Sleepyhead to open the “Boxes of Happiness” with a 50% discount on Amazon’s Great Indian Festival

With the start of October month, the time of celebrating the Great Indian Festival, Sleepyhead has released an amazing offer for every new mattress buyer. This company is one of the renowned bedding and mattress brands in India. With a wide range of different products and the use of high-quality materials, the brand has accomplished several milestones since its inception.

Owing to this, the heads at Sleepyhead has released a remarkable statement recently. If anyone is planning to buy a new mattress, they can make the purchase directly from Amazon. However, due to the onset of the Amazon Great Indian Festival, the mattress company has renounced their ally and is currently offering a discount of up to 50% on its mattresses.

Starting from the 3-layered ortho mattress to the dual-sided high-density foam mattress, one can bag the best mattress without having to put a dent in their pocket. Hence, it’s time to choose the best product before the deal ends and the window of opportunities closes. Just choose the best mattress you need from Sleepyhead’s collection, and you can have the best arrangement for sleeping without any disturbance or complaint! 

Do not wait anymore and open your box of happiness, as explained by Sleepyhead’s top players!

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