Sleepycat Latex Mattress Review – Worth Buying?

Breaking the major stereotype, the SleepyCat mattress is a great brand. Well, it is the latest sensation present in the mattress market. Frankly, since its inception, the SleepyCat brand has never missed any chance for impressing users and that too, with its high-quality and amazing advanced products and mattresses. 

To read the complete SleepyCat Mattress Review.

1. SleepyCat Latex Mattress Review – A Branded & Luxury Mattress

The SleepyCat mattress came into existence in August 2017. All this was possible due to the sincere and firm efforts of its founder Kabir Siddiq. Besides other mattresses present in India, SleepyCat is an Indian brand or mattress, a box company. It works on the principle of a factory-to-doorstep model. 

SleepyCat helps to revolutionize how many Indians shop for their mattresses. It takes it to a whole new and advanced level. As per the brand, sleeping is the most luxurious experience that one won’t forget that easily. Well, SleepyCat is all about bringing the luxury of decent, nice, and comfortable sleep to users and that too at affordable prices. 

The brand believes that the price should not be compromised as per any individual’s desire. It is especially for getting the best sleeping experience. SleepyCat works on its zeal and passion for providing its customers with a great sleeping experience. The brand has been putting its best foot forward and combined with its latest innovation and even advanced tech as a whole, and it simplifies to enhance the way Indians sleep.

Its goal is to be everyone’s ideal sleeping partner. The brand has worked consistently in marking its achievements right in the market. Some of the major achievements that SleepyCat has bought up in the mattress market are – 

  • Delivered their products to a huge number of pin codes and approximately to 4149. 
  • Sold around 31986 products to various customers.
  • It has received around 7100 positive reviews from happy and satisfied customers.
  • Roughly 11 crores of institutional funding done
  • 7-9 customer ratings out of 5

So, by having such excellent achievements and sincerity, it can’t be wrong in admitting that SleepyCat is the brand new sensational mattress that brings an amazing sleeping experience. 

Sleepycat Latex Mattress Review - Worth Buying? 1
  • Trial period: 30 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Material: NA
  • Sizes Available: Single, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹21,989
    Offer Price: ₹18,691(For Queen Size from SleepyCat store)

2. SleepyCat Latex Mattress Review

SleepyCat mattress review has a more positive and major impact on customers, among the various brands of mattresses that SleepyCat brings to the market, we will discuss the latex one. This is a unique mattress that is great for back pain than the other traditional kind of mattresses. 

Commonly, the mattress is called an orthopedic mattress. This is designed to provide great convenience and ease to various users. Frankly, it is great for people who are suffering from various kinds of back pains. The mattress comes with two major layers – one-inch gel memory foam and another one is the five-inch of high-density foam.

3. SleepyCat Latex Mattress Price, Size & Dimension Table

Single [72″x30″][72″x36″][75″x36″][78″x36″][7″]
Queen [72″x60″][75″x60″][78″x60″] [7″]
King [72″x72″][75″x72″][78″x72″] [7″]
Size Price On SleepyCat Store Price On Amazon
Queen 18,691(72″x60″x7″)₹19,790(75″x60″x7″)
King 21,241(72″x72″x7″)₹22,490(72″x72″x7″)
CustomAvailableNot Available

4. What Is In The SleepyCat Latex Mattress?

The basic aspects present in the SleepyCat Mattress are –

  • 5” High-Density Foam
  • 2” Latex Foam
  • Anti Skid Base
  • Breezy Inner Cover


  • 100% Organic Latex – The SleepyCat is organic latex, and this is naturally cool. Plus, it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Here the breezy inner cover is a simply special designed inner netted cover. This secures both of the foam layers and even allows many airflows that last for freshness and comfortable rest. 
  • 7 Zones Of Comfort – 7-Zone latex provides the major seven zones of support. It would be softer where you require, and it is much firmer, so you get better support to your hips. The seven zones are ankles and feet, lower leg, knee, thigh, hip, lumbar, upper back and shoulder, head, and neck. The zone’s major requirements are for keeping the spine perfectly aligned, thereby providing you better sleep and waking up refreshed. 
  • Naturally Cooling – The first layer of the latex foam will keep the mattress right in its 100% natural form. This will be beneficial for kids. Plus, it will work like a natural cooling, and this provides children with a cool and soft sleeping surface that absorbs all the heat of their body and maintains temperature all night long. 
  • Smart Zipper Cover
    • Like its Plus version, the SleepyCat latex has the same cover – the ultra-premium Smart Zipper Cover. This cover is created of high GSM knitted fabric, providing extreme smoothness and flexibility. Here the covers can be quickly cleaned, removed, and reattached super easily. This is due to the Smart Zipper. 
    • Here the cover will have small hops for ventilation and breathing. The 4-way stretch will provide a good grip to the body and develop the anti-side effect. So, when you are moving, it will move along with you. 

5. Pressure Relief, Firmness, And Motion Transfer

The SleepyCat latex scores somewhere around 7-9 in the Firm-O-Meter. This is a somewhat similar score that SleepyCat Plus got. Along with that, this mattress is a pressure-relieving mattress that provides huge back support. It takes the shape of your body and provides a good night’s sleep.

The latex mattress helps in alleviating the pain, and this is by relieving the pressure points. The latex is quite resilient, so there is less pressure right on the hips and shoulders. Still, the body needs to contour enough to get a good alliance. Besides, the top layer is 100% natural latex foam, and it avoids any motion transfer. Also, it allows you and your partners to have a good sleep without any disturbance. 

6. Build Quality And Design

Each mattress specification is created to provide maximum benefit for the kids and older people’s sleep. The effectiveness of this mattress is due to the two major kinds of combined layers. These are the one-inch latex foam and three-inch high-density foam. 

The first layer of the latex foam will help keep the mattress right in its 100% natural form. This provides the maximum benefits to kids and old-age people. Plus, it works well in providing natural cooling to kids and that too on a soft and cool sleeping surface, which easily absorbs the body heat. 

The second layer is the high-density foam, and it works best for defining the mattress structure. Also, it specifies the reliability and durability of the mattress by providing the required strength for withstanding all kinds of extreme conditions.  

The high-density fabric layer is even responsible for providing the necessary support and comfort for sound and peaceful sleep.

7. Comfort

Regarding comfort, the SleepyCat Latex mattresses help in alleviating the pain by relieving the pressure points. The latex is more resilient, and this helps in relieving the pressure on the hips and shoulders. Still, the body contours for providing a good alliance. 

To gain the required flexibility and comfort, the top cover is created of high GSM knitted fabric. There are small holes that make it quite breathable and soft. Well, the cherry on the cake is that the mattress is wrapped right in the smart zipper cover. This secures and gets removed easily, especially for spot cleaning. There is a four-way stretch having the anti-side effect right that grips the body.

8. Trial, Warranty, And Shipping Policies

  • Trial– The trial period is 30 nights. Regarding the warranty, it is for ten years. The shipping policy is quite good. The SleepyCat provides easy delivery and free shipping. 
  • Price– No doubt, the SleepyCat is a luxurious, nice, decent, and the most comfortable mattress for sleeping. The best part is that it is available right at affordable prices. 

    The SleepyCat brand believes that price must never compromise in terms of the quality and an individual’s desire to gain a good sleeping experience. The mattress is available at affordable prices ranging from Rs 11,000 to Rs 19,491.
  • Reliability– The second layer of the SleepyCat latex mattress contains high-density foam. This defines the structure of the mattress. Also, it specifies the reliability and durability of the mattress. Plus, it provides the required strength for withstanding extreme conditions.
  • Packing– The mattress comes in good compact packaging. Also, it fits perfectly. 
  • Support– The full-body support is provided by the mattress right from head to toe. And this is possible because of the second layer. The high-density foam is all about providing the best support and comfort to users suffering from acute back pain. 
  • Certification– Regarding the certification, the SleepyCat latex mattress is not CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Fabric. 
  • Suitable For– The mattress is primarily suitable for side and back sleepers. The mattress is great for kids and older adults. 

9. Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

  • The product helps in relieving the pain of the back and knees of people.
  • It is a 100% organic mattress.
  • The mattress is very much comfortable and natural. It is airy during the summer. 
  • There are no harmful chemicals added to this mattress.
  • The mattress provides good body support without disturbing your partner, who is sleeping.

The cons are-

  • It is not suitable for people suffering from latex allergy.
  • It is quite bouncy, especially in the King model.


In short, the SleepyCat latex mattress is great. It provides good comfort for a great sleep that can make you feel refreshed in the morning.

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