Guide To Find Right Hybrid Mattress For Back Pain-Free Nights

Do you want to buy a mattress having a mix of different materials, with pocketed springs being the main element? 

If yes, then you are at the correct place! First, this article will describe everything you need to know about these products, commonly known as hybrid mattresses. Then Starting with their advantages and disadvantages, we will shed light on several aspects of hybrid mattresses. 

The following article will give you the much-needed clarification so that you can choose the best hybrid mattress from the market. 

1. What is a hybrid mattress? 

A hybrid mattress is one having innerspring coils as the core material layer. In addition, these mattresses have other comfort and support layers like memory foam, latex, coir, high-density hard foam, and HR foam. Felt is also added above the spring layer to ensure that the coils don’t harm the above soft layers, such as memory foam or PU foam. 

2. Benefits of a hybrid mattress 

  1. The hybrid mattresses can release the tension from the knots formed in your muscles. Hence, it will provide relaxation to your body and eliminate every trace of soreness. 
  2. They can target the affected joints and tendons and reduce the pains and aches from orthopaedic diseases or injuries. 
  3. The hybrid mattresses come with a varied firmness level, starting from 4.5 to 9. So, you can choose a mattress with a firmness value as per your body’s requirement. 
  4. Since the innerspring layer is made from pocket springs, you won’t be able to feel your partner’s movement while you are sleeping. 
  5. If the memory foam used in the construction of the hybrid mattresses has gel-infused within the pores, you will be able to sleep on a cool surface. 

3. Disadvantages of a hybrid mattress

  1. Sometimes, the hybrid mattresses can make noise due to excessive movement and will constantly suppress the springs. 
  2. You can get a burning smell from the mattress due to the wear and tear that the spring coils have to endure. 
  3. With different materials involved in constructing the hybrid mattress, it isn’t easy to handle them. 
  4. Hybrid mattresses are quite costly and not suitable for those having a budget. 

4. The average lifespan of a hybrid mattress

If used properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, a hybrid mattress can last for a long time. In addition, since different materials are used above the innerspring layer, they will reduce the force of momentum on impact, and hence the springs will last for a longer time. Usually, a hybrid mattress has an average lifespan of about 7 to 9 years based on the brand and type of hybrid mattress you buy. 

5. How do you fix a sagging hybrid mattress?

It is never possible for a mattress to retain its actual thickness for long years. The same is applicable for hybrid mattresses also. A point will come when the inner layers of the mattress sag, especially the foam or latex layer. If the sagging is within the recommended limit, you can get a replacement as per the brand policies. Also, to reduce the sagging rate, you can rotate the mattress to distribute the weight equivalently throughout the mattress surface. 

6. What do you need to know about sleeping on a hybrid mattress? 

You should know about sleeping on such a mattress before you buy a hybrid mattress based on everything we have discussed above, especially the benefits. 

  • First of all, as a sleeper, you will be able to move constantly without disturbing your partner, thanks to the pocket coil construction. 
  • In some hybrid mattresses, the memory foam layer is infused with cooling gel technology which will help you sleep comfortably. 
  • It would be best to put excess weight on the hybrid mattresses as per the recommended limit, as it will cause the springs to lose their elasticity. 
  • Due to the innerspring construction, you might hear some sounds while sleeping. 

7. When to choose a hybrid mattress? 

If you want to sleep luxuriously on a mattress made from different materials with the pocket coil system being the top layer, choosing a hybrid mattress will help you the most. Also, suppose you are suffering from joint injuries and diseases. In that case, you can have the hybrid mattress as it will help alleviate the pain and improve the mobility of the joints.

8. Why choose a hybrid mattress? 

  • A hybrid mattress will help in relieving the pressure from the trigger points in your back. 
  • Suppose you want to maintain the posture of your spine without sacrificing the comfort of the bed. In that case, a hybrid mattress will be the ideal choice.
  • If you want to sleep on a natural mattress with spring construction, a hybrid mattress will give you the opportunity. 
  • If you are tired of feeling your partner’s constant movements on the bed, a hybrid mattress will be a better option as they have pocketed springs.

9. When not choose a hybrid mattress? 

A hybrid mattress might have several advantages. But it is not suitable for everyone. In this section, we have explained the situations where you shouldn’t rely on hybrid mattresses. 

  1. Suppose your budget is limited and you are looking for an affordable mattress. In that case, you cannot go with hybrid mattresses because they are quite costly. 
  2. Some people like to cuddle with their beds without having to compromise their health. Even though the hybrid mattresses provide comfort, they cannot match the cosiness of a PU form or memory foam mattress. 
  3. Suppose springs are not ideal for your health. In that case, it’s better to avoid the hybrid mattresses as they usually come with a core innerspring construction. 

10. FAQ’s

  1. Is a hybrid mattress good for back pain?

    Yes, indeed, the hybrid mattresses are ideal for getting relief from back pain. They have a memory foam layer and innerspring, which will put the right pressure on the trigger points. Also, the spine’s alignment will be maintained along with its curvature, reducing several orthopaedic problems, starting with arthritis to slipped discs.

  2. How much does a hybrid mattress cost?

    As hybrid mattresses are made from different materials, their costs are quite high. Based on the materials used, special features, and the brand, the average cost ranges between INR 16000 to INR 25000.

  3. How long do hybrid mattresses last?

    A hybrid mattress can last for a maximum of 7 to 8 years, depending on the usage. Hybrid mattresses are made of different materials, each having different longevity. As a result, you need to understand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you don’t want to replace the mattress sooner than expected.

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