Duroflex Strength Memory Foam Coir Orthopedic Mattress Review

Are you looking for a new mattress that can assure you the ultimate relaxation and pleasure and can also promote relief from orthopaedic pain? If yes, then it is the right time to change the old mattress and bring home a new one that can benefit your orthopaedic pain. In this article, let’s introduce the Duroflex Strength Memory Foam Mattress, which is already gaining huge popularity. Also, this mattress has become India’s leading mattress brand and is also available at an affordable price range. These are getting a great name and fame because they can provide multiple benefits. 

The Duroflex, with the help of these mattresses, has created hype in the market. These are memory foam mattresses with coir technology that gives the best amount of support. So let’s go further and avail all the information related to this particular mattress.  

Reasons to Choose Duroflex Strength Memory Foam Coir Orthopedic Mattress

There are several reasons to choose the Duroflex Strength Memory Foam coir Orthopedic Mattress as it provides a huge amount of benefits. However, five reasons are further listed below that can further depict why you should opt for this mattress:

  1. These orthopaedic mattresses provide memory foam technology and coir technology and thus help get relief from the back and orthopaedic pain. 
  2. These are luxurious mattress that assures great comfort. 
  3. The top layer is quilted with the best quality signature fabric. 
  4. Also, five zoned this mattress provides orthopaedic support, which is why the doctor also recommends it. 
  5. It can provide natural cooling and perform good air circulation.

Duroflex Strength Memory Foam Coir Orthopedic Mattress Construction Layers And Features

  • Knitted Fabric with Memory Foam Quilting– The top layer contains the knitted fabric, and the best part of this is that it is further knitted with memory foam quilting. This gives a soft feel and also makes your sleep luxuriously. This quilting also provides the perfect body contouring and relief from the pressure points.
  • 5 Zoned Orthopedic Support Layer– The five zoned orthopaedic support layer relieves back pain by relieving undue stress in the back and spine. It also removes body pain and offers firm support over the pressure points. However, zone 1 relieves head and neck tensions; zone 2 offers great support in the upper back and shoulder; on the other hand, zone 3 looks after the hips and lower back pressure points. Zone 4 is for the knee and upper leg portion. Lastly, Zone 5 deals with the lower leg and ankle area.
  • High-Density Coir– The coir layers are made with high density to ensure the proper firmness needed to provide a healthy alignment and a stable surface. This also helps in providing a great amount of support and allows natural ventilation along with the mattress.
  • High Resilience Foam Layer– The memory foam always provides great relief from pain and can also treat orthopaedic pain. These give the right of support in the back and the spine area and are a firm that is good for sleep support. These are responsible for overall comfort and add the reinforcement of the mattress to the best level.
  • Rebonded Foam– The rebonded foam present in this mattress further helps make this mattress highly durable and gives firm support to the body. This helps to spread the pressure so that it can induce more amount of weight in the mattress.
  • Jacquard Woven Fabric– The jacquard woven fabric makes it a plush mattress and works as a protective covering. This layering further makes this mattress hygienic for a long time and keeps it fresh.
  • Firmness Level– This offers a medium to firm mattress with the help of memory foam technology. Also, this firmness is highly recommended by doctors for patients with orthopaedic problems.

Pros and Cons of Duroflex Strength Mattress


  • These are medium-firm mattresses. 
  • Provides seven years of warranty. 
  • The top layer is made with high-quality fabric quilting. 
  • Provides both memory foam and medium-firm coir for additional support. 
  • Also, it contains orthopaedics certification and support. 
  • The high amount of body support with the five zoned body support. 
  • It also provides relief from pressure by additionally supporting the main pressure points. 
  • These can promote a high amount of air circulation and keep the area cool. 
  • These can be highly durable and are also anti-sagging. 


  • Does not provide dual usage
  • Also, it cannot provide zero partner disturbance

Duroflex Strength Mattress Policies

  • Delivery & Shipping– This mattress can be delivered in all parts of India and demand shipping charges depending on the location. From 24-48 business hours, the shipping of the mattress is done. Also, the delivery is performed in pre-assembled form. Just after the shipping is done, it will provide a confirmation mail, and from there, you can also track your order. 
  • Trial period(explain its terms & conditions)– If you are not satisfied with the products, then within a short period of 10 days, you can return or exchange the product. Also, suppose you want an exchange due to incorrect mattress size and order. In that case, it will charge an additional INR 1500 across India. This amount is the liability of the customer. 
  • Returns– As said earlier, the returns have to be performed within ten days from the date of receiving. However, to return this product, you have to fill up the form, and also, it should well maintain some criteria. This further includes that the mattress should not contain scratches, stains, bad odours, or tears.
  • Warranty– It provides a warranty of up to 10 years. 

Who Should Buy a Duroflex Strength Mattress, And Is That Worth It?

These are the best mattress as it provides great comfort and support to individuals. It helps to provide a plush amount of sleep to everyone as well. These are certified with orthopaedic certification, and also the doctors recommend using this mattress. People who want to have the memory foam layer and the medium-firm coir can use this mattress. These are best suited for persons suffering from orthopaedic pain and are searching for the best orthopaedic mattress.

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