Sleepwell is back with a boom of 30% off + a chance to get a free mattress

As the festive season is knocking on our doors, Sleepwell treats its customer with BIG DAY SALE. The brand is offering a chance to get 30% off on Neem Fresche Technology mattresses. The excitement gets even better when the company also announces there is a chance of winning a mattress 100 percent free, plus get premium pillows for no cost.

It is one of the leading brands serving people with its comfort and support, which has become even easier to get with the heavy discount offers. Also, it is easy to choose from the brand as they offer a large assortment of bed sheets, bedding, comforters, mattresses, and pillows.

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Moreover, the good news is the offer is available at any Sleepwell store around India except Tamil Nadu. So, visit your closes store today before the offer expires. The sale has started from 1st October 2021.

Sleepwell is back with a boom of 30% off + a chance to get a free mattress 1

For availing of the offer, the customer has to register under e-warranty by a dealer. If the customer wins a free pillow/mattress or 30% discount, they will get an SMS accordingly. However, they will have to buy the same mattress, size and model on which the reward has been awarded. Any up gradation or down gradation of products are not allowed.

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