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Kurl-on Mattress Review – Choose Best From Best Brand

Sleeping is very important to have a fresh and rejuvenating morning. Having a good mattress is like a blessing that makes sleep more comfortable and relaxing. 

Kurl-on Mattress is superb in quality, assuring great comfort. Since 1962 this mattress has been the largest selling mattress. They come in a wide variety of offering to choose the desired one by the customer.

Compare with Other Brands:

Kurl-on Mattress Review is given below to better understand and have ultimate knowledge about the mattress before buying.  

Top 7 Best Kurl-on Mattress Review

1. Kurl-on Dream Sleep

Kurl-on Mattress Review - Choose Best From Best Brand 1

These mattresses are highly advantageous and provide the best sleep to the customers. This comes in multi-colour and also comes in many sizes with 1 Year free replacement. This mattress is just as the name as it gives the perfect night with luxurious dreams.

This Kurl-on Dream Mattress is made up of Inner-spring technology, making it bouncy. It gives a medium-to-firm form factor which is also very good for back pain.

This mattress has anti-dust, anti-bacterial, and anti-bedbug technology, making it super hygienic and extremely good for kids. Kids will have the best sleep on this mattress as no bug or germ can get in touch with the kids. 


  • Medium to Firm Feel
  • Spring Technology giving perfect bounce
  • Super Hygienic in nature


  • Tough to clean

2. Kurl-on Relish

Kurl-on Mattress Review - Choose Best From Best Brand 2

This mattress comes in many sizes and has a unique upholstery material. This mattress is highly recommendable. It provides a medium-firm feel and provides the best comfortable sleep to the customers.

The spring technology allows variable weight to sleep together comfortably in a single mattress. This mattress has an aesthetic look that can make your room look attractive, and it comes in Multicolor with a fine style.

It also ensures better hygiene as it allows free air circulation. You can use this mattress double-sided as these are reversible. This mattress also is very durable and long-lasting. This is the most hustle-free mattress that you should opt for.


  • Upholstery Material
  • Medium to firm feel
  • Free-air circulation


  • Back pain

3. Kurl-on Kurlo Bond

Kurl-on Mattress Review - Choose Best From Best Brand 3

This mattress is available in many sizes and colours. This mattress provides a 1-year free replacement, isn’t that sound great? These mattresses are highly recommendable as it gives the best luxurious sleep.

This is a rubberized coir mattress that is very good for back pain making your sleep plush. This mattress has advanced Center Densification that increases material density in the centre of the mattress that provides optimal back and body support and is also beneficial for the spinal cord.

These are highly hygienic mattresses and are highly recommended for your toddler. The PU foam with blended coir provides the best and ultimate support to the customers. These mattresses have aesthetically appealing poly cot tapestry.

This mattress also has VCT that is Vertical Orientation of Coir fibre which ensures that each fibre acts like a natural spring, thereby rendering optimal support and bounce to the body. 


  • Vertical Orientation of Coir Material
  • Advanced Center Densification
  • PU form technology with blended coir providing plush support in the back


  • Bad customer service

4. Kurl-on Marmaid

Kurl-on Mattress Review - Choose Best From Best Brand 4

This mattress has memory foam technology that eases pressure points and provides a restful sleep. This mattress also helps to relieve the whole body the next morning.

This mattress has two sides; one is the Soft side which is made up of visco-elastic foam or memory foam which automatically adjusts to the body. Another side is the firm side which is made up of special breathable bonded foam that gives an extra layer of support.

You can choose your preferable side according to your requirement as it is a dual-sided mattress. This mattress provides the best comfort with breathable bonded PU foam and is India’s First mattress to give this feature.

You will surely have the best and the most luxurious sleepover on this mattress. This mattress’s smoothness allows the mattress to mold according to the shape of an individual’s body. 


  • Visco-Elastic Foam or memory providing medium to firm feel
  • Reversible mattress
  • Breathable Bonded foam


  • Cleaning this mattress is durable.

5. Kurl-on Klassic

Kurl-on Mattress Review - Choose Best From Best Brand 5

This mattress is an organic coir mattress that gives a medium to firm feel to the customers. These mattresses have a high-density natural coir material that adapts ACD and VCT technology.

This feature adds extra thickness to the mattress. The rebounded foam is laid on top of the natural coir, which provides extra comfort and relaxation while sleeping.

The Polyurethane foam helps to create the bounce in the mattresses with a soft external feel. You can go for this mattress to experience high-quality sleep with perfect dreams. 


  • Adapting technology
  • Natural Coir
  • PU foam giving perfect bounce


  • Rigid to clean

6. Kurl-on Convenio

Kurl-on Mattress Review - Choose Best From Best Brand 6

These mattresses are very comfortable mattress as it provides the ultimate comfort at an affordable price range. This mattress is made up of comfortable and breathable bonded foam and provides dual comfort when you sleep.

These are extreme luxurious mattresses and are highly recommendable as it provides the lavish sleep at night. This mattress comes in various sizes and colours, allowing you to choose according to your requirements.

The breathable technology allows the mattress to be fresh all time, and it also does not capture body odour. According to the name, this is the most convenient mattress from the Kurl-on series.


  • Breathable Technology
  • Dual Comfort
  • Medium to Firm feel


  • Do not contain a cover.

7. Kurl-on Daze

Kurl-on Mattress Review - Choose Best From Best Brand 7

Kurl-on mattresses are considered as the Comfortable mattress that comes in the box. This mattress gives the ideal support that gives zero partner disturbances.

This Kurl-on Daze mattress is made up of PU Foam with a highly comfortable layer and is very worthy for the skin. These mattresses are available in three sizes, including King, Queen, and single providing a high-quality material with a top layer of 1-inch PU foam.

This mattress has the best-quality fabric that gives the smoothest texture and comfort feel while you sleep. It is recommended to clean the mattress with a damp cloth rather than using detergents. 


  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • PU Foam 
  • High Knitted Fabric


  • Customer Service Executive is not good

Benefits and Advantages of Kurl-on Mattress

Kurl-on mattress has a lot of things that are beneficial to the customers. Kurl-on mattresses are variable in nature, from a spring mattress to a foam mattress; you will find everything at an affordable price range from where you can choose accordingly. Some of the benefits and advantages of Kurl-on mattresses are given below:

  1. Perfect Firmness- The firmness of this mattress is perfect. It provides a firm amount of firmness which is very helpful for those who have back pain. 
  2. Perfect Bouncy- A sweet descending feeling you can feel while sleeping in these mattresses. The Bonnell Spring technology makes it perfect bouncy.  
  3. Anti Microbial- This mattress is antimicrobial that makes it super hygienic. No bacteria or any germs can come in this mattress. This is perfect for kids too. 
  4. Desired Top-This matures double side quilted with a pillow-top finish for an extra-plush and double side usage. 
  5. Kurlopedic Technology- This mattress has kurlopedic technology, which provides anti-dust and anti-bed bug and ultra-fresh technology.

Complaints about Kurl-on Mattress

  • Average comfortable.
  • The Corner protector is not there, making the corners saggy after a few days of using this. 
  • Do not contain a removable zip cover making it hard to clean. 


The Kurl-on Mattresses comes in a large variety allows the customer to choose the best they are looking for and meet all the requirements.

This is a value product at an affordable price and provides lush and good quality sleep. These mattresses are made for every kind of potential customer out there.

All you have to do is choose the mattress from the Kurl-on extensive collection checking all the Kurl-on Mattress review that suits your requirement and enjoy their comfortable product.

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