Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress Review

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Are you looking for a new firm mattress that can provide you with the plus sleep with great comfort and peacefulness at night? 

If yes, then it is time to say goodbye to your old one and bring home a one that suits you the most. The Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress is one of the most popular mattresses that almost everyone wishes to buy.

So far, these mattresses have become India’s leading mattress brand and are also available at a huge range that allows you to choose the best according to your requirements. 

For this reason, Sleepwell is also getting a huge amount of popularity and creating hype in the market. This mattress can provide excellent support to the back due to the firm plus foam and can easily meet most of the expectations of a sleeper.  

Due to these reasons, we have further decided to shed light on this particular material and make you acknowledge why the Sleepwell Durafirm plus Mattress is the future of the mattress India.

1. Reasons to Choose Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress

The top reason that helps you to understand why you should invest in this mattress includes:

  • It can provide superior support to the spine and lower back of your body and treat the body’s posture.  
  • These are treated with the patented Health & Hygiene Technology that keeps the surface comfortable and bacteria-free.
  • Neem Fresche that keeps the surface comfortable and bacteria-free
  • This is considered an orthopaedic mattress.
  • The inside material is made with bonded material, providing great sleep and support. 

2. Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress Size And Dimension & Pricing Table

Queen[72″x60″] [5″][6″][8″]
King[72″x72″] [5″][6″][8″]
Single₹12,859[72″x36″x5″] Not Available
Queen₹21,441[72″x60″x5″] Not Available
King₹25,719[72″x72″x5″] Not Available
CustomAvailable Available

3. Firmness And Feel 

The Durafirm plus mattresses are next-generation mattresses designed to provide the next level of firmness with the facility of Super Bond Flexi PUF. It can provide the ultimate comfort and plush feel to the individuals with the dual layer of the mattress. In addition, the bonded foam further gives the best feel and firmness to the individuals.

4. Mattress Construction And Features

Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress Review 1
  • Dual-layer in top Quilting– The quilted dual layers of fabric help to provide a good amount of plush feel to the individuals. In addition, it makes the top surface smooth and effective so that individual users can enjoy the best quality sleep.
  • Memory bonded foam top– The memory bonded foam mattress is further created with the scrap polyurethane foam or PUF to create a hard and firm layer of support for the individuals. These are also effective for treating the back and posture while treating the orthopaedics pain. 
  • Firmness– These are hard mattresses that provide great firmness to individuals. It can deal with body aches and joint pains while providing adequate support. The Super Bond Flexi PUF further helps to adhere to the firmness.
  • Neem Fresche– The Neem Fresche is a new and improved fresh technology that helps to keep the mattress away from bacteria and germs. This technology provides a good amount of freshness to the mattress and makes it environmentally friendly. In addition, these technologies are US Environmental Protection Agency certified that could maintain their quality after multiple washes and years. 

5. Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress Policies

  • Delivery & Shipping– The prices and delivery of these products are a matter of availability with the Vendor, Company, and Business associate. These deliveries are also performed on the same day with one attempt only. So if the product is returned, then it happens due to the buyer’s negligence as well.

    It can be shipped to any part of the India, whereas shipping outside the United States can demand an additional amount of money. 
  • Trial period– The Sleepwell Durafirm Plus mattress provides a 30-day free trial from the exact delivery date. This is further available to all varieties of the Sleepwell mattress. However, the enjoyment of a free trial is offered only to the buyers from
  • Returns– The return option is available to all varieties of the Sleepwell mattress. However, to return a product, a person has to think about returning before ending the trial, which is 30 days.

    However, a few things should be maintained, like the product has to be in the same stage as it was at the time of receiving it. It should not contain any damage and dirt. The person will only return it after performing a full checkup and return the money within 24 hours.  
  • Warranty– It provides 5 years of warranty to individuals.

6. Pros and Cons of Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress

The Pros of the Sleepwell Durafirm plus Mattress:

  • Good for Back pain and joint aches
  • Provides great comfort to the Orthopedic pain
  • Comes with Fresh Technology to layer to keep you healthy
  • The fabric present in the mattress provides a woven jacquard
  • Ensures High firm support to the body

The Cons of the Sleepwell Durafirm plus Mattress:

  • The price is higher than any other variety with the same specification. 

7. Who Should Buy Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress, And Is That Worth It?

These mattresses can be highly beneficial to persons who want to enjoy a plush sleep and an additional amount of comfort in the areas of the pain. These are made of Super Bond Flexi PUF that brings a high amount of firmness, which further helps to treat the orthopaedics pain and the body’s posture by giving an additional amount of support. It supports the spine of the body in the best way with firmness. 

The Neem Fresche technology makes it safer for children by preventing the dust mines and germs from residing in the mattress. These are also highly durable, and with proper care, you can make them last longer for more than 5 years. The top fabric is also dual-layer quilting which creates a luxurious top layer. 

Those who like sleeping over the hard layers and suffer from orthopaedics can think of these mattresses, which is also worth the value. However, you can only understand the value after using the same benefits. 


  1. Does Sleepwell Durafirm plus Mattress offer custom sizes?

    No, the Sleepwell Durafirm Plus mattress does not offer any custom size to individuals. However, it is available in a huge variety of sizes. But in terms of thickness, it provides only one size that includes 4.5 inches of thickness.

  2. How long does a Sleepwell Durafirm plus Mattress last?

    Well, the bonded foam technology can provide a long-lasting effect. However, it also comes with 5 years of warranty. The twin support layer and the rebounded technology also make it highly durable. 
    Furthermore, if you take care of the mattress with certain measures, you can increase its durability even more. 

  3. How much does a Sleepwell Durafirm plus mattress cost?

    As these are available in a wide range of sizes, they can thus vary in the cost of the mattress. However, the minimum price of these mattresses is INR 9378. The price for the king-size mattress is further INR 26264.

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