Sleepwell Dignity Mattress Review – Buying This Mattress Worth It?

Is it long enough since you last got your comfortable goodnight sleep?

Are you looking for a high-quality mattress that can meet your needs?

Well, we have the perfect solution in the name of Sleepwell Dignity Mattress. The high-built structure of the mattress provides supreme comfort. So, you can enjoy your goodnight sleep without any breaks. Plus, the combination of rubberized coir and memory foam makes comfort available at the budgeted range. Let us discuss this in-depth. 

1. Reasons to Choose Sleepwell Dignity Mattress

Sleepwell does not give one but three reasons to buy their product, i.e., Sleepwell Dignity Mattress. They are:

  1. Firstly, the highly responsive memory foam of the Sleepwell Dignity mattress adjusts to take the shape of your body. Thus, giving you a high degree of comfort and support.
  2. Secondly, the rubberized coir used makes it comfortable enough to restore sleep at night and complete your sleep cycle. 
  3. Thirdly, by the many tests that it has gone through, the results say that the mattress is of high quality giving better durability to the users. So, the consumers can expect it to last longer than other mattresses. 

2. Sleepwell Dignity Mattress Size and Dimension

Queen[72″x60″] [5.5″][7″][8″]
King[72″x72″] [5.5″][7″][8″]
CustomAvailable Available
Single₹14,724[72″x36″x5.5″]Not Available
Queen₹24,552[72″x60″x5.5″] Not Available
King₹29,447[72″x72″x5.5″] Not Available
CustomAvailable Not Available

3.Firmness And Feel 

When talking about the firmness and feel of the Sleepwell Dignity mattress, it will be easier to understand when we break down the three material types used in making the mattress. For example, the first is the coir. It gives a high level of firmness and support. Moreover, the coir is rubberized, so it gives a soft feeling. 

The second is the softec layer mixed with the firmness of coir. The third is the memory foam that gives the customer a soft and comfortable feel. So, the sleeper can stay in the same position for a long time without any back problems. 

4. Mattress Construction And Features 

Sleepwell Dignity Mattress Review - Buying This Mattress Worth It? 1
  • Twin Support Layer– By twin support layer, Sleepwell means, in Dignity mattress, you get the benefit of comfort layer and support layer at once. Thus, providing more instances of good refreshing sleep. 
  • High Resilience Layer– Often, people feel like being sunk in the mattress while lying in the same position. But not in a Sleepwell dignity mattress. It contains a high resilience layer, so you feel the same across the entire mattress without the feeling of sinking in. 
  • Rebonded Layer– Sleepwell Dignity mattress also contains a rebonded layer which means it contains a combination of different density foams broken down and then rebonded to form the best possible mattress. As a result, the sleepers benefit from big shock and sound absorption properties. 
  • Memory Foam– As the Sleepwell dignity mattress contains a memory foam layer, the sleepers can avoid the problem of the mattress heating up. Also, it maintains excellent pressure throughout the mattress. Plus, the softness and body cradling level is supreme. Thus, providing a solution to people suffering from back or spine problems. 
  • Premium Knitted Fabric– Sleepwell has built the Dignity mattress with premium knitted fabric to provide the mattress with better construction and feel. So, you can expect a higher degree of elasticity, better feel and soft texture than any other. 
  • Neem Fresche– Sleepwell dignity mattress is blessed with the goodness of Neem Freshe. The anti-microbial technology keeps the mattress fresh for a long time. So, those with dust allergies and other breathing problems can experience the best sleep. Also, it protects the mattress from dust mites. 

5. Pros and Cons of Sleepwell Dignity Mattress 

Here below are some of the pros and cons of Sleepwell Dignity mattress you can refer to:

Pros of Sleepwell Dignity mattress

  • Contains AeroFirm technology
  • Comes with five years of warranty
  • Treated by healthy fresh technology
  • Pressure is distributed evenly

Cons of Sleepwell dignity mattress

  • Difficult to carry

6. Sleepwell Dignity Mattress Policies

  • Delivery & Shipping– The company will make delivery on the earliest day. However, customers are often refrained from delivering on Sundays, national holidays, public holidays or other similar instances. Also, the delivery of the product will be made only once and the extra cost incurred due to re-delivery the customers will have to pay the same. 
  • Trial period– Sleepwell Company offers a trial period of 100-nights and takes full responsibility for it. In other words, if the customer feels unsatisfied with the full-service amount will be refunded to the customers in their payment account. 
  • Returns– The customers are responsible for choosing the correct size mattress themselves. Also, the colour and design shown in the image are only indicative. The company will not entertain any request made against the reasons. However, refunds will be transferred to the same account from which customers made the payment for other reasons. 
  • Warranty– The manufacturers themselves mention the details of the warranty. However, suppose the product does not contain any warranty notes by manufacturers. In that case, there is no warranty available with the product. 

7. Who Should Buy a Sleepwell Dignity Mattress, and Is That Worth It? 

Sleepwell Dignity mattress is ideal for people with orthopaedic issues and who need better support for the spine, back, and joint. This range of Sleepwell mattresses comes with high resilience layer that gives the sleeper a top-class feel and enhanced firmness. Moreover, the thick core and rebonded foam never let the body lose its posture. Thus, ensuring goodnight sleep every time.  

8. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does the Sleepwell Dignity Mattress come with a zipper cover or not?

No, in Sleepwell Dignity Mattress, a zipper cover is not included.

How many layers are present in this Sleepwell Dignity Mattress?

The mattress contains a twin support layer, a high resilience layer and a rebonded layer for comfort and support. 

How long does a Sleepwell Dignity Mattress last?

The average lasting period seeing the durability of the Sleepwell mattress is seven years. So, you can expect it to last that long. However, there is also a 5-year warranty available for extra support. 

Do Sleepwell Dignity Mattresses offer custom sizes?

However, plenty of size options is given by the company to the consumers. So you can choose it and buy it accordingly. But make sure it matches the size of your bed.

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