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Godrej Mattress Review – Is That Worth Buying?

“Do you frequently wake up in the night?” or “Do you face back issues while sleeping on your regular mattress?”.

If your response is indeed a yes, then you must go for changing your regular mattress.

However, the Godrej mattress will have ultimate solutions for all your issues. Undoubtedly, Godrej is a very widespread brand throughout India.

With the variety of different products, Godrej also offers the best mattresses that comfort you. These mattresses sort all the issues of luxury, durability, and superior quality.

Most of the people who don’t have an idea often regret buying the wrong mattresses for themselves. Godrej mattresses never compromise with their quality, so using them will never be a bad idea. Read the complete review to get all the necessary information.

1. Pros and Cons of Godrej mattresses

Everything cannot be perfect. So, along with some positive features and attributes, these mattresses have some negative points too. Please go through all the pros and cons we have discussed below.


  • These are accessible at affordable prices starting from Rs. 2000.
  • It offers a minimum warranty period of 1 full year. However, you can extend it for a lifetime.
  • The orthopaedic mattresses provide the best support, relief, and decrease back problems.
  • Mattresses are made of the best raw materials such as spring, foam, and coir.
  • Provides great durability experience
  • Made of breathable fabrics that enhance better sleep.
  • Undoubtedly, it is ISO certified.
  • Easily customizable choices with various options.
  • Provides waterproof and fire-resistant mattresses.
  • Appropriate for all ages.


  • Offers several options that confuse the customers.
  • No trial Policies as customers use it wrongly.

2. Godrej Mattress Types

Godrej undoubtedly provides the best type of mattresses all over India. However, the main types of mattresses that they offer are as follows:

  • Dream Mattress
  • Comfort Mattress
  • Orthopedic Mattress.

These mattresses’ types provide comfort and a luxurious experience to the users. However, each has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Reading this complete review, you will get a better understanding of all the mattresses.

2.1 Spring

Springs present in the mattresses offer accurate and required amounts of bounciness to it. They use tensile pocket springs that offer support along with comfort and bounciness. The high-quality springs, along with their interconnections, offer ultimate comfort and support to your back. Also, it helps in lessening back problems.

The mattress consists of the best quality springs with two different types. Both of them have their benefits as below:

  • Bonnell Spring: The mattresses with Bonnell springs offer durability to their customers along with firmness. It provides support and relieves back pains within your comfort zones.
  • Pocket Spring: Mostly, people who are interested in buying supportive mattress opts spring mattresses because of its firm feelings. It makes you think that the mattresses are holding you with utmost comfort. The springs are attached to separate non-woven pockets that later on attach and support your back.

2.2 Foam

Undoubtedly, these mattresses offer a comfortable sleep. Moreover, the foam mattresses consist of the best and reliable foams that are breathable. There are several types of foams used in building foam mattresses. We have some briefs about all the significant foams that support, comfort, and wake you up with fresh minds.

  • Latex Foam: These types of foams help the mattress to support its users with calm cushioning. Users facing back and neck pain can use latex foams to get rid of the problems. Mainly, these are hypo-allergenic and require less maintenance. Also, it is eco-friendly and durable.
  • Soft Foam: The soft foams offer to hug luxury to their users and are best for all sleeping postures. Best for people desiring personalized support and less sagging issues along with no sinkage. Relieves back, neck, and hip pain.
  • Hard Foam: It decreases lower back pain and allows good blood circulation. Also, it helps in maintaining straight body postures.
  • Convoluted Foam: These foams have a unique description as it possesses some peaks and valleys like designs.
  • Memory Foam: It is best for maintaining high-class comfort and assistance to pressure points. Also, it helps the side, back, and stomach sleepers to make their spines straight.
  • Bonded Foam: This type of mattress is design in a way that removes the air as you sleep on it. The outer cover of such mattresses and the foams are bonded together. These mattresses are high maintenance and charge more.
  • Foam Cubes: The foam cubes offer superiority in support and comfort.

2.3 Coir

Godrej provides coir with the necessary about of rubber and substance in it. This mattress helps in spinal support and ensures breathability. Also, it offers good blood circulation along with its density and layering designs.

3. Firmness And Feel 

When it comes to firmness and feel, the Godrej mattresses are categorized into 3 different parts: Firm, medium, and soft.

  • The orthopaedic mattress comes under the first mattresses, which are firm. On a scale of 10, you can rate it between 8 to 10.
  • After firm comes the medium mattresses that help your body relax can get a rating of 5 to 7 on a scale of 10. the best example of this type is a latex and memory foam mattress.
  • Lastly, with the soft mattresses, you can go for several options.

4. Mattress Construction

  • Cover: The covers are made of superior quality and premium fabrics that ensure comfort. Along with comfort and durability are the significant factor. It reduces odour and enhances breathability as the fabric is super breathable.
  • Comfort Layers: Best and quality foams are used to offer utmost comfort and better sleep. You can also customize the types of foam layers according to your comforts.
  • Support Layer: Generally, it comprises of tensile pocket spring that makes the mattress bouncy according to your need and offers you the best support. Also, it reduces the chances of sagging.
  • Mattress Height and Weight: The mattresses have different dimensions in various sizes, such as king-size, double, single, and queen. The king-size holds the height of 8 feet, whereas others are 6’8” inches. King size weighs 32 kilograms, and others are 24 kilograms.

5. Godrej Mattress Performances

Temperature RegulationIncludes breathable substances that hold up the temperature to normal room temperature. The surface remains cool regulated the temperature.
Motion TransferOffers zero motion. No disturbance when anyone sits or lies next to you.
Edge SupportThe presence of Edge support holds inclusive forces.
DurabilityLong-lasting and Durable1 year’s warranty with an extension of a lifetime.
NoiseVery little or no noise while movements.

6. Godrej Mattress Policies

  • Shipping: Godrej offers shipping to every customer through India. People from everywhere can get these mattresses at home within a stipulated time. However, there can be a shipping charge inclusion sometimes. There is a surety that the mattress will be in market conditions and shipped on the date and time mentioned.
  • Trial period: Generally, the Godrej mattresses have no trial policies.
  • Returns: You have to check the product at the time of delivery. If you see any defects, you have to return them to the delivery person simultaneously. You must ensure that the returned product is attached with the original receipts.
  • Warranty: There is a warranty period of 1 year that you can extend to a lifetime. In case some defects occur in the warranty period, they will offer the necessary support.

7. Who Should Buy Godrej Mattress, and Is That worth It?

Undoubtedly, anyone can buy a Godrej mattress. However, people suffering from back, hip, or neck issues must go for buying these mattresses. Godrej offers good quality products within different budgets and customizations. Every mattress defines its price structure, and yes, it is worth buying one.

 If you want to get enough peaceful sleep, you must go for this product, and you would not have to regret spending on the mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This product is undoubtedly long-lasting and holds up comprehensive forces. This reduces the chances of defects, and thus the durability offers for a long time.

Yes, Godrej offers special orthopaedic mattresses for back pain. You can also customize your mattress as you need. These mattresses are soft and more comfortable.

The Godrej company offers customized mattresses. However, there are different sizes of mattresses already available. The mattresses are mainly 6’8” or 8 feet in size. In case you need it in your dimensions, you can select it.

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