our body to make molds of our body part on the mattress. This helps in distributing bodyweight equally. It recoils back to its original form on removing the pressure and heat. Our only job is to lie down, and the mattress takes care of everything by ensuring a peaceful sleep.  

How much does it cost? 

In India, it costs around Rs. 10,000, and this can be a good investment if you opt for a reputed brand and the chief manufacturers are from the United States of America, Canada, and Europe, although in recent times, several Indian brands are also being promoted.

The lifespan of a Memory Foam Mattress: 

The longevity of a memory foam mattress is usually more when compared to a normal innerspring mattress. But there is no fixed period. The better the quality of the mattress, the better its lifespan. Only when the density of the mattress is 4 lbs/cubic foot it will last longer. Anything lesser than that is of low-grade and has less lifespan.  

The lifespan of the Memory Foam Mattress also depends on various other factors. It depends on body weight, usage rate, type of frame, the quality of the support foam layer that is beneath the foam, etc. Approximately a good quality memory foam mattress will last 15-25 years. 

Considerations and What To Look For


Based on your requirements, invest in a quality product that is durable and easy on the pocket. 

Density of Layers

The mattress density is inversely proportional to the comfort level. If you are looking to sleep like a cocoon, go for a high-density mattress. 

Indentation Load Deflection

This helps you make an informed decision; the rating will denote the mattress’s level of firmness.


The thickness of the mattress depends on the material used and density. A thickness mattress usually works well for people who need excellent back support. 


Durability is another major factor that you need to consider while investing in the mattress. Usually, the memory foam mattress is durable and can be used for 10+ years with regular maintenance. 

Firmness Level

Memory foam mattresses are firm and provide support to the neck, shoulder, and back. 

Sleeping Position

Memory foam mattress works well for back sleepers and side sleepers. The body gets the utmost relaxation. 

Brand Reputation

Invest in a reliable brand, provide a warranty, and durable after-sales services. 

Manufacturing Quality

This entirely depends on the brand which you choose. Look for a trustworthy memory foam mattress brand. 

Hypoallergenic and Allergy Considerations

Almost all the memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and free from allergy.

Look for Standardized Testing Certifications

The memory foam mattress should pass the quality check and must be ISO certified. 

Consider the Advice of Real Customers

Before making a buying decision, always look for real customer feedback, testimonials, etc.

Sleep Trial Period

Usually, the leading mattress brand offers 100 days of the free trial period.


1. Heat and body pressure contours your body shape

2. Excellent choice to relax muscular pain

3. A perfect companion for people with allergies 


Not a worthy choice for people with a heavyweight. 
These are not waterproof
The heat retention is high, and it can be an uncomfortable choice during summers.


Memory foam mattresses are the best pick if you look for a long durable mattress within a budget. This type of mattress works well for both kids and adults. The tips mentioned above and details will help you to make better buying decisions.


1. What is a memory foam mattress?

The memory foam mattresses are made using viscoelastic polyfoam. It contours well and takes the shape of your body. 

2. Which is a soft memory foam or spring mattress?

When it comes to the softer side, the memory foam mattress is the clear winner.

3. What thickness memory foam mattress is best?

The usual thickness of a memory foam mattress varies from 8 to 14 inches. There are multiple brands; invest in the one which fits your budget.

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