mmFOAM Mattress Review

Are you looking for a mattress made from natural materials? 

If yes, then you are at the perfect place!

Over the years, the need to have a natural mattress has sky-rocketed to a great extent.

People want to get the best sleep every night without facing discomfort, sleep problems, stiffness in joints, and other such problems.

Due to this, many companies have come up with mattress products having either rubberized coir or natural latex layers. 

But which brand is the best for providing eco-friendly mattresses?

The answer to this question is very simple- the mmFOAM mattress brand!

As the brand offers several products made from eco-friendly material, choosing the right fit can be intimidating.

This is where our mmFOAM mattress review will come into play. With this review discussion, you will be able to pick out the ideal mattress that will cater to all your needs.

Top 2 Best mmFOAM Mattress Review In India 2022

1. mmFOAM Dual Harmony Mattress

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  1. PU foam layer
  2. 5-layered mattress
  3. Soft and flexible 
  4. Three different options for thickness (5”, 6”, and 8”)

If you are looking for a hybrid mattress having both foam and latex, the mmFOAM Dual Harmony mattress is the right fit.

Since it’s available in three thickness options, you will have the independence of choosing the one that suits both your bed and your body.

It is known as “Dual Harmony” because one surface has medium firmness while the opposite has a standard firmness.

As it’s flexible enough, it can be rolled and reversed at your convenience. If you sleep on the softer side, the mattress will take the shape of your body’s surface in contact for better slumber and snugness.

On the other hand, the firmer surface is ideal for those wanting to correct sleep postures and reduce back pain.

The entire mattress is covered with TENCEL fabric, known to be one of the most eco-friendly materials in the entire world. 


  • Has a bounciness due to the rebonded foam 
  • it can turn it upside down 
  • Comes with a huge warranty period 


  • No availability of size options as per bed style

2. mmFOAM Pincore Mattress

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  1. 100% latex construction 
  2. Easy ventilation across the entire thickness 
  3. Medium compressibility 
  4. Natural temperature controller 

If you are allergic to foam and coir, you need to have this natural latex mattress of mmFOAM Pincore mattress.

The best part of having the product is that it comes with multiple thickness options, like 3”, 5”, 7”, and even 10” and 12”. It is a reversible mattress, which means that you can use both sides for sleeping on.

As the entire mattress has natural latex, the surface properties wouldn’t differ much. But yes, due to the reversibility feature, the mattress’s durability has increased further. It has an antibacterial top cover which can also resist the mite population.

Once you lie down on the mattress, its surface will take your body shape, thereby boosting sleep, improving the mood, and also helping in regulating the blood supply throughout your body.


  • It is hypoallergenic and hence doesn’t cause any adverse skin reactions 
  • Can keep the surface cool during summer and vice versa
  • The core allows air to pass freely for proper ventilation


  • Proper edge support is not present in the mattress

Who Should Use This mmFOAM Mattress?

If you want to enjoy eco-friendly materials, using the mmFOAM mattress will be the best idea. As they have both natural latex mattresses and rubberized coir ones, you won’t have to worry about your health.

Suppose you are looking for a rebonded foam mattress with high-density rubberized coir. In that case, you can choose the Orthobon mmFOAM mattress. It’s ideal for the elderly and anyone who is suffering from backaches and muscle pain.

Similarly, for people looking forward to buying an affordable mattress with enhanced durability and a 100% authentic latex layer, the Hardcore mmFOAM mattress is the suitable choice. 

What You Should Know About mmFOAM Mattress?

It was established around 60 years ago, mmFOAM was the first company to manufacture 100% natural latex mattresses instead of cotton.

Their main aim is to provide a wonderful slumber with no disturbances, so every product comes with the highest level of comfort and coziness. Buying their mattresses will never disappoint you from any aspect. 

Why Choose A mmFOAM Mattress? 

mmFOAM mattresses are known for their eco-friendly nature, which one won’t find in many other brands in the market.

They make sure to use the natural latex or coir material to ensure that no one suffers from allergies, back stiffness, muscle aches, and other such problems. Also, these mattresses are resistant to dust accumulation and the growth of mites. 

Benefits Of mmFOAM Mattress

  • Hypoallergic quilts are used for the top cover of the mattresses. 
  • Eco-friendly in nature to avoid any adverse skin reactions. 
  • Helps in alleviating back pain and muscle pains.
  • Provide the ultimate body support with a reduced flow rate of the pressure applied on the mattress surface 

Customer Complaints About mmFOAM Mattress

So far, mmFOAM mattress hasn’t received any major complaints from the customers. But yes, some of the users have surely asked the brand to introduce more variations in the mattresses and different options for the thickness.


mmFOAM has become one of the leading producers of latex mattresses, be it the pure ones like Pincore or the hybrid ones like the Dual Harmony. Both these products are unique in their way and hence, will cater to different needs appropriately.

For example, suppose you want a full-latex mattress with hypoallergenic and temperature regulator properties. In that case, the Pincore mmFOAM mattress is the best choice.

But, if you like softer mattress surfaces while your partner wants to sleep on the firmer side, you can choose the Dual Harmony mmFOAM mattress. 

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