5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress In India 2022

Are you looking for a spring mattress for your bedroom?

Do you want to get the pocket spring mattress to ensure that you won’t have to wake up at night due to loud noises and motion transfers? 

If yes, then do not worry any further because you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the relevant factors about pocket spring mattresses, like their benefits, drawbacks, and so on.

However, the main highlight of our article will be the five products we have hand-picked only for you. So make sure that you buy the best pocket spring mattress in India without making an error.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Pocket Spring Mattress

  1. A number of pocket springs: You need to choose a mattress that comes with a high number of pocket springs. It will help you ensure that the surface is firm and your back is getting the proper support that it deserves. 
  2. Thickness: Pocket Spring mattresses are usually thicker than normal mattresses. So, while buying the product, make sure the mattress height is suitable for the bed you have in your home. 
  3. Inner layers: Check whether or not a felt or padded layer protects the pocket springs. It will absorb all the shocks from above, thereby increasing the durability of the springs. 

Benefits Of Having A Pocket Spring Mattress

  1. Helps in reducing the motion transfer due to partner movements 
  2. Regulates the air circulation perfectly 
  3. Has an edge support enclosure for protecting the coils 
  4. Helps in relieving the pressure from the tensed muscles in your back 
  5. Support the proper spine curvature at a different place

Drawbacks Of A Pocket Spring Mattress

  1. It cannot reverse it for using the other side of the mattress 
  2. Don’t have the ability to regulate the temperature normally 
  3. Usually, don’t have a support foam layer 

Top 5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress In India 2022

1. Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress

Wake-Up Is The Best Pocket Spring Mattress In India


  1. Has high edge support
  2. Made from the knitted top cover 
  3. Has an 8” thickness 

Pocket spring mattresses are becoming increasingly popular, and the main reason for that is the increased product firmness and the “No-partner disturbance” feature. The pocket spring mattress from the Wake-up brand is one such product that is known for its firmness.

Thanks to the unique internal layer construction, the mattress has a firmness varying between 6 to 8, which is why it’s suitable for any sleeper. People who like to sleep in different positions, like sideways or on the stomach, can get this mattress without any issue.

Coming to the construction of the pocket spring mattress, the top layer is made from a cotton fabric with a knitted design. However, rather than being a simple cover, the mattress has a quilted top which will provide you with a plush feel.

Hence, you won’t have to worry much about the springs poking your skin or hurting you in any way. Next to the quilted top is present a high resilience soft foam layer. Even though it has increased bounciness, the foam is quite soft compared to the normal HR foam.

Under the foam layer is present a felt layer that can absorb the shocks and momentum from above. Right under the felt layer is the core layer of pocket springs protected by another felt layer underside.

Both these felt act as shock absorbing layers, which will ensure that you can sleep easily with no problem. As the springs are made from Tungsten Carbide, you won’t have to worry about the coils losing durability. 


  • Helps in improving the blood circulation 
  • Has a higher number of pocket springs to increase firmness
  • Highly durable spring coils 


  • Do not has enclosure around the edges for support

2.Comforto Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress In India 2022 1


  1. 10” thickness of the mattress 
  2. Has a memory foam layer 
  3. It is hybrid 

Suppose you are looking for a mattress with having higher spring count enclosed in individual pockets. In that case, the Comforto Hybrid pocket spring mattress will be the ideal choice for you. It allows the sleepers to have a peaceful sleep and get rid of muscle and bone aches.

That’s the reason why the mattress will help you in waking up the next morning with a fresh mind without any soreness or stiffness. In addition, the product is suitable for different aged sleepers and not just teenagers or adults, all thanks to the amazing construction of the product. 

At the top, you will have a comfortable layer made from a quilted knitted fabric which will provide you with a plush feel. Along with the soft fabric top, the edges are covered with air mesh fabric that will help in improving the air circulation within the internal layers of the mattress.

This is why the product has become so popular in the market. Below the top layer, you will get a comfort layer that will stop your partner’s movement and even increase the soft feeling. The memory foam used is highly responsive and will reduce the knots from the pressure points at the back of your body.

Covering the high count pocket spring layers are Turkish padding. These pads are known for their shock-absorbing properties, which will help in protecting the springs from sudden impacts and shocks. Also, for supporting the spring layer, the high-density foam will help make the mattress highly stable. 


  • No damage will come to the spring’s elasticity due to the padding 
  • Has higher coil count for increasing firmness
  • Covered with a hypoallergenic top fabric 


  • It might give off some metallic smell after a couple of months 

3. Springtek EuroTop Luxe Pocket Spring Mattress

5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress In India 2022 2


  1. Comes with an 8” mattress thickness 
  2. Has memory foam come spring construction 
  3. Comes with an 8-year warranty period 

For some people, luxury and comfort are the basic two features that every mattress should have. That’s the reason why SpringTek has introduced the Eurotop Luxe pocket spring mattress for different kinds of sleepers.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about maintaining a proper sleep position because the mattress will support the body weight and the curvature of the spine irrespective of the position you are sleeping in. And that’s the reason why the product has become so popular in the market. 

From the above, the cover is made from a Class-1 certified cotton layer which will help in keeping you safe from allergies and other health issues. Also, the cotton layer is highly breathable, which ensures that the surface is cool and soothing for all the sleepers.

The second layer is made from Eurotop technology infused in memory foam, which can regulate the surface temperature with ease. It will keep the surface cool and absorb the body heat to ensure that you don’t wake up from sleep sweating at midnight. 

The pocket layer is designed to target the pressure points on your back with ease and relieve the knots to provide you with more comfort. In addition, as the springs are packed tightly, it will help in supporting the proper structure of your spine and support your body weight so that you won’t have to suffer from stiffness and soreness. Moreover, the air meshed edge support has made the product highly durable. 


  • Comes with an exclusive temperature regulating feature for keeping the surface cool 
  • Has tightly packed spring coils for better firmness 
  • It can help in relieving the pressure from the tensed knots 


  • Do not have any shock-absorbing layers 

4. AMORE Reboot Eurotop Pocket Spring Mattress

5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress In India 2022 3


  1. Comes with a 6” thickness 
  2. Has an HR foam layer 
  3. Comes with temperature regulation property

Even though the mattress has only 6” thickness, there are 11 layers, including the top and the bottom, which is why the product has become so unique and popular in the market. There is no age restriction for the sleepers, but if you want to snuggle with the bed and relieve the backaches and strains from the muscles, you can get the best product from the market.

The 1st layer is made from a soft fabric with a knitted pattern to ensure that the top is highly breathable and wouldn’t cause skin allergies in the sleepers. The 2nd and 3rd layers are made from comfort foam, which will help make the surface feel cosy and plusher, and that’s why it’s perfect for any age sleeper.

The 4th layer has a non-woven fabric which protects the support foam and the Turkish felt padding underneath it. Finally, the 7th layer is made from pocket springs which form the core layer in the product. The materials are reversed from the 8th to the 11th layer as they are arranged from the top. 

At the edges, an air mesh fabric is used to cover the four sides, which will help maintain the air circulation within the mattress layers. That’s one of the main reasons you won’t have to deal with hot surface temperature or a bad smell coming out of the product after using it for a couple of months.


  • Highly durable mattress seamless stitching
  • Has higher coil count for pocket spring construction
  • Covered with shock-absorbing Turkish padding felt 


  • Has a thin edge support 

5. Boston Basics Pocket Spring Mattress

5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress In India 2022 4


  1. 8” thickness of the mattress 
  2. Has a plush feel on the top
  3. Comes with a 1-year of warranty 

Suppose you are looking for a lightweight and affordable pocket spring mattress. In that case, you can look for the Basics pocket spring mattress from Boston. It is constructed so that sleepers of different types and ages can easily sleep on the product without complaining about anything like the springs poking through the upholstery material or bad smell coming out of the mattress top.

At the top, there is a Jacquard fabric which will help in making the surface feel soft and plush against your skin. In addition, you won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night due to the discomforting construction of the mattress. 

The second layer is made from super-soft foam, which helps in reducing the hardness of the felt padding underneath it. Thanks to the use of this foam layer, the mattress has become amazing even for older people who usually look for soft and plush products.

Heavy-duty felt padding is inserted on top of the core layer of tightly packed pocket springs, absorbing the impact force and any colliding force. That’s what has increased the durability of the spring coils. To protect the spring coils, a thick enclosure is present for providing edge support to the mattress. 

One of the product’s best features is the high rate of breathability in between the internal layers of the mattress. That’s why it will produce no heat due to the continuous compression and relaxation of the spring coils. 


  • It is medium soft for elders and children 
  • It is covered with a hypoallergenic cover for better skin’s health 
  • It Will help in reducing the pressure from the tensed knots


  • Has a higher sagging rate due to the absence of high-density support foam


The above article discussed the top 5 pocket spring mattresses, each having different construction and features. That’s what makes a choice more difficult, and for that reason, you should always be careful before choosing the final product.

As per our recommendation, we would prefer the Comforto Hybrid pocket spring mattress, which comes with both memory foam and a spring layer for supporting your spine and bodyweight properly.

Our second recommendation will be the SpringTek EuroTop Luxe pocket spring mattress, ensuring that you can sleep soundlessly on a cold surface with no smell coming off the mattress. 


  1. How long does a pocket spring mattress last? 

    Pocket spring mattresses can last for quite a long time based on how you are using them. You cannot fold the mattress or reverse it to use the other side. If you are handling the product with care, you won’t have to worry a lot about the longevity of the pocket spring mattress. 

  2. Are more pocket springs better in a mattress? 

    Yes, with increased pocket springs, the mattress will be firmer and will help in releasing pressure from your body with ease. Also, the product will support your body in a better way, especially the spine’s curve. 

  3. Are pocket spring mattresses good for back pain? 

    Yes, the pocket springs are amazing for reducing back pain, thanks to the tightly-packed coil layer, which will help support the back muscles and the spinal discs. 

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