Comparison Guide: Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Topper

Have you ever heard about mattress pads and toppers? 

Do you know the differences between these two mattress accessories? 

If not, then it’s time to understand the facts that prove mattress pad vs mattress topper differences and make them suitable for different countries conditions. In this article, we will introduce you to these protective layers and make you acquainted with the differences, benefits, and other relevant facts. 

1. What is a mattress topper? 

A mattress topper is a thick layer placed atop the mattress to increase the overall height and add more comfort to the mattress. It is mainly used when your mattress has sagged or worn out and is out of the warranty period. There are five different types of foam toppers, classified based on the material. 

  1. Latex mattress topper is made from natural or synthetic latex liquid. It is quite hard and hence, comes with a high firmness level. 
  2. Memory foam based toppers are responsive, and it moulds their shape according to your body heat and pressure. 
  3. Polyester blended mattress toppers are lightweight and provide a huge level of comfort to sleepers. However, since polyester is a synthetic material, be sure to check whether you or anyone has allergies or not. 
  4. Woollen toppers are the softest of all types, and it provides insulation for heat energy. Hence, it’s ideal for areas where the temperature is below 25°C or during the winter season. 
  5. Feather mattress toppers are quite luxurious and provide a smooth and plush feel to the sleepers. To enjoy a luxurious and cosy sleep, you can pair it with any hard mattress, including the spring products. 

2. What is a mattress pad? 

A mattress pad is a specialized topper but with reduced thickness. Rather than acting as a supportive layer, this particular accessory acts as a barrier between you and the mattress so that It can maintain both your health properly. These pads can be divided into different categories, which have been explained below:

  1. Material: The mattress pads are usually made from pure cotton, cotton and polyester blend, and woollen fabric, each having different uses. For example, woollen or quilted pads are cosier and plusher, while cotton is more breathable. 
  2. Purpose: Just like the mattresses can be categorized based on the purpose, and these pads can also be categorized. Like, orthopaedic mattress pads are ideal for supporting your bones and muscles, while a soft pad is ideal for having a comfortable sleep. 
  3. Technology: Based on the technology involved in the pad, it can be further classified into several types like cooling gel-based pads, waterproof pads, and so on. 

3. Mattress Topper Vs Mattress Pad: Benefits 

Mattress topper

  • With a topper, the mattress’s thickness can be increased, especially when it has suffered a depression beyond the recommended amount. 
  • A topper also helps increase or decrease the overall firmness of the bedding, which will help you either snuggle with your bed or get relief from the back pain. 
  • If you have a foam mattress and the hard protective felt layer has worn out, you can add the topper so that the spring coils don’t poke into your skin. 
  • It will help reduce the sagging rate of the main mattress layers by absorbing the shock of the impact. 

Mattress pad

  • A mattress pad is mainly used to prevent any spilled drink or food from staining the mattress surface. This way, your mattress will still be compliant with the warranty policies. 
  • Thanks to the mattress pad, you can protect your mattress from dust, debris accumulation, sweat marks, and other such purities. 
  • Even if there is potential mould growth inside the mattress, using a pad will help keep your health and safe from infections. 
  • If you want added softness or want a waterproof cover, it will be ideal to choose a mattress pad for yourself. 

4. Which is better: mattress topper or mattress pad? 

Both the mattress pad and mattress topper are beneficial for sleepers. However, certain conditions set these two bedding accessories apart from each other. For example:

  • If you want to alter the mattress’s firmness, a topper will be better than a pad. 
  • Suppose you want to enjoy an added feature like cool surface technology or waterproof technology. In that case, you should go with the pad. 
  • Suppose you want to increase the warranty lifetime of the mattress by preventing stain marks and other damage. In that case, you will need a mattress pad. 
  • If your mattress has sagged beyond the limit and can’t be replaced, you can use the topper for the time being until you get a new mattress. 


Since now you are aware of both mattress pad and topper, we hope that you will choose the right one for yourself. Usually, people get confused between a pad and a topper and end up buying the wrong product. That’s why do read the details we have mentioned above and then choose the ideal product that will help you sleep properly, either in terms of comfort or pain relief. 


A. Yes, you can use mattress pads with any product, provided the size of the pad is equivalent to that of the mattress you have in your bedroom. If you have a custom-sized mattress, make sure that the store where you will buy the mattress pad offers custom sizing.

A. Usually, people choose a foam mattress topper since it not only adds comfort to the bed but also alters the mattress’s overall firmness to suit your body needs. This will help you to get relief from your body pain and back problems.

A. Since a mattress pad is quite thin compared to the topper, and it is less durable. But suppose you choose a high-quality pad having a quilted cover. In that case, it will last long enough, despite having to handle a lot of wear and tear every day.

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