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Coirfit mattress offers 10% off on this Navratri

NCR, India (October 8, 2021) Most people invest in different home products like furniture, appliances, and mattresses during the long-running Puja holiday season. Hence, the demand for comfortable living is high at this period, and many retailers are concentrating on offering user-friendly promotional sales. To Claim an offer, visit the Coirfit website and apply this…


High-Density(HD) Foam Vs Memory Foam: Comparison Guide

Are you searching for a foam mattress? If you are, then you have made the best decision as this is the next generation mattress. However, in this article, you can learn about the difference between High-Density Foam and Memory Foam. What Is High-Density Foam(HD) Foam High-Density Memory Foam is firmer foam material and contains a great…

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Memory Foam Vs Gel Memory Foam – What Difference

Out of all the mattress types, it is the memory foam mattresses that are most sought-after. However, recently, memory foams have been updated for providing a higher level of comfort by infusing micro cooling gels. These modified forms are termed gel-based memory foams.  Since you will have two options in terms of memory foam, it…

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Livpure Mattresses offering 50% off on Amazon under Great Indian Sale

This festive season enjoys the best sleep on Livepure comfortable and supportive mattress. These are now available at 50% off. Amazon is offering heavy discounts on a large variety of mattress. Among these, people highly appreciate the deals on mattresses. It is a great way to get their hands on reputable mattress brands like livpure….

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Sleepwell is back with a boom of 30% off + a chance to get a free mattress

As the festive season is knocking on our doors, Sleepwell treats its customer with BIG DAY SALE. The brand is offering a chance to get 30% off on Neem Fresche Technology mattresses. The excitement gets even better when the company also announces there is a chance of winning a mattress 100 percent free, plus get…


5 Best Mattress For Back And Neck Pain In India 2021

Are you suffering from any cervical problems?  Do you usually have a stiff neck with a frozen shoulder? Suppose it’s a yes to both these questions. In that case, you should have a special mattress that can effectively reduce the aches and soreness from the bones and muscles, respectively. However, finding such mattresses is not…


Pressure Relief Mattress: Everything You Need To Know!

Are you suffering from bed sores but can’t find a proper solution?  If yes, then you need to look for the best pressure-relieving mattress. This type of bedding product will decrease pain caused due to immobilisation as well as the bed sores. Since not many people know this mattress type, we have explained everything you…

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Get up to 65% off on all Sleep Spa Mattresses

Amazon’s Great Indian Festival presents a list of attractive and wonderful offers on almost everything, starting from mattresses to electronics. However, one such offer that has recently wreaked havoc in the market after the tweet from the company heads is that from Sleep Spa Mattress. Earlier, the company posted a tweet declaring that they are…