10 Best Mattress Brands in India 2023

The Best Mattress helps to start your next day with rejuvenated energy. There are many types available in the market that are provided by various brands.

While there are many products from each company, we analyzed Amazon and made a list of best selling models under each brand.

Here are the Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India 2023

1. Kurl-on new spinekare coir

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Kurl is a popular brand of Best Mattress Brands in India for a long span. The primary material used in the coir, upholstery material which is polycotton.

And if you want to check more foam mattresses, this guide helps you choose the best foam mattress. The memory foam supports your body weight and shapes it accordingly. 

It gives extra care to the spin; it aligns your spine, eliminates pressure, and gives good air circulation.

The Prevents from rolling over and gives comfortable sleep. Its a pocket spring of accommodating with different weighted people equally. The product warranty is for five years.

The Additional features of anti-bed bug – which prevents from the bug, anti-dust mite – it gives shield to the dust and prevents from allergy and odor-free, anti-microbial – it prevents the growth of micro-organism, Kurlo fresh – this gives freshness and free from odor and zero pressure point technology – it circulates blood evenly and reliefs from neck and back pain.

2. Wink and nod

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The Best Mattress Brands in India has foam and fabric; both are internationally certified and give more importance to design and comforts.

The fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX and is certified by CertiPUR-US. It contains four layers. The topmost is made of bamboo fiber, and it can be removed for washing; the second layer is cool gel memory, which provides comfortable, uninterrupted sleep and maintains the temperature.

The next layer is high-density support, which gives firmness to the bottom layer is a non-slip base layer that prevents slippage.

The thickness of the 7-inches makes you feel weightless without sinking; it has a perfect cutting edge and transparent design.

3. The Flo mattress

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It provides extra support to the spin, the flo responsive that take care of your spin and supports according to the body pressure. There are infused with white gel micro-capsules, which help absorb heat from your body and keep you cool.

The high-quality cashmere fabric cover is treated with aloe vera, which keeps your skin hydrated and young. The memorys are temperature sensitive, which improves blood circulation and reduces the turning and tossing during sleep.

It provides zero partner disturbance and gives 3d airflow. There are two variants; one is Ergo – For softer ergonomic persons and Ortho – for harder orthopedic mattress support.

4. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

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Wakefit is a popular brand that provides the best services. And this Wakefit mattress comes under 10000 in India. And which is made of high-density memory, which gives comfortable sleep? The major features are durability, comfortness, support, and suitable temperature for the body.

The Product has four layers the top layer is made of cool foam which keep the body on all temperature, and the next is a transition, its combination of memory and high resilience which keeps your spin in the right position and circulated blood evenly, the next layer is body contour it relieves from body pressure and the base layer gives firmness to the body.

The Best Mattress Brands In India comprises a premium quality quilt that circulates air evenly and is easily washable.

The Product can be used in both ways, one side is medium soft, and the other is medium-firm; during summer, the softer side can be used, and during winter, the other side can be used.

5. Urban ladder Dre​​am​​lite Eurotop

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The Urban Ladder provides a unique collection of stylish, contemporary furniture online. It has five ranges of Theramedic, cloud, air, essential, and dreamlite.

The dreamlite mattress comes with innerspring technology that is made with Bonnell spring and foam. It supports your body, circulates air evenly, and reduces bouncing. The springs are made of high carbon wires and anti-corrosive, which increases the lifespan.

The reinforced spring reduces the sagging a rolling over in the edges. The top layer is made of memory, which helps circulate blood evenly and relieves stress; the layer’s softness gives comfortable sleep. It comes with five years of manufacturer warranty.

6. Amore pocketed spring

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Amore mattress is international; it has six variants of Bonnell spring, pocketed spring, cool gel foam, senior citizen, memory, and back care. A pocket spring mattress is the most comfortable for which provides comfortness with medium firmness.

There is a double-sided quilt with a jacquard EHS system that gives full-body support. The Best Mattress Brands in India are made using premium pocket spring that gives comfortness and lifespan. The high-quality HR foam forms the next layer, which helps to maintain temperature.

Hypoallergenic – that resist from bacteria, fungi, and protects from dust allergies, mite-proof, and phthalate-free. The high durability that has increases the lifespan of the firmness that support your body.

7. Sleepyhead

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Sleepyhead is the coolest available in the market, it’s a luxury, but the cost is low compared to other products. There are many types of mattresses available in India.

There are two types of products available in the market: one is sleepyhead original – these are easy, soft, hard, and springy. It uses high-density HR foam that provides orthopedic mattress support, and the other is sleepyhead sense.

These are cooling foam, and it uses phase changing cooling technology that provides a cooling effect, it uses computer cut three zoned high density that provides better spine alignment. The manufacturer’s warranty is for ten years.

8. Springfit autograph play

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Springfit is a famous brand that serves for four decades, which provides springfit, durable, lightweight, long-lasting, premium quality, and zero partner disturbance.

The autograph collections are luxurious, which provides comfortable and sound sleep; it provides a rejuvenating sleep that keeps your next day fresh and enthusiastic.

There are four variants in the autograph model autograph pure, autograph pulse, autograph price, autograph play.

The autograph play uses memory – it helps make you feel lighter when you are on the bed, improves blood circulation, reduces bounciness, cool gel foam, uses a visco-elastic layer that keeps you cool fresh. 

It uses thermo-active gel capsules that reduce human temperature.

The layers contain viscose fabric on the top, memory, natural latex, regenerated bonded, and organic non-skid fabric.

9. Sunday latex

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Sunday brands are a luxurious product with low cost; these are 3 zone latex mattresses, which gives supreme comforts. Sunday, Mattress is very famous for Sleeping Mattress in India.

The features of the zero partner disturbance – where you will not be disturbed during your sleep by your partner, 100% organic cotton cover – the top layer is made using pure cotton, preventing dust allergy.

The material used in fine quality latex imported from Belgium, the three layers gives more comfortable sleep and spin support. They make you feel lighter and reduces body pressure.

10. Sleepycat – Gel memory

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Sleepycat is a premium 6-inch orthopedic with gel-memory that forms a 1-inch layer and durable high-density base foam that provides support and comfort. And this Sleepycat mattress comes under 2000 in India with various sizes such as Single, Double, Queen & King size mattress.

The outer layer is made of high-quality GSM knitted fabric, which gives more flexibility and smoothness to the body; it has four layers, which gives extra grip to the body.

The next layer is made of gel memory, which provides orthopedic support by evenly spreading body weight.

It has millions of gel beads that keep the body cool and maintaining body temperature. It helps prevent motion transfer and zero partner disturbance.

Find the Best Of Best Mattress Brands in India?

The next layer is high-density foam, which gives structure to the durability, strength, and bounciness. The inner layer is netted, which gives circulates air evenly. The base layer is an anti-skid base which prevents them from moving out.

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