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Are you tired of sleeping on a hard mattress and waking up with an aching back and strained muscles?

If yes, you are at the right place! Here, we will put forth the best mattresses in the market ideal for alleviating back pain and providing a deep night slumber.

Be it improper sleeping posture or increased hardness of the mattress, and back pains are common nowadays. Unlike in the past, almost everyone suffers from strained muscles, aching spines, spinal nerve problems, and others.

Unfortunately, most of these health problems are the degrading firmness and structural ability of the mattress they are sleeping on.

This is why you need to have the Springfit mattress- the number one mattress in the market known for enhancing sleep posture and reducing back pain considerably. Before you take any decision, let’s have a glance at the mattress and their categorical classifications available in the market. 

Benefits & Advantages Of Springfit Mattress

  • Does not sag underweight: The mattress will not sag or form dents under your weight after a few months of using the product. This is one of the major advantages of the Springfit mattress, which has made it quite popular.
  • Helps in maintaining fitness: The mattress will help in maintaining fitness and prevent aches in your body. You won’t complain about neck pains or local aches in the pressure points after sleeping on this mattress.
  • Has dual support system: The core of the Springfit mattress has a dual layer of support- high-density foam and spring coils. This will provide better support to your back and help in reducing pain.
  • Improves sleep quality: A Springfit mattress will improve your sleep. There will be no twisting and turning out of discomfort after laying down on the mattress. Hence, you won’t suffer from stress and depression due to sleep deficiency. 

Complaints about Springfit mattress

  • The material cover of the mattress might be a little uncomfortable at first. 
  • Pricing could have been better as compared to other competitor products in the market. 
  • The warranty provided for the mattress is less. 
  • If you have some injuries in your spine, this spring mattress wouldn’t be an ideal choice. 

Top 2 Best Springfit Mattress Review

1. Springfit Pro Activ

2 Best Springfit Mattress Review 1

The Springfit mattress Pro Activ mattresses have the core made from different types of foams, increasing the comfort level to a great extent.

The level of firmness varies from one sub-product to another, and hence, you can get the best Pro Activ mattress as per your requirement. Following are the main varieties of Springfit Pro Activ mattress category: 

  • Pro Activ Back: Made from reactive bonded foam and box springs, the Pro Activ Back is an orthopedic mattress and will help with alleviating back pain and local aches.
  • Pro Activ Flow: Consisting of Aero Sleep foam and HR foam layers, the Pro Activ Flow has carbon-manganese springs in between. These mattresses are quite firm and can support your weight without sagging. 
  • Pro Activ Flip: Carbon manganese springs are coupled with HR foam and Turkish insulating felt in between.
  • Pro Activ Jump: The upper fabric has a cooling effect with HR foam in between. The Turkish felt used acts as a heater followed by jumpy carbon-manganese Bonnell springs. 
  • Pro Activ Plus: It mainly consists of HR convoluted foam and reactive foam and has enhanced orthopedic properties. 

2. Club Class Collection

2 Best Springfit Mattress Review 2

Made specifically for orthopaedic patients, the Club class collection has become quite popular. There are four different subcategories, each having different characteristics and will cater to different needs. 

  • Club Class Natura: It has a gel-like filling right above the pressure-relieving foam and the HR foam layers. Advanced carbon-manganese spring coils are fitted in between the two foam layers. 
  • Club Class Platinum: With a high resilient foam and carbon-manganese spring layer, the Club Class Platinum mattresses are mainly known for enhanced firmness. 
  • Club Class Petals: Three layers of foam- aero sleep memory foam, HR convoluted foam, and HR foam- are present, along with advanced carbon-manganese pocketed springs. 
  • Club Class Grande: Even though this mattress only has pocket springs, the three other foam layers- HR foam, aero sleep memory foam, and the pressure-relieving foam will help in reducing back pain and providing proper support. 


Both these product collections are the pride of Springfit mattress. Even though they have different foam and spring combinations with some additional fabric layers for distinct characteristics, the mattresses are ideal for back pain relief. Also, every mattress product will help maintain the proper shape of the spine and improve sleep patterns. 

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